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Can you name fighters whose records do not tell the full story?

  I’ll start with Kirino Garcia (40-28-4) who is a tough Mexican battler who worked his way up to No.4 in the ratings after starting his career with a 0-18 run. Learning on the job, he then went...


In no particular order, who do you think the 5 best all-around fighters were since 1940 ?

1) Sugar Ray Robinson His final record was a gaudy 175-19-6-2 with 109 KOs. In a career that spanned three decades, Sugar Ray embodied the essence of the Sweet Science. He was a world welterweight...


What country has produced or produces the most intriguing fighters?

  I am using "intriguing" in the context of  arousing the interest or curiosity of something. For me, the lineage of great boxers from Puerto Rico is a rich, dramatic and, often tragic one, as...


What was your single most indelible boxing memory or moment?

Tracking all the way back to 1945, I have watched literally thousands of fights during my almost 73 years of life and consider myself something of an aficionado. Some memories have been incredible;...


What was your favorite single round in a fight?

For pure drama, mine was the tenth round of the Roy "Tiger" Williams vs Ernie Shavers fight,I wouldn’t drive through Philadelphia because I didn’t want to take a chance on running into Williams.  ...


What are your views on trash talk?

I am what I am.                    --Joe Frazier I am the greatest.                    --Ali Criticizing icons is not popular, and, when one targets the "Greatest," sacred and inviolate...


Can you name current fighters who seem to disdain the notion of cherry picking?

Some guys simply don’t know what the notion of cherry picking meant . They take on all comers. Sometimes, they pay dearly for it, but not always. One obvious choice to me is Jermain “Bad...


Who were or are the best body punchers in Boxing? One choice per post, please.

My one choice is Irish Micky Ward. A tap upstairs and then he would rip to the side under the rib cage with a lightning like shot that would have a delayed reaction impact as the opponent would...


Can you think of a particularly ferocious right hand that ended a fight.

I recently reviewed my video of the Hagler-Hearns war 25 years ago, and was amazed by the right that Marvelous used to send “The Hitman” to Mo Town Dreamland. It was almost identical to the one...


Who is (or was) your favorite "stalk, stun and close" type of guy?

Mine used to be Margo (pre-Mosley) becuse he can walk through punches and still do the stalk as he got stronger and stronger. He literally would run after his opponent. The kill was inevitable. My...


Which Current Fighter Would You Want Backing You Up in an Alley Fight?

 Between rounds, they showed me hitting him [Leon Spinks] with that elbow then hitting him with the hook. I always made sure the referee was on the other side. The referee would always go over to...


Wha fighters can you name who should retire for their own good?

  I don't mean one who should retire because his (or her) record is bad. Heck, I know of a bucnh with more than 100 losses who are still useful and raely gett stopped. No, I mean the ones who...


What fighters can you name who were or are "Avoided?"

Back in the day, Ronald “Winky “ Wright was avoided like he had the plague. Instead of high-profile fights that carried with them good paydays, he had to settle for three bouts against Bronco...


What were your Favorite Left Hooks

  One of my Favorites            Let me acknowledge at the outset that I likely have failed to include some that should be included, so I am depending on you to fill in the blanks. Still,...


Hector Camacho in the Hall? What do you think?

  Personalities should not be included among the criteria for getting into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Let's get through that knothole at the outset. Hector Luis "Macho" Camacho can be...


Can you recall an upset that was particularly satifying

  When World War Two ended, I can recall exactly where I was. When JFK was assassinated, I knew where I was. When 9/11 occurred, I also knew exactly where I was. And when Mike Tyson was knocked...


Fighters who seemed to have lost it after winning a tough fight

For example, Harry Arroyo became one of the most recognizable boxers on television and regularly appeared on the covers of boxing magazines in the 80‘s. In 1984, Arroyo, with fellow Youngstown...


Fighters who seemed to have lost it after losing for the first time

As one example, Big Courage Tschabalala, whose overhand rights were being comparedby Larry Mercahnt in their devastating effects to Mike Tyson's, turned out to be anyhting but courageous after...


Who was your favorite boxer who did not win a world title?

I mean a legit title, not the one Botha and Holyfirld are fighting for. IBO, IBF, WBC, WBA, Etc. To strat things off my favorite in Michael Watson hands down. His almost fatal injury prevented him...


Can you name some fighters whose defining moments came in defeats?

Some guys never really got the respect due them until they proved their mettle in the ring, albeit in a losing efoort which then defined their career to that point and perhaps positioned them to...


Has anyone ever hit bottom faster than Roy Jones Jr?

Maybe Mijares and Cotto seems to be working at it. Pittsburg Steelers, of course, but thiis is boxing. Roy has gone 5-5 and has been starched 3 times badly. My own theory is that it has a lot to do...


What was your favorite Closet Classic?

  How about you

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