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First and foremost, huge Nuggets fans.

Quantitative analysis and prediction of NBA games and match ups.


User Blog

The Statistical View of the Iguodala Trade

Poor analysts tend focus on offensive statistics when deciding whether a team won or lost a trade. Instead, we'll be viewing this Iguodala trade from the perspective of net offensive and defensive impact.

Schematic Advantage: Spurs

The difference between elite coaching and good coaching and the primary difference between a good team and a sustainable dynasty.

Western Conference Finals Preview: Thunder Vs. Spurs

A preview of the Spurs vs Thunder Western Conference Finals.

NBA playoff predictions and the TrueHoop ESPN Stat Geek Smackdown

We're first and foremost Nuggets fans and wanted to give you guys a little bit of insite and commentary into our first round picks. This piece is similar to last year's piece in that I provided Eastern Conference commentary and Matt provided the Western Conference insight.


Capology: The Nene trade revisited

This offseason the NBA went through a bitter lockout where players and owners went at it behind closed doors and in the media, canceled training camp and almost a fourth of the season, and finally reached an agreement on a new CBA. With the new CBA came new rules and a lot of the old assumptions and best practices had to be rethought.


The truth about Andre Miller and the value of lineups

Basketball is a fluid game with a variety of different interactions, inherent randomness, and nuances that aren't immediately obvious from only looking at statistics or only watching games. In this piece we'll look at the lineup data and some game tape to understand why Andre Miller is important to the Nuggets.


The NBA: Where Amazing ... Scheduling Happens, Part 3

The Unitary Executive are back with Part 3 of their NBA scheduling series ...


The NBA: Where Amazing ... Scheduling Happens, Part 2

Come read how the NBA schedule is affecting your Denver Nuggets.


The NBA: Where Amazing ... Scheduling Happens

A fantastic statistical breakdown of the effect of the lockout on the NBA schedule...


¿Cuál sería Pop hacer?

Denver Stiffs' resident statisticians look at the success the San Antonio Spurs have had drafting late in drafts and what the Nuggets could learn from them entering Thursday's draft.


When 94% doesn’t mean 94%

We still give Denver a 25.9% chance to win this series even with losses in the first two games. Why? Well, largely because they have three of the next five at home and because we still believe they are a better team.


Why George Karl is costing us the series

"This series is probably one of the tougher series to call because it's unclear to me which lineups George Karl will actually go with." - Haralabos Voulgaris


Statistical beacons of hope for Nuggets fans

Our resident statisticians Matt and Chris explain why there's plenty of hope yet for the Nuggets in this series against the Oklahoma City Thunder...


TrueHoop Stat Geek Smackdown Details

  As some of you know, myself (Chantech) and my professional trash talking buddy Matt Stahlhut (Hundred_percent) do a lot of work related to NBA handicapping and trying to predict outcomes. ...

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