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Richard Sherman Face of the NFL?

1 asked Cam Newton recently if he thought Richard Sherman was the new face of the NFL. Cam's response is gracious and speaks volumes of his own character. I wish Cam the best of luck in life (except when playing vs the Seahawks), you can find other videos on youtube of him speaking graciously about the Seahawks.

NFL.COM Reporting on FG Sparq formula

3 doing a piece to coincide with the release of more Seahawks on the top 100 featuring Fieldgulls Articles on SPARQ. Check it out, did we let the genie out of the bottle? I think not, this should be known among NFL circles already.

Player Acquisition and Development A Seahawks Brochure for UDFA's


Brochure sent to Agents of UDFA's to highlight the success the Seahawks have had. Interesting stuff, makes you wonder what other teams send out. Post in the comments any links of other teams if you find them.

Peter King Suggests Browns to Trade with Seahawks at end of Round 1


This NFL.Com article also reports on King's story that Browns might be interested in trading up in the 1st round to get ahead of the Texans in Round 2 if neither team selects a QB.

"No. 32, Seattle. Think about the advantages of picking, saying, 35th instead of 32nd if you’re the Seahawks. Every dime is going to count going forward because of pricey vets like Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman who must be re-signed. Last year, the difference between the 32nd pick (safety Matt Elam) and 35th pick (tight end Zach Ertz) was $350,000 per year. Not a huge sum, but when you add a $1.4 million total difference between 32 and 35 to the fact that the Seahawks might be able to get a low-fourth-round pick for moving down three slots—and you remember how good Seattle’s been in the later rounds of drafts—you start to think John Schneider has to be thinking about this too. That’s if Cleveland would do a deal low in round one. But it’s intriguing. All Seattle would lose is the ability to add a fifth-year option by keeping its first-round pick. I think the advantages of saving $1.4 million and adding a mid-round prospect outweigh the edge of the fifth-year option."

"I’m probably going to call it a career." - Michael Robinson and the demise of the FB

As many football fans have noticed the fullback is becoming something of a dinosaur, even with the Seattle Seahawks running wild on teams and winning Lombardi Trophies, the league is changing. Here...


"Tha Monstar" and the 5300lb workout (Jesse Williams)

Found this video of Jesse Williams working out with Animal Barbell Club, in Philadelphia. It appears to be one workout in which Jesse Williams Squats, Carries, and Lifts 5300lbs (by my count...


SCORE IN MY HOUSE! (set to Jizz in my Pants)

Ok so I for one cannot wait for this weekends match-up. I was bored at work when this came to me. Please comment and make your own satire! Let's use this post as the Official Satire Thread. Gif...

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks 2nd in Jersey Sales Behind 49'ers and Kaepernick.


Russell Wilson has the 2nd most sales of jerseys over the last 3 months. The Seattle Seahawks of the 2nd most sales of jerseys of the last 3 months. The top spot for individual and team sales belong to Kaepernick and the San Fransisco 49'ers.

Honey Badger Blows off Seahawks, Drafted by Cards


Its in the Title Discuss and become Rabid like a Badger. P.S. Makes you wonder if Seahawks were targeting him in the 4th. At first I thought they may have been targeting him in the 3rd, but after watching the Seahawks presser and Schneider's comments, I may have been off-base. He seemed pretty intent that it was Hill or bust in the 3rd and DT was a pressing need. P.S.S I also wouldn't be suprised to see us trade a 5th rd pick for a DT from another team tomorrow. Again from the presser Schneider was pretty clear there was a major drop off from Hill and it is a position of need.

David Nelson not tendered now UFA


So the Bills decided not to tender David Nelson who will now be an UFA. I have a feeling the Seahawks will be taking a look at him. He is 6'5 and 215 lbs only 26 years old and came into the league as an undrafted free agent, which should mean young and cheap. Last year he caught 61 balls on 98 targets for 658yds and 5 TD's. With Russell as his QB and not Fitzpatrick I think he can hold those catches and greatly improve the TD's. This is a guy I have watched since he came into the league with the bills and think he shows some real promise. Tell me what you all think maybe I can get a full scout up on him, if the Hawks do show interest.

Steve Raible Selects 6th Overall


So Steve Raible Selects Derrick Morgan with 6th overall Selection. What do you all think about this? I have not heard this as an option for 6th overall. I have recently come to love the thought of Morgan for the Seahawks. This guy is in it to win and witht he loss of DE's recently this does make sense. What do you think? Seahawks Select Morgan 6th overall? I have seen some mocks with Morgan going 15th to the Giants. If Mccoy drops to 6 and we select him and Morgan at 14, what do you think of that draft? Throw in 2nd round pick and Branch for Marshall and were looking at, Mccoy, Morgan, Marshall first 3 pick draft. Does that not wet your noodle? Just thought this was interesting considering Raible voice of the Seahawks may have some inside knowledge ( although he would never sellout his team and give away thier pick I'm sure). Lastly say this is true and we select Morgan number 6 who goes 14? I know everyone wants to say Charles but say hes too much of a reach and Spiller is gone? What alternatives do we have at 14 that everyone would be psyched about?

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