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Pitino goes out of his way to diss P-Town and the Blazers. Guess I know which team I DON'T want to...


Pitino goes out of his way to diss P-Town and the Blazers. Guess I know which team I DON'T want to win the tourney... BOOOOOOOO!!!


The Dark Side

I got called a troll in a game thread last night for suggesting that this team could be an NBA bottom dweller inside of a year. Reminder, folks. that if you don't agree with others on here, keep it...

Yahoo Joel Fail


Look at the picture in this one of "Joel Przybilla"... LOL


Know your role?

As I look across the NBA landscape, post lockout, I see a league that is, competitively, still on a similar road as it was in the spring. The movement of the two biggest free agents seems to be...

Classic line from Wild Bill Hickok to Charlie Udder in "Deadwood"... I wonder if this is what JG...


Classic line from Wild Bill Hickok to Charlie Udder in "Deadwood"... I wonder if this is what JG might be wanting to say to JJ about now, or maybe Romo to JG...


Rivals, Hate and the $#%&@ Thunder

I hate the Oklahoma City Thunder. There, I said it.


Thoughts after Game 3

- Brandon Roy dug deep and it was impressive considering his mojo appeared shot after Game 2. He played confident and inspired ball, and did look like his old se'f, and it was fun to watch. I...


Crawford should be pulled.

So now we have a game 2 where the lead official is part of the story, before the game even starts. Never mind how anyone feels about game 1 officiating, or whether or not you believe any of this...

Yet ANOTHER chance to get something back for Rudy?


Hmm. I hope someone in personnel sees this and starts talking up the big city life to Rudy and into accepting a trade. The alternative is a season marred by the distraction that Rudy has decided to create and inflict on our team!


Rudy dilemma - Poll Edition...

I think that I have never seen a player go from rags to riches, in terms of popularity, as much as Rudy Fernandez has. When he dropped onto our scene in '08, he was the mysterious Euro, who was to...


Fan Fest Tix - Free

I have a whole bunch of tix to the fan fest on Sunday, for anyone who missed out on getting them at Wells Fargo, like me. If you want some call five-oh-three-seven-nine-three-nine-one five-oh. You...

Off Topic - Chappelle in Pi Square..


Way off topic, I guess, but I see people bickering on the internets about the way the city handled this and wanted the take of the Sedgers. For those that dont know - Dave Chappelle had an impromptu "show" in Pioneer Square last night at 1am. He expected a few hundred people (based on word of mouth and Twitter) and instead got about 4,000 strong.

Blistering KP Criticism from Yahoo's Woj...


Brutal. Just Brutal. Especially the call out of Nate's REAL intentions in signing year-to-year. Don't read this if you are already depressed about our offseason. I agree with his Odom take. Man, KP, at least TRY!!


Dr Jekyll and Mr Sedge

My internal conversation Dr Jekyll: Team management has had a rough go thus far in the off-season. Mr Sedge: "Rough!?!?!" Are you kidding? It's been a disaster! KP is an idiot! Dr Jekyll: Whoa,...


Check the action, KP. The cards will come.

To make a poker comparison, I think that with our recent attempt and failure to reel in Turkoglu, what we have essentially done is make a big pre-flop bet on a high suited connector, and been...


Will Greg Stay?

So much of the future planning (trade and draft talk) I see on here seems to be based upon the assumption that Greg Oden will... 1) Realize potential that we see flashes of, but has yet to...


Think before you "publish"

I am pretty upset after tonights game. Most Blazer fans probably are. Before the tedious geiser of trade this guy, or what was this guy thinking gets going, I wish everyone would stop for a second...


Run laps? (poll)

First of all, I am more optimistic than ever that the Blazers can get homecourt back in this series. Absent the first 12 minutes of last night's game, we outplayed a Houston team that was defending...


Thank You Clay Bennett

Clay, Your tireless efforts to keep the Sonics in Seattle were rivaled only by George W's efforts to hunt down terrorists, insomuch as neither actually occurred. Thanks for abusing your...


Rep us well!

In the past few weeks since I joined, I have occasionally trolled over to the oppositions' blog to see the reaction/analysis from the other teams point of view (it's fun, so long as you can stomach...


This aggression will not stand, Dude! (poll)

A couple of thoughts on the Rudy foul... This is a fast game, and defensive players have very little time to react to what offensive players throw at them. No one but Ariza will ever know what his...


The Los Angeles Lakers (with poll)

I know... I forgot to censor the offensive vowels in that most profane of team names. Probably get flagged for it, which I will deserve, but I'm trying to push past the hate... Which got me...


Show newbies some love, Bedgers!!

Relatively new here, and this is by far the coolest group of online fans I have ever come across, but one critical observation... This weekend we've seen a few posts from some folks that are also...


Greg Oden vs. Milovan Raković

I know I'm not the only one who has chewed off his own foot in frustration of the nightly comparisons between Greg Oden and Durant/Sam Bowie/David Bowie/a large carrot/Mothra... If comparisons were...


For fans of "Lost"

So... I love the ABC serial drama "Lost" and I love the Blazers. And since I am bored as hell and feeling less than creative, I started trying to play that ridiculously stupid time-honored game of...


Enjoy it

Two pretty brutal losses in a row have shown our beloved Blazers a few things they need to work on. Perimeter defense, shot selection, and play execution come to mind. I think that Oden's absence...

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