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Pac 10 Roundtable


Is it better suited for the conference as a whole to send the most teams possible to bowl games or only ones that have a legitimate chance at victory...aka teams that won't further embarrass the...



A.P. EUGENE, Oregon, December 1st, 2008 Three University of Oregon players were arrested early Monday morning after one of the players vehicles was spotted driving in the campus area around 2:00...

Giving UO Props


Read up Duck fans. Enjoy this. This is the only time I am ever going to give Oregon credit on this blog. Everyone wants to give credit to Johnson and Blount. But let's face it, Air Bud could have...

Civil War Thoughts


What can you say? That was a tough loss. A horrible loss. I couldn't believe it as I was watching it. We came out flat, and could never recover, plain and simple. Give Oregon credit, they did...

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone is having a good one. While we are on the verge of a football game of epic proportions-- think, 300 meets Braveheart-- it's sometimes good to sit back and...


Do us all a giant favor

Beat Washington this weekend. But don't just beat them. Smother them. Destroy them. Make them rethink having a football program. If somebody knows Tedford personally, tell him to run up the score....

Here's to the Seniors


Every year, senior day comes and goes. For half of the football team, they will get to experience Senior Day at home against the hated Ducks. It is their last time to play in front of Beaver...


Who are you guys REALLY pulling for in the Civil War?

So Oregon State-Oregon is a big game not only for the two schools involved, but also the Big 10 and the Pac 10. We know the if Oregon State wins scenario. But if Oregon State loses, it opens up...

Recruiting Update


The VD Special takes a look at OSU's recruiting efforts.

It's Duck Week


Hey guys, so big game coming up. I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm going to be doing a write up about what the Civil War means for both sets of fans later this week (probably Wed or Thurs). The...


Civil War Write Up

Hey guys, so in case you didn't know, there's kind of an important game coming up. Almost a dream match up (althought I don't think much will ever top the 2000 Civil War, 2 top 6 teams playing for...

Pac 10 Roundtable, Week 13


Roundtable, week 13


Can't spell class without C-A-L

I just wanted to thank you guys, all your fans. A Beaver is probably the last person you want to hear from right now, and I apologize if it's too soon. But Cal fans had the be the classiest group...


Camping for Civil War tickets at Reser

Hey guys, just thought I'd let everyone know that I am out here at Reser Stadium camping out for Civil War tickets with the rest of the students. Unlike previous games, where it is unorganized with...

Question: What kind of Bear is best?


A quick look back at last year's game vs Cal


Welcome to Corvallis, Cal!

As the resident drunken doosh bag over at Building the Dam, I decided it was my moral and civic duty to welcome all of you Golden Bloggers to Corvallis, and more importantly, Oregon State...

Pac 10 Roundtable, Week 11


Thanks to TwistNHook from CGB for the organizing the questions for this weeks roundtable. Things really begin to pick up in the Pac 10 starting...right...NOW! 1. USC and OSU win out.  OSU wins the...

Recruiting Update: Week 12


Recruiting Update, Week 12


Apologies TO Cal Fans

Hey guys, Sorry about the post written last night. It was incredibly rude of myself to come on here and insult Cal fans and the football team itself. I was drunk and pissed off (got in a fight...

Favorite Beaver


I started thinking recently about how much some of our current players have taken on the role of "fan favorite" and I was thinking about who was my favorite Beaver. Lyle Moeavo has the personality...

Pac-10 Roundtable, Week 10


Here's a shout out to Conquest Chronicles for hosting this week's roundtable. We always enjoy them... but they probably hate the Beavers more then they hate UCLA :-D. 1. Things are starting to...



Just wanted to let everyone know that the recruiting content posted by myself earlier this week was from I was misinformed about the website, and regret my mistake. I will continue...

ASU Post Game Tag Team with CV3000: Whoomp, There it is!


Oregon State Forks ASU in their tight end.


2nd Favorite Pac 10 Team?

Well the boys over at California Golden Blogs have produced another great topic raiser. Without those guys, I might have nothing to do with my life except school and work and who really cares about...

Recruiting Class 09, Early Commits


This is the first look at Beaver recruiting on BtD for the class of 2009

Favorite Moments


I'm having a hard time figuring out what I'm going to do tomorrow with no Beaver game on the slate. A couple good games on the slate (Texas/OkSt, LSU/UGA, USC/UA, Ohio St/Penn St) but it just...

Pac 10 Review


A review of the Pac 10 in week 8.

The Final Countdown


1. It's been a long time since I had been to Husky Stadium. Probably around the last time a repair man was there. I had heard people talk about its awful state, but never would have believed it....

Pac-10 Preview, Week 8


Only really one game to watch for this weekend as Cal travels to UA to take on the mighty Wildcats, who still have done nothing all year. ASU and Oregon have the weekend off to try and repair some...


"Forgive me Riley, for I have sinned"

Just saw a post by a guy over at California Golden Blogs which discussed what fans have done against their team.  So in the spirit of this thought, what have you fans done that you are ashamed...

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