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"Disappointing Moments in Cleveland Browns Historty" coloring book project.....


That's right, folks are pledging funds so this poor soul and can create a children's book to more fully illustrate Cleveland's crushing defeats. You can't make this kind of stuff up.........


Ray Rice arrested in Domestic Dispute case.

Some trouble in Ratbird land involving Ray Rice and his fiancé. Deadspin broke an article talking about an incident in which Rice allegedly hit his fiancé, knocking her unconscious. Happened at a...

And in "How dumb is dumb?" NFL news.........


Poor Ed just can't carry around bags of cash like you used to.

New rules that govern which teams can be forced to be on Hard Knocks.


Looks like unless we choose to be, probably won't happen for next couple seasons.

At least hearing Omaha 31 times went for a good cause.....


Manning actually raised money for charity with his famous "call."

And they say punters are weird..........


Zoltan Mesko, punter and fellow goofball kicker..........


Mel Kiper draft 1.0 from ESPN Insider

Wanted to post this for all to see from "The Viper" Mel Kiper himself. He and McShay can now start arguing about who is going to be less bet, it's a tie lol This time at least...

All Hipster NFL logos


Pretty funny stuff if you want a quick laugh....

In the huddle with Mike Zimmer lol


This is what we have all come to expect from old Zim.

Yardbarker discusses most pleasant surprise for Bengals this season.......


Nice recognition and well deserved for someone who got overlooked at times.........


Mock me? Well Mock you too! lol 1.0, with trade rounds 1-4

With there being so much time left before the draft, combine, etc. I normally focus on the first 3-4 rounds of a mock draft. I feel the Bengals have clear needs, but largely have a great...

Andy halting Bengal offense?


Dalton holding Bengals back? You may not want to relive video clips if there is breakable furniture nearby.

Mike Brown, fortune teller?


I know we always heard it was between Mallett and Dalton, but did Mike Brown forsee the future?


Thank you Bengal fans.....from: me.

After all the doom and gloom today and for the next several months I wanted to take a step back and recognize those who truly deserve it: us. I was at the game yesterday, tailgating in the cold,...


Kroger buys large block of Bengals tickets!

Just another reason to like that store, they have done things like this in the past to help the Bengals and the Cincy community. Thank you to Kroger for making this move. That's how you keep...

Jeff Triplette will be working Bengals game.


This could be great or horrible........fingers crossed.

Those silly Browns fans.........


The Browns really should have their own FanPost/FanShot section on here.......they have some great entries recently, along with this gem.


Who is the ultimate sports movie villain?

With a lot of older, newer and somewhere in between sports movies out there................who is the "ultimate" movie sports villain? I'm not going to list a ton of them here because I don't want...


Who is your favorite and least favorite football "expert?"

I was taking a nice, slow ride home this evening listening to Mad Dog Sports Talk Radio (as I often do) and our good friend Peter King came on and proceeded to choose Baltimore as this weekends...


Todd McShay ESPN Insider Mock Draft, 1.0

Mock Drafts this time of year? Crazy right? Nah, not for any of the loyal readers right here on Cincy Jungle! We eat, sleep and drink football (amongst other things).........see the results...

Cleveland Browns Elf on the Shelf


Those silly, sad Browns fans at it again......

Huber hit in slow motion


As the title states, missed call that sprung a Special Teams touchdown and broke a punters jaw. Thanks refs......

Mack Brown out as Texas coach


Breaking news that Brown will retire following their Bowl game.

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