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Postcard From... well, Just Around the Corner, Really

So, after a brief interlude (the last game I attended at the Big A was August 1990), I finally stepped foot on hallowed ground again last night.  Some thoughts... The Big A is an entirely...


Ramblings on the AL West, Kendry Morales

Some rambling early season thoughts on the AL West / Kendry:   As I grind out the last couple of jet-lagged hours until dawn, I thought I might ramble a bit at you lot on some things I've liked /...

Some Foxsports love for Figgins


Some love for Chone from Rosenthal, who asks the question - "what should the Angels do with the Figgins / Aybar / Wood logjam?"

Hicks / Rangers in trouble...


Tom Hicks' holding company for his US sports investments (including the Rangers and the Stars) defaulted on $525m of loans today. Without further investment, he seems to be in a spot of bother. What will this mean for the Rangers?

Some Kendry love from ESPN


ESPN have named Kendry as one of their potential break-out stars for 2009. Interesting read...


Top 10 Worst Angels

So, in the latest countdown of the 100 greatest Angels, there have been a couple of people speculate during the off-season as to who the 100 worst Angels were.  While we’ll probably struggle to...


Post-Abreu, thinking trade options...

Whilst I’m delighted with the acquisition, (we’re stronger immediately, hallelujah) you’d have to look at the current roster / depth chart and think there’s either some serious juggling to be done...

Abreu done at $5m + incentives


1 year at $5m seems awfully cheap to me. Good deal. Now, if Young Reagins could get to work on uncluttering our middle infield / finding a 5th starter, then I think his work is done.


Morales and Wood in 2009

So, as we struggle through the dark navel-gazing days of winter before spring training, bemoaning what we've lost (Mark Whatever-his-name-was, I could never spell it anyway) and bickering amongst...


Sabathia becomes the primary target

According to the LA Times the Angels front office have started their courting of the Big Fella.  We're flirting, even if we haven't yet asked him on a date, much less dragged him back for coffee.I...

Trade needed? Kotchman for...


So, I suppose the Kotchman / Teixeira thing has been kicking about for a while. Here's the latest iteration courtesy of Ken Rosenthal...


The Soth - the legend continues

Something for you all to get your peepers on this morning from USA today.  A nice piece on Mr Scoscia, how he came to become an Angel and what he's done since then.  Not much new news but a welcome...


The pen - Reboot?

So, I'm not feeling a lot of love for our tallest Angel currently.  He of the 10.13 ERA - yes, him.  It's not that I don't like him, I'm sure he's a very nice bloke, I just don't want him anywhere...


Reality check from BP

Nice article about early impressions on the '08 season. I particularly like number 3 on 'things that are real' - Casey Kotchman. Number 2 isn't too shabby either And since this has to be 75...


Jon Garland - master of the strikeout

So far this year in 24 1/3 innings of work over 4 starts, Jon Garland has managed to strike out 3 batters.  Yes, 3.  I'm not an expert on matters statistical or historical, but I would hazard a...


Some early thoughts...

So 15 games under the belt.  Not a huge sample, but a nice snapshot of where the team is and is heading in 2008: 1. The infield - Isn't this what we've been waiting for? A+ 1B - Kotchman: .352,...


Tom Hicks - discuss... (slightly off-topic)

By way of full disclosure of competing interests, I have an admission - the Angels are not the only team in red to whom I have a lasting bond.  I also love another. Ordinarily, this would not be a...


Torii Hunter - SI

Nice piece in SI by Heyman on Hunter.  Mostly old news, but I don't want you to feel your missing out. More interesting is the nugget on page 3 where he updates us on the thinking behind the...


Beer and baseball - who'd you like to share a pint with?

Back in Blighty, on the currently much wetter side of the pond, we place great value in a pint of beer and in particular who you might share a pint with (that doesn't mean you actually `share' the...


Postcard from New York

A few thoughts on last night's game (and the East coast in general):


Pitching woes - last 30 days

So, as the Rev alluded to with the Colonel coming up from AAA to give everyone an extra days rest - the pitching is beginning to look a little brittle compared to our usual high standards.  The...


So, a little timely recognition....

Just a little something to ponder with your morning cup of coffee (and my evening pint).  Someone out East appreciates the Angels!  Nice to see that that man Kotch is getting a little attention for...


Jason Giambi?

So on the plus side we have a guy who has a .400 OBP, decent slugging % and the potential for 30 odd HRs, and perfect protection for you-know-who allegedly available for the small price of a...


Ticket Crisis: Yankees - Halos Friday 6th July

So here's my problem: I'm on your side of the pond for 1 week only - in New York for the last series before the all-star break, which coincidentally (thank god) happens to be against the Angels... I...


One team to rule them all...

So in case you need something to cheer up your day following Scot's splendid eighth inning, a little something from Jon Heyman at


Final roster predictions

Have we got seen enough of spring training to predict the active roster for the 2nd of April yet? Here's my first shot at it...


Improving baseball - suggestions from a non-American

By way of introduction, I am a displaced English Angels fan  (think a clipped accent, a militant approach to what makes a good cup of tea and bad teeth - stick to the stereotypes, they usually hold...

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