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Podcast- Can Van Gaal Get Sacked Every Week?


VG: "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the balls again..." Reunited at last, Aaron is joined by Marco, Lars and Adam as the whole crew returns for the first time in a few weeks (any...

Happy Birthday Il Mister- Marcello Lippi turns 63


Sorry Charlie Sheen, you're just a nutjob with a microphone and fairly popular Twitter account. There's only one man in the world who owns the word "winning" and that's Marcello Lippi. For many...

Juventus and Bad Chinese Food: Fighting back at Lunchtime


I hate the lunchtime kickoff. Italians hate it. The Pope hates it. Who likes it? Juve, I suppose. Genoa became the second team that we have defeated in both legs of the league (after Cagliari)...

VotD: Numero Uno


There was only one VotD possible for today.

An Interview with Marco Storari


As many of you may have noticed, I am quite a fan of Marco Storari. (He can't replace San Gigi in my heart, though) The guy wears his heart on his sleeve, is a top underrated keeper, and seems to...

Podcast: No Buffon, Chiellini Or Del Piero? No Problem!


The link we refer to...hearts and kisses, hearts and kisses Visiting Roma without the three most senior players had Bianconeri nerves jangling on Sunday evening and it was no different in the...

Guest Post: Marchisio – When talent is a curse


Claudio Marchisio is perhaps the most tactically aware player in Serie A today. That might sound like a very strong statement at first glance, but people who have seen the 25 year old Juventus and...

Veni Vidi Vici: Roma 0-2 Juventus


That phrase is so overused. Overused, in that we keep coming to Rome, and kicking the crap out of them. Since our 4-0 loss to Totti/Cassano back in 2003-2004, we have not lost in Rome. In fact, we...

PotD: The Men of the Match


Lesson of the day? 1st half- Be Marco Storari. 2nd half- Be tan.

Render unto Cesare the things which are Cesare’s, and unto Delneri the things that are Delneri’s


Cassano- "Hypothetically, if you were injured for a month, you wouldn't become fat?" There's an unwritten rule in international football that managers try not to break the players that are "on...

It's Time To Say Goodbye


After three-and-a-half years, it’s time to hang up the boots. Beginning with a post on Nocerino’s car accident in September of 2007, my time spent writing articles about our beloved club has been...

The Unicredit Podcast- Italia, Loans, and Roma


Loans, loans, loans! Who will stay, and who will go? With no game to review this past weekend the guys still got together and chewed the fat of a number of topics that normally there would not be...

VotD: Veterans Come Out To Play For A Good Cause


In a charity match between Juventus and Torino legends held at the Olimpico earlier this week, former Bianconeri stars like Claudio Gentile, Zinedine Zidane, Pavel Nedved, Edgar Davids, and...

Podcast- O Captain, My Captain!


Ale has hardly aged a bit! Simply getting better and better and better as time passes by. No not this podcast, Alessandro Del Piero who led his team to victory yet again this past weekend as...

An Interview with David Trezeguet


Trezeguet spoke at length about his time at Juve with Italian media, below, I have translated a good chunk of it. Interesting tidbits in there, many of which confirm what we thought- he didn't...

JuOff Week Recap- March 18th, 2011


As you kick off your weekend (hopefully throwing a few curses Z3BINA's way for getting himself suspended) check out some of the work we've posted here this week, discussing the manager, the...

The Case For Delneri's Dismissal


Despite Matri’s double sparking the traveling tifosi to chant the chorus of one of Lady Gaga’s recent singles, Delneri’s team was unable to secure the victory with ten men against a spirited Cesena...

Podcast- A Few Good Men


MORE HAND GESTURES! Recorded almost immediately after the final whistle of the Cesena match, emotions were understandably high as the four boys were reunited after a week off due to technical...

Walter Mazzarri to Juventus: What's the point of hiring Delneri 2.0?


It's no secret that many are considering Gigi Delneri's tenure at Juventus either finished, or a formality of ending it. While there's much to discuss on the merits or downsides of sacking Gigi,...

Guest Post: An Outsider Looks at Juventus


There's no question that Juve is yet again plunged into a crisis. After a year in which we conceded record amount of goals, tallied up new levels of losses, and finished 7th...we find ourselves in...

Roman Past Haunts Bianconeri: Cesena 2-2 Juventus


Did we sack Gigi Delneri and hire Spalletti, and no one told me? Because that game was vintage Spalletti right there- excellent offense, nervy defense, inability to defend a lead, a 5-minute...

Cesena v Juventus: "Go Ahead, Make My Day"


Quote by Clint Eastwood, artwork courtesy of The ability to not look back and get distracted by an event in the past is a mental feature many high level athletes work tirelessly...

Should Buffon be benched for Storari?


Take a deep breath. It's a thought I posed earlier this week in the comments section after the Milan debacle, and it looks like others in the press have wondered the same thing. Last summer we...

VotD: My, How Much Time Has Passed


One of these black-and-white teams was heading towards relegation, the other towards the Champion's League. 6 months makes one hell of a difference.

Juventus v. Milan: Where Will We Go From Here?


Juventus against Milan is always an extremely popular contest to watch for many reasons. For one thing, playing in front of a sold out stadium certainly provides both teams with ample energy and...



Today, Leandro Rinaudo underwent surgery on his left achilles tendon, with an estimated recovery time of 3 months, likely placing him in the medical staff's hands for the rest of the season. T...

Juventus v. Milan: An Italian Classic


With the big game coming up on Saturday, we thought we would have some friendly discussion while we are all still speaking. So bloggers from The Juventus Offside, The Milan Offside and the new M...

Guest Post: Letter To The Juve Fans


I wanted to take some time to digest this loss and to get my thoughts in order after Juve's last game. In this letter I want to ask the Juve fans here for some patience. Last year you could see...

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