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Predictions About Lombardi and New Front Office From Someone with No Confidence In Them

I am on record on this site as saying that the hiring of Mike Lombardi would be a disaster. That disaster has come to pass. I seriously don't understand why Haslam would think it was a good idea...

The Saints Are Idiots


"When Loomis was asked why it was taking so long for the Saints and Brees to reach an agreement on a long-term contract extension, Loomis described Brees as "very good" when others called called him 'great'" Hey Drew -- I guarantee that Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert think you are great.

Browns to Franchise DQ if No Deal Reached


Good news. Hope we can reach a deal first, but I am happy for DQ and for the team.

Dan Wolf Latest Mock


In case anyone wants to bang their head against the wall a few times. The trade down here is one of the worst I have ever seen to move down 10 spots from the top of the draft -- it makes Mangini's trade down from 5 to 17 look like a fleecing of the Jets. At these prices, we can trade our 22 pick to the Colts for their 1st overall!


Andrew Luck: Not out of reach?

The assumption has been that the price is going to be too high for Luck, but I've been thinking and I am not sure that is right. Hear me out. Latest reports are that Luck and Peyton may not want...


What happened to BurntOrangeandBrown's Fanshot re Joe Haden and AJ Green?

Just wondering what happened to that Fanshot with the link to Frowns' site?


Compare & Contrast: Headlines re Peyton Hillis

This is ESPN AFC North's Headline re Holmgren's comments on Peyton Hilis: Holmgren tells Hillis he's trying to keep him This is the Plain Dealer's Headline: Cleveland Browns President Mike Holmgren...

Scott Fujita: Prepare to Get Pancaked


Love Fujita, but I fear for his safety after this tweet: "Everyone follow my boy @Willie_Roaf...definitely the best O-Lineman I've ever played with or against"

Good News: Grossi Picks us to Lose Sunday


Seriously, this made me feel a little more optimistic. And I am not joking.

Chester Taylor Getting Cut


I think he could make sense for us while Brandon Jackson is recovering. Not sure if he will get a lot of looks, but he may want more security than that.

Joe Thomas Re-Signs for Seven Years!!


From Adam Schefter: "Filed to ESPN: Browns reached agreement with OT Joe Thomas on a 7-year, $84 million extension with roughly $44 million guaranteed." Underpaid in my opinion.

Players Win, Fans Win, Lockout lifted for now


On to the Eighth Circuit, where the owners probably have a better chance. . . . Surprising that the Judge did not stay the injunction with her order, but I expect her to do so or the Eighth Circuit to do so if she declines a stay motion.

Why the Players are Right


I don't agree with everything in the linked article, but it does a pretty good job of explaining the players' position in this dispute. And I think most of the linking on this site has been pro-owner (which is fine) but I think the other side deserves to be heard. Obviously, I am partial to the players in this dispute.

Why Does Braylon Care So Much About Jake Delhomme?


"I remember the comments," Edwards told Newsday. "I remember the writers, I remember the fans, I remember the coaches, I remember the people in the organization. I remember everything and everybody there that had something to say when 17 exited the doors." I mean I know Jake Delhomme, No. 17, has gotten a lot of flack from people in Cleveland but I think he can handle this himself -- he doesn't need Braylon to handle this for him. He should call Braylon and let him know. But I will say it is nice of Braylon to care so much.

Quote of the Year


"They didn't just beat Coach Einstein's New England Patriots. They dictated the terms of the capitulation: a complete and total unconditional surrender — the backup quarterback taking a knee at their own 1-yard line as time ran out." The symbolism of the final play was lost on me at the time but this guy nailed it. OK, enough celebrating -- hope we get to work for next week right away. The Jets are no joke and I think our offense is going to have a tough, tough, tough time putting up points on them.

Should Browns Have Kept Brodney Pool?


"When Pool hit free agency, the Jets medical staff checked him out and found almost all of his so-called concussions were misdiagnosed migraine headaches, which he'd suffered since high school. A followup visit with independent sports concussion specialists in Pittsburgh confirmed the Jets' opinion that hard hits or dehydration would trigger migraines that were misinterpreted."

Browns Interest in Sam Bradford is Growing?


Definitely have mixed thoughts about this, but if Holmgren thought he was the man, I'd be pretty excited about him. Also, even if I were positive this was the right move, I am not sure he would fall to us either. Maybe we could trade BQ and a late around pick to get up two or three spots to grab him.


Joe Thomas: Best Browns' Draft Pick Ever?

OK, this is an interesting topic that I hadn't much thought about.  I think it could make for some interesting discussion, and frankly I am not at all sure about who is the Browns' best draft pick...

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