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Serious pessimism about the Reds


From Jason Stark's season preview.... a cold shower to either temper our expectations or fire us up to prove the world wrong: Hard as I tried, I couldn't find a single scout in Arizona who liked what he saw from the Reds this spring. "A high-strikeout team with no closer," said one. Another said, "Their biggest issue isn't the loss of Madson. It will be lack of innings from their starting pitchers, and how much pressure that puts on their bullpen." But unfortunately, that isn't the only issue. Latos "isn't a No. 1 starter for me," said one scout. They'll run unknown quantities out there at short [Zack Cozart], catcher [Devin Mesoraco] and left field [Chris Heisey]. Scouts continually talked about how sloppily they played all spring. And if they get off to a raw start, Baker's lame-duck status will become a huge topic. So as talented as the Reds may be, "they've taken a step backward," said one scout.

Chapman to bullpen?


Tim Kurkjian at ESPN is reporting that Chapman will start the season in the bullpen. I think that stinks. Also, he seems to think that Walt's comment indicate that BP will be signed to a new deal soon. It could all be BS, but it makes for discussion fodder.

Cubs looking at Mackanin


Maybe we gave up on this guy too soon. Will Pete Mackanin be the man to resurrect the Cubbies?

@DatDudeBP Love on ESPN


Unless your a moran Cardinal fan in the comments.

Mike Quade retains Cubs managerial spot


Wow.... poor Ryno. At least if he was passed up for a big name guy like Girardi or Torre, he could save some face, but to be passed up for the interim guy..... ouch! Wonder if Cubs' fans like this news?

Even Philly players praising Reds


I have to say, its hard not to root for this Philly team going forward. Outside of one stupid sports writer, their fans have been pretty classy. Their players have been pretty classy. My first thought was that I wanted the Phillies to get destroyed, but now that a couple days have passed, I realize I still like them more than any of the other teams remaining. And their post-series classiness just adds to that.

BP Loves the Microphone - Commentary from the HR Derby


Can't figure out how to embed this, so just follow the link. Funny video of BP at HR derby talking to different players.


Pledge a half hour to VOTE for VOTTO

OK.... there may be more worthy causes out there to start a RR pledge drive for.... returning war veterans, oil slicked water fowl, tanning salon bailout fund, etc...  but right now my passion is...

Jay Bruce gives his response to his Red Reporter critics.


Jay Bruce gives his response to his Red Reporter critics.

Fay takes a Leake


Fay is reporting that Leake likely has the 5th starter job because Wood is packing up his locker. I guess I could wait another hour and get it confirmed, but then I couldn't use my best 1st grade humor.

Who's our Opening Day Starter? Dusty not sure


If not Harang, then who? I just have a hard time thinking of Arroyo as an ace. Maybe its Cueto's time.

Jason Stark a big Barry Larkin fan for HOF


"Barry Larkin is one of the greatest shortstops who ever lived. Period. I'm not sure why this is a fact lost on most of the non-Ohioans on our fine planet. But it's a fact I can assure you is 100 percent true. And because it's true, you should also know this: Barry Larkin is a Hall of Famer. An easy Hall of Famer."

Buehrle throws perfect game (with a little help from an old friend)


Mark Buehrle just threw a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays. In the 9th with no one out, the Rays batter hit a shot into the gap in left center field, but on his way to the rescue was none other than DeWayne Wise to make an amazing catch and keep perfection intact. That single play may have caused White Sox fans to think they got the better end of the Griffey trade.


The Drew Sutton Era Begins in Cincy (Update: Well that was quick)

According to Fay, Burton has been sent down and Drew Sutton has been called up to the Reds.  Everytime I try to attach the link, my post gets screwed up, so I'll just copy it. h...

Let the debate end - Sheff's a Met


I think I was leaning against this move anyway. Let the young guys take over this team and let's see where that gets us.

Fay looks into Jocketty's eyes; sees his soul


Looks like John Fay won't be asking Walt any tough questions anytime soon - all us bloggers and stat guys be damned. "I'm like a lot of other people: I'm not sure the Reds have enough offense to win. But I haven't put together seven playoff teams, two NL pennant winners and a world champion. So chances of Jocketty being right about this team are conisiderably better than my chances. " But you can still do your job and ask him what the hell he's thinking!

What's not black and white and red all over in 2009?


Ken Griffey's uniform. He won't be with the Reds anymore, of course, and today we learn his option year won't be picked up by the Chicago White Sox for 2009. Where will Griffey end his career?


Is this what Cincinnatians woke up to in their morning paper?

I am not in Cincinnati anymore, but still check out the Enquirer's coverage of the local teams on line.  Today, I was looking forward to reading about the Reds' impressive showing against the...


The Season hinges on this weekend

The first half of the season has been incredibly frustrating, mostly, because the problems we're used to having - lousy bullpen and no hope for a rotation - aren't the biggest problems, but rather...


Is Today's Lineup THE Lineup?

Here's the lineup from Fay.  Its Reds v. Twins starting right now!


Bruce has been cut

According to Fay.Bet that hasn't happened to him before.


ESPN on Cordero and the Reds' Bullpen

This latest piece by Jayson Stark on ESPN is certainly nothing new and we have hashed it up pretty good when the signing was made, but it is still nice to see a full length piece on ESPN about a...


SI picks on our Dusty!

How dare they.. though I hesitate to mention that most here will probably agree with the article.  SI's John Donovan has a column today criticizing Dusty Baker for his plans to bat Brandon Phillips...


Affeldt officially a Red and maybe a starter

Fay's blog has news from the press conference.  Affeldt passed his physical and is officially a Cincinnati Red.


Crap! Its official.... Buck Coats is gone.

How's that for burying the lead?  Or is it lede?  Anyway... Cordero is a Red officially.  Press conference was scheduled at 5pm.


Interview with Joey Votto has a nice interview with Joey Votto at the FanFest as part of All-Star weekend.  Votto and Bruce took part in the Futures Game on Sunday and both did pretty well it seems.  Bruce hit a...


I'm sorry, but there was a new Dunn rumor

I know JD told us not to do this, but there was a little nugget in the latest Trade Aaron Dunn (wait, Adam Dunn) rumor that really confused me and I wanted to raise it here where it might get read...


Griffey would start the All Star Game today

The latest vote totals released show Griffey in second place for NL outfielders.  He is behind Beltran, but has moved about 9,000 votes ahead of Bonds.  


Interesting Bullpen discussion on CTrent's blog

CTrent posted a letter from a reader with a theory about the Reds' bullpen.  As you can see from my new sig line, the Reds' bullpen has become an all-consuming issue in my life and MUST be...


SI's Postcards from Camp: The Reds

What we learn from this 10 picture photo essay:

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