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User Blog

Scout takes pride in ‘rogue’ label


For those who are enamored with Locker...appears you're not alone. Colin Kaepernick also gets an honorable mention.

Kevin Love is still on the bench


Just thought everyone might get a kick out of this.

Haslem staying put, agrees to deal with Heat


Haslem is re-signing with the Heat. That is one more PF off the market. If Houston matches the Nets offer for Scola, then what remaing PFs are available other than Al? NJ, DAL, DEN, CLE and maybe CHA as potential destinations?

Chandler confirms trade to Raptors


There is mention that Diaw may be included in this deal. Does that mean that Charlotte may be an option for Al? I suppose it would depend on who else gets sent back to Charlotte.


The TEP Standard: Draft Requirements

  As I am sure you are all aware, we have differing opinions on what draft prospects to select, in what order or in which slot.  I do believe however that both Kahn’s and Rambis’s draft desires...

Source: 76ers, Collins negotiating


A little out of left field, but isn't Collins known for preferring to play veterans over rookies? Follow my logic. 1. Philly has the #2 pick and the two likely options are Turner and Cousins. 2. Turner gives them what Iggy already does. 3. Cousins "immaturity" will not be tolerated by Collins All of that points to Philly actually trading the pick for a vet, which opens the window of actually acquiring the pick and Turner. I sincerely hope so.


Mad Scientist Style Three Team Draft Trade

After the stupor wore off from my disappointment last night (understatement of the year on my part) a particular thought occurred to me.  There is almost no way that MN and PHI can do a direct...

Sources say Mbakwe wants to leave Gophers


Good Lord. I hope the Gophers can convince him to stay. Mbakwe has concerns that his trial will be delayed again and he won't be allowed to play. I say play the man!

Longhorns' Bradley plans to turn pro


Well it looks like Avery Bradley is likely to turn pro. Due to the lack of PG talent he may actually get high enough in the first round depending on the team (maybe Indiana trades into the late first round?). If all else fails, the more talent in the draft, the better for us. Here is hoping that someone that we like falls to each and every one of our picks

Getting the ball in the hoop is....


This is for all you stat heads out there. Nothing too fancy and probably something we all intuitively understand, but since it comes from my alma mater, I'll plug it.

Hewitt Turns down St. Johns offer to stay at GT


Looks like we don't have to worry about Tubby bolting for Georgia Tech this year. GN can now sleep at night.


Rookie Comparison

So, now that the season has progressed and we have a significant sample size of data to compare a certain cadre of point guards, I thought I would look at Assist to turnover ratios and how they...

Turner dominates Purdue


To the tune of 32 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists on 11/21 shooting. Enjoy.


Potential Center Stats

As noted in Keven Love Jefferson's Center post of prospects, I made a comment about preferring to have a center that would average at least 1.5 blocks, 8+ rebounds and 10+ points per 36 minutes of...


Big Al trade idea...since it's out there

Well, with numerous rumors and posts out there talking about the possibility of Big Al getting traded.  I had an idea.  There was the idea of trading Al for Granger (don't really believe Indiana...

Pete Carroll may be leaving USC


I would go out on a limb and say if Pete Carroll leaves USC, there is no way that Seantrel will go there.

Wall gets all the pub, but KU frosh Henry is just as impressive


Here is a little SI article on X. Henry. Had to happen sometime.


Early candidates for 2010 Evil Prof Style

  Well, Mplax’s post got me thinking about specific backcourt prospects that our wolves will likely be taking a look at come draft time and I thought that I would put together a summary of the...

Golden Gophers try to avoid legal distractions


"Smith said Mbakwe could be back with the team any day because they anticipate his case could be dropped." If this is true...bring on the Big Ten season. Even adding Mbakwe to our lineup makes us a much more physical team and will prevent the opposing teams from out rebounding us. White's status is much more up in the air. But no suprise there.

Wesley Johnson


Think we should maybe add Wesley Johnson to the list of small forwards we look at for this upcoming draft? A 6-7 200 lb SF with 3 point range and lots of athleticism? Good character guy that his teammates like? Just food for thought.


Gophers vs. Stephen F. Austin Game Wrap-up

  I was at the Gopher Basketball game last night and came up with the following observations.   Defense: As per usual, Tubby has his team playing lights out D.  I did notice that by being able...


The QB Checklist

  As mentioned on a couple of posts, there seems to be some Sam Bradford love going around now that he may very well be available in the middle of the first round.  This got me to thinking that it...

Cats' Bell may need wrist surgery


Interesting side note is that this will at the very least reduce the likelihood of the wolves getting the Bobcat's first round pick this year. I believe the pick is top 14 protected. They were arguably in the 15-20 range before this...now? Who knows? I hope we still get Utah's pick (it is Utah's...correct?)


Tubby gets second 2010 commit

It looks like Tubby gets his second 2010 committment. Austin Hollins, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard from Germantown who visited Minnesota this past weekend, has committed to the Gophers, according...

Wolves seek to move Blount


Can't say we didn't expect this.


The Greatest Kahn Move?

As I sit hear reading an article on Big Al's rehab progress, something occurred to me.  What if Kahn threw out the Jefferson as only the second best player on a championship team comment for more...


Updated depth chart and PT estimate

I will keep this one short.  With the recent signing of Pavlovic, I thought it might be beneficial to compare his PER numbers to the players expected to be on next year's roster (for a while at...


I love me some Rosen...or not

  By Charlie Rosen   What do you think of Ricky Rubio's decision to forgo his NBA career for at least two years? Is this player really worth the wait? — Anonymous From what I've seen and...


Wolves Positional Status and Forecast

And before we start…yes that does make me sound like a weather man (no one else says forecast).  Given the Sessions signing and an insatiable need to analyze who will be traded in the next month...

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