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BCS proposes changing...itself?


at least there's some evidence that they've recognized there are problems with the system. some of these ideas could revolutionize the postseason landscape (again).


Up for Adoption: Playoff Beards

While I understand that my beloved BON is primarily a college sports site, I have an unusual (for a Texan) and intense love of ice hockey. With that love comes all of the insanity and odd...


Holler to all EMS folks

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know about an opportunity y'all may be interested in. During every home football game, volunteer group UT EMS quietly watches over our fanbase at DKR-TMS. If you're a...


Generalized Offseason Opining - Running Back

In the interest of you, the casual BON'er, wasting more of your precious time at work/in class/away from Xbox and my own interest in making this offseason go by faster, I decided to do a little...

Spencer & Co. weigh in on Texas flying solo


Personally, I've never been a fan of becoming an independent (I like the Big 12, and I think it's just starting to come into its own). However, EDSBS has some excellent commentary on the notion. Hopkins, the floor is yours.


Spring Game Open Thread

So, let's get things started. After nearly three months of fasting, this is your mid-offseason football fix. If you're not at the game, it's being broadcast on FSNSW (Time Warner 430 in CenTex).  L...


Cotton Bowl Classic Open Thread

When: Now Where: The Death Star, Arlington, TX Who: 19 Oklahoma State (9-3, 6-2 Big 12) vs. Ole MIss (8-4, 4-4 SEC) As the Cotton Bowl Stadium passes into relative obscurity in the shadow of...

Darius White verbals to Texas at 2010 UA All-America Game. Celebrate!


Darius White verbals to Texas at 2010 UA All-America Game. Celebrate!


Pasadena 2010: Where You At?

Seeing as many of us who were lucky enough to grab tickets now likely lack the funds for the "Super-Official-UT-BCS-Tailgate-on-the-Beach-with-Unlimited-Booze," where is your party? Texas-Exes...


Thoughts After My Last Game at DKR (as a student)

During the last minutes of the Kansas game, my friend and I snuck down to the railing, and congratulated my fellow seniors walking the field afterward. As I left, I turned to look at the field. I...

Texas falls to No. 3 in AP Poll


I think a lot of us saw this one coming, especially after the offensive debacle last night (thanks, GD). No reason to panic about the polls, we've got our first ranked team next weekend in Dallas, and it's a rivalry game. If we come out and perform on all fronts Saturday, the national confidence will return. The gauntlet awaits...and the hunt for Orange October begins.

Jeffcoat will not visit Austin this weekend ($)


Sources over at OrangeBloods posted this earlier today. I'm not sure who or what these sources are, but they seem pretty confident about it. This is a setback, especially because of the amount of media attention this game is getting. There are obviously other home games, but is presumably the best one we have to try and lasso recruits. Thoughts, GoBR? Also, it's not H1N1, if anyone's interested.

As promised. Hard to hear the sound, but you can hear him say "Watch out!" before the incident.


As promised. Hard to hear the sound, but you can hear him say "Watch out!" before the incident.

New Leach Parking Spot


I wonder if this is why Leach held out on his contract for so long...


Timmons, Whaley to participate in 2009 THSCA All-Star Game

The game will be held today at 7:30 at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium. Greg (21) and Chris (24) will both be playing on the South Team (Red) for Katy HS coach Gary Joseph.The two are the only...

Colt McCoy will now take your questions.


Colt talks the offseason, this year's expectations, and weights in on the best BBQ in Lockhart.

The Predator Checks in at No. 13 on Tim Griffin's Big 12 Countdown


#13 - the unluckiest of unlucky numbers...for whoever has to square off against #2.


Seastrunk falls in love with Auburn ($)

  Not quite bad news, but not encouraging. This seems old news, but over the weekend, Seastrunk made another visit to Auburn. According to Orangebloods($), Seastrunk had a grand ole' time getting...

Jared Norton impersonates Mack Brown


Jared Norton impersonates Mack Brown


Name of the Year 2009

What I'm about to share with all of you is possibly the greatest, most beautiful bracket ever created. It accompanies March Madness on a yearly basis, although it has little to do with the r...


Thoughts from Open Practice 2.27

I know, I know - it's only going to make things worse. The fact of the matter is that I'm hopeless addict and I needed my fix, and this seemed like the only way to get it. I would feel bad about...


B.O.N. Bracket?

Has anyone started a BON Bracket yet? I have yet to find one on facebook, and I think CBS already has thier challenge up and running (obviously pre-emptively). When is ESPN supposed to start...

Just ran across this, and thought y'all might enjoy it as much as I did. Check out the text at the...


Just ran across this, and thought y'all might enjoy it as much as I did. Check out the text at the top of "Weak Side"...

DKR Enters the 100K Club


Yep. Confirmed on friday that the south endzone construction (which includes the fieldturf switch) will bump our seating capacity up over 100,000!


South Endzone update and some nuggets

Despite my inability to find any news sources with updates, the South Endzone at DKR is currently being renovated and will feature permanent stadium seating for the 2009 season. I'm not sure how...

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