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I "caught" a Home Run ball at Wrigley

Feel free to ridicule me for my lack of catching abilities, my physical appearance or the fact I wore my Rangers gear to Wrigley. Those Cubs fans were pissed a Ranger fan came away with it, I can tell you that much.


Michael Young to start at third in tonight's All-Star Game

 Per Maury Brown's Twitter: Longoria pulls out of ASG due to an infected ring finger on his right hand. Michael Young of Rangers to replace in starting line-up. Does this mean that the AL will...


Jon Daniels at UNT

Forgive me if this post is a little long-winded.....  I just got back from the event and I have to say I am very pleased.  Jon was very forward, invited all kinds of questions and continued to...


Jon Daniels to Speak at UNT Tomorrow

I'm sure this is meant for students, but I figured I would share anyways.  Not sure if they will be checking IDs or if this is an open event.  All I know is that I will be there. Jon Daniels -...


OT: Election & Economy Extravaganza

I figured someone might as well start one up.  A lot of craziness going on with the election and economy.   I have to admit I'll be relieved when both of these things shake out.  I'm going to...


Way OT: Desert Island Albums

Well it is another boring Friday where I am trying to avoid as much work as possible.  On the Rangers front, I don't expect much to happen today until 10:59 when some news on Smoak/Ross breaks. ...


Two draft notes

Missouri Pitcher Aaron Crow has signed with the Ft. Worth Cats   Well this is interesting.  AJM had a posts a few days ago about the Nationals' refusal to go above slot money for their draft...

Watchmen Trailer

Not sure how many fans we have of The Watchmen, but the trailer just came out and I was very impressed. I imagine this will be playing tonight at Batman but figured I'd post it. It's the best trailer I've seen in a while.


OT: My New York Baseball Experience

Greetings!  I have finally returned from New York City.  I picked a poor week to leave as far as Rangers' news goes, but I managed to catch some great matchups in New York last weekend.  My...

Picture I took in the 8th inning on Saturday


Picture I took in the 8th inning on Saturday

Maybe Dubya should be a GM

Mike Allen, the interviewer, asked Bush to pick the one position player and one pitcher he would select if he were starting a team and cost were no object. Bush chose second baseman Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, noting the value of a big bat in the middle of the infield, and pitcher Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays. That's the smartest thing I've heard from him in a while....


OT: Hardy beats up father

I remember reading somewhere that the Cowboys had interest trading up to draft Hardy in the 2nd round.  Perhaps it's a good thing we didn't.... Story A woman called police saying...

School of Wash. Via Walkoffwalk.


School of Wash. Via Walkoffwalk.


OT: Music in Movies Trivia

It's a Friday, I'm stuck at work and I'm looking for a distraction.  I figured I'd start a post in the vein of AJM's movie trivia posts.  I'm going to post a list of bands that have performed in...


Vikings trade for Jared Allen

Link from MSN for the Jared Allen trade   The Vikings will send their first round pick along with their two third rounders (#17, #73, #82) for the 2008 NFL Sack leader.  The teams will also...


Odds that 2 Rangers slip through waivers

This has been covered in the past so I figure it was worthy of a new fanpost.  What are the odds that one or both of the Rangers sitting on the waiver wire get claimed?  I believe that Tejeda...


OT: NFL Free Agency Thread

Since there has been a steady flow of useless diaries started lately, I figured we could lump all the NFL Free Agency talk into a single thread.  A few notes of interest so far:As miles posted...


OT: The Wizards are revealed (FJM)

I know many of us frequently visit FJM ( and after almost 3 years they have revealed their true identities.h...

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