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Discovered Cowboys in 1975 when some guy at our church was playing QB for them (and another was playing center). Currently teaching high school physics.

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Sturm is fascinating today


great read about 3rd downs. Very interesting.

ATT Stadium World Cup Party


USA v Belguim round of 16 watching party. All on Jerry.

A Comforting List


The toughest 10 QBs on Dallas's schedule. Blake Bortles makes the list. That's a good sign.


Questioning the Rabble(rousr): my problems with Massey-Thaler

Let me start by saying that Rabberousr did excellent work with his presentation of the Massey-Thaler information and it was one of the best things I've read this off-season. I am largely in...


Draft Chart Analysis of the DLaw Trade

Dallas got taken. Everyone, including the ones who made the trade, admits it. The real question is "how badly taken were they?" The Jimmy Johnson chart says 630 for picks 47 and 78, and 560...

Romo Autographed Football for a Great Cause


This is the facebook page for a friend of mine's organization. She's a great person, a great drummer, and this is a great (local) cause. Add a great QB's autograph and you can't beat this.


The Draft is Not Our Salvation

There's a common thought out there, uniting optimists and realists alike-- "we have to have a huge haul of defensive linemen in this draft to compete." Regardless of your spin on this idea, it's...


Demarcus Ware: the case for doing... nothing?

There's been quite a bit of argument about Demarcus Ware. there's back and forth about keeping him: How do you cut a Hall of Fame player? How do you keep a 32 yr old speed rusher with injury...

Not DVOA, but...


New Orleans is, on average, holding its opponents to 3.6 fewer points per game than their average score. Dallas is, on average, holding its opponents to 2.0 ppg less. NO averages 27 points pergame. Dallas 28.6. Predicted score: 25-25.


Crow is a dish best served cold?

I gotta come out and eat my words. That was putrid performance by the defense as a whole and the defensive line in particular. As I sit here and write this the game is not over yet and there is...


The View from 328 Pt. II

Romo was back to his usual uncanny accuracy. Passes to Harris and Escobar were beautiful. Think the ribs are healed. The defense held the #4 passing attack in the league to 3.6 NYPA Speaking of...



Not going to go on too much about it for fear of retaliation, but our net yards per attempt against dropped 5 yds from last week (199 net yds on 40 drop backs). Just sayin'


Cowboys-Giants: The week in Pictures

A couple of interesting bits from the Giants game. I actually went through and looked at every New York first down from the first 41 minutes of the game trying to see what happened. It was pretty...


I Lied...

I publicly stated that I would be online, telling people to not read too much into the Giants game, after we won. That I would remind people that the Giants' o-line was missing two starters, that...


Breaking [is] Bad (but that doesn't mean bending)

I've been meaning to write this fanpost for a while now, but other excitement has gotten in the way. So, while everyone is writing about waiver wire last minute additions (my money is on Velasco...


DirkG's Five-Three (plus 8)

Sorry if I'm getting a little big headed here, thinking that anyone cares who I would put out there, but after last night I feel like I know exactly what I would do with my 53, and I like it enough...


Bottoms up! (The View From Section 328)

OK Kool Aid Krewe, it's your time. Yes some die hard naysayers are going to point to the punt return and talk about special teams concerns, but we just beat the pants off of a very good team. The...


Come in off the ledge for a moment...

Ron Leary is getting his knee scoped. That is not a good thing. But before we launch ourselves off the top of the Jerrytron, can we consider a few things? 1 - This is a relatively minor (no...


Dirk's Guide to Romo De-bunking

By request, I am collecting some comments I made yesterday into fanpost form for a handy reference guide for those who wish to spend (waste) their time trying to counter the incessant cascade of...


The Assassination of David Arkin

Ok, so Tony Romo is the QB of the Dallas Cowboys, and as such comes under unfair media scrutiny. "That's the breaks", we say, "It comes with the position. He's gotta be mentally tough enough to...

Garrett on BaD Radio -- great interview


Sturm gets into some nuts and bolts with Garrett. Cool stuff.


Stop Making Sense -- The Brandon Moore situation

I was literally on the phone with a fellow fan (my dad), trying to get my head around the signing this morning when all of a sudden it was reality no longer. Honestly, the question that bugged me...



That's the rule, right? You get to enjoy a victory for 24 hours. So I'm only going to say this once: Told ya. D-line depth? CHECK Wilber regularly beat Martin and got a couple of...


The O-line is full of potential probowlers!

Well, technically it is, you know. My favorite comment of the off season so far was one BTB'er's prediction that Dallas will "have five starting o-linemen" week 1. But from the way people have...


Dirk Gets Real -- Realistic Reasons for Optimism

The Blue Kool Aid is flowing freely and the realists are up in arms. "Show me something in the regular season! Show me playoff success! I'll wait till then to get excited." And they have a point....

The Tony Romo Flowchart


Remember this? Interesting fact I found replying to another post: If Frederick beats out Costa we will have removed every negative from this chart in less than two years! Roster Churn FTW!


Random things I'd like to see

Before we head for camp, I just thought I'd list off some things that I'd like to see from this year: 13/22 set. -- I'd actually like to run a lot of this lineup: Witten and Escobar in-line. ...


Clutch Differential -- It's all about the W's

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." It's amazing how many people seem to think that they are somehow achieving excellence by merely repeating that mantra about other people's...


More proof that Romo is not "who we thought he was"

This quote but in the end, looking back over his grades for the past couple of years, you come away realizing he just screws up too many games, and too many key plays to make the dark green. I...

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