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Garrett Gilbert: A Case of Revisionist History

Was Garrett Gilbert just overrated? A look back at his previous year.

Total QB Rating

An interesting, proposed new stats system for rating QB's. The passer rating we're familiar with was not a bad general statistic if one knew what it measured and how it measured it (unfortunately, many did not, leading them to either rely too heavily on passer rating or ignorantly reject it altogether), but given that it was just a summary of basic stats on a per-attempt basis, it could be pretty limited. This new rating system attempts to include more about a QB's play, but it can possibly get pretty subjective since one has to decide how to divide blame or credit on any given play. And if Jay Cutler wasn't already viewed as an erratic QB already, apparently this new system makes him look worse.

Kevin Durant says hello to Brendan Haywood.

Kevin Durant says hello to Brendan Haywood.

NFL Draft Projection: Curtis Brown

NFL draft projection: When will Curtis Brown be selected?

The One and Done: Should the NBA Change It? Why?

Should we blame eligibility and injury issues on the NBA age rule? A rehash of the one-and-done situation.

Thunderdome apologizes

This blog was never intended to be taken seriously. Rather, the intent of The Tunderdome was to serve as a farce to demonstrate just how absurd and outlandish the claims and statements made by many blogs and websites covering high school football, specifically in Texas, can be. Going a bit further, every claim made by The Thunderdome was something that had already been posted on other websites…we merely were trying to serve as a conduit to bring those rumors and allegations into the light and demonstrates their absurdity. Somewhere between intent and execution, things got out of hand. For these transgressions, I am truly sorry. 1. Nobody took that seriously (as in, believed it), but definitely took exception to the accusations and 2. If that was meant to be satirical, he needs to work on that skill. Ooooooops.

Longhorn Scott Discusses Power O

The QB situation has made us uneasy, but this seems like good news. Or if it's not good news, it's at least interesting to read.

Now that was just totally unnecessary. Oh, and he might go to jail for that. Don't kick other...

Now that was just totally unnecessary. Oh, and he might go to jail for that. Don't kick other teams' mascots, though I would be amused if someone tried to kick Bevo. edit: Oh, and before you get mad at him, here's his explanation: "I want to apologize to the fans," he said after the game. "I was not trying to hurt the owl. I did it to see if it would fly." Worst. Lie. Ever.

Assessing Greg Davis

Assessing Greg Davis' time at Texas.

"This is the way the world season ends This is the way the season ends This is the way the season...

"This is the way the world season ends This is the way the season ends This is the way the season ends Not with a bang but a whimper." For some reason, I thought of this poem when the final seconds of the clock ticked away as the ball wobbled on the ground.

So, How Good is This Defense?

A statistical look at the Texas defense. How good have the Horns been?

Identifying the Root Problem: What Muschamp Critics are Missing

Identifying the Root Cause of Texas' Problems: Greg Davis and the Offense.

2nd Half Open Thread @ Kansas State

Pictures aren't going to help us.  Here's your ranting 2nd half thread.


Failures of Approach and Leadership

Not a great weekend, so I want to find an excuse not to study.  What better than to write about our depressing football team?  PB and others are better at writing about big-picture narrative...

Oklahoma Review: Sooners hold off bumbling Longhorn team

A review of the Texas-OU game. Where do the Longhorns stand now?


This is officially my least favorite team in the last 5-6 years

Give me the 2007 team.  Please.  Were they very good?  No.  Were they loaded with talent on all positions?  No.  But my goodness, I knew they tried.  Colt McCoy got beat around every game...

Oklahoma Review and Preview: OU Survives Cincy and the Texas Offense is on Notice

How do the Sooners and Longhorns matchup this week? A brief review of OU's game against Cincy and preview against Texas.

Accountability Matters

More specific breakdowns from this game will come from others.  For now, I want to air my frustrations on the progression of the season. I watched the first half of this game partially in...

Oklahoma Week 3 Review: Oklahoma holds off Air Force, 27-24

Oklahoma escaped Air Force on Saturday. A review of their performance and how they look compared to Texas.

Oklahoma Week 2 Review: Sooners Thump Seminoles, 47-17

Oklahoma whipped Florida State. A review of their performance and a look ahead.

Bill Simmons' Diary on FIBA WC

As expected, it's mostly KD love... which is deserved. Durant was absolutely terrific this tournament. I got to watch the final game against Turkey and he continues to amaze.

State of Oklahoma: Recap and Preview

The Sooners had an interesting first game. A review on how well they played and how they may fare against Florida State.

Don't disrespect the Sooners

Rock M Nation continues their entertaining series about Oklahoma. Yep, football season is here.

Oklahoma Preview: Defense and Special Teams

Does Oklahoma have the defense to go all the way? A brief preview of Oklahoma's defensive squad.

Oklahoma Preview: Offense and Place Kicking

Does Oklahoma have the pieces for a great offense? A brief preview of Oklahoma's offensive unit.

Has Enough Time Passed? The 2001 Big XII Championship

A brief look back on the 2001 Big 12 championship game

Durant the face of Team USA

As mad as many still are at Rick Barnes, we should all be thankful that he somehow convinced this rare superstar to come to Texas.

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