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Writer for Silver Screen and Roll, the finest Lakers website on the planet.

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Twitter: @TheGreatMambino

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User Blog

Silver Screen & Rollcast, Ep17: New writers!


The Silver Screen & Rollcast is here to fill this NBA-less August void with an all-new episode!

The highs & lows of the '14-'15 LA Lakers schedule


With the release of the '14-'15 NBA schedule, let's take a deep dive into just what the Lake Show will be getting into next season

Silver Screen & Rollcast Ep16: Wrapping the summer


The writers on SS&R dish their thoughts on the offseason that was and just where the 2014-2015 Lakers are headed.

How effective will Jeremy Lin be?


Wading through the mythology, the real question remains: can Jeremy Lin help the Los Angeles Lakers this season?

Will this be the worst Lakers team of all time?


Midway through the 2014-2015 offseason, can we already conclude that the upcoming campaign will be the biggest disaster in franchise history?

This is what the Lakers Plan B looks like


Over the past 24 hours, fans have been asking: what the hell are the Lakers doing? With Plan A out the door and off to Cleveland, New York and Chicago, Plan B seems to be handily underway. So what...

What's the plan for the Lakers in free agency?

The offseason free agency period has just gotten started, but the Los Angeles Lakers have just been involved in rumors. What...or who can we expect from the purple and gold come October?

Silver Screen & Rollcast Episode 15: Free agency!


The SS&R crew, fresh from the NBA Draft, is here to talk about a GIGANTIC free agency summer for the Los Angeles Lakers!

Silver Screen & Roll at the 2014 NBA Draft


Two proud members of the Silver Screen & Roll crew--Ben Rosales and The Great Mambino--e-mailed a bit about their journey to Barclays Center in Brooklyn for last week's NBA Draft.

Silver Screen & Rollcast Ep. 14 available now


The Silver Screen & Roll crew takes their last cracks on the 2014 NBA Draft before Thursday night!

What we know about the Lakers going into the Draft


The first NBA Draft that really matters to Lakers fans in a decade will commence in just a few days. What can we know and what can't we know leading up to Thursday?

Silver Screen & Rollcast Ep. 13 available now


After a long lay-off, the Rollcast is back, baby!

Is LeBron James threatening Kobe Bryant's legacy?


If the Miami Heat prevail, what is the effect on Kobe Bryant's standing in NBA history? And on the Los Angeles Lakers as a whole?

Should LA take Aaron Gordon?


The former Arizona big man is next up in our NBA Draft player profile series.

Were the glimpses of the old Steve Nash worth it?


Nash played a career low 15 games this season, but at times, looked like the man the Lakers traded for. So why is this a bad thing?

Marshall is not the PG of the future


The UNC product has bounced from the NBA Draft lottery to the scrap heap and back to a team rotation in 20 months. What do the next 20 months have in store for him?

The perils, obstacles and price of Love


With the draft order settled, how could the Lakers grab Kevin Love? And should they?

With LA slotted 7th in the Draft, what's next?


The ping pong balls have ruled over LA's collective fate. Where do they go from here?

A Lakers fan's guide to the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery


The Lakers' next half decade could be controlled by the bounce of a ping pong ball. Do you know what's at stake?

Silver Screen & Rollcast Episode 12


SS&Rollcast discusses the future of the Lakers coaching seat in an all-new episode!

Chris Kaman's constant rebuilding of value


For the second season in a row, Chris Kaman made a cut-rate gamble on his future...and lost.

Assessing Wesley Johnson's continuing mediocrity


Wesley Johnson's season may have finally answered questions about his potential.

Lakers fan's guide to rooting in the 2014 playoffs


Because we've got to have something to cheer for, right?

Sterling and the hypocrisy of the Clippers fanbase


In light of his most recent allegations of bigotry, where does that leave the NBA a

Los Angeles Lakers Offseason Primer


The 2013-2014 Los Angeles Lakers season has been finally laid to rest after a frustrating six months. What do the next six months have in store for us?

Hoping for a health: Warriors at Lakers Preview


Tonight's prevailing storyline? Praying that no one else gets hurt.

Can't even win at booing: Rockets @ Lakers Preview


Even this small, small joy has been taken from us, Lakers fans.

History shows us superstars drafted outside top-4


Lakers fans everywhere: settle down. Historical precedence shows us that there are franchise players to be outside the upper crust of the NBA Draft lottery.

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