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LSB Tailgate: Express Game Meetup (Post #2)

Link to Original Post Ok, so I think we have some interest in this little shindig. The game will be Saturday, July 20th. 6:05 first pitch vs. Iowa Cubs Parking - The parking lot is open all day,...


LSB Tailgate: Round Rock Edition - Gauging Interest

Those of us in Central Texas have talked about an LSB meetup at an Express game for a while now, and I figured, what the hell, let's make it an all-out tailgate. This post is to determine how many...


4/5/13 OT Welcome Back, Josh.

Quantum Leap via upload.wikimedia.org Quantum Leap is an American television series that was broadcast on NBC from March 26, 1989 to May 5, 1993, for a total of five seasons. The series was...


1-10-13 OT Waldo Geraldo Faldo

via coldslitherpodcast.files.wordpress.com Most underrated sitcom character of all of the times. Shawn Harrison (born December 28, 1973) is an American actor best known for having played W...


12/10/12 OT

Janus Words (Auto-Antonyms) Origins The terms "autantonym" and "contronym" were originally coined by Joseph T. Shipley in 1960 and Jack Herring in 1962, respectively. Some pairs of contronyms are...


10/12/12 OT

he USS Cole bombing was a suicide attack against the United States Navy destroyer USS Cole on October 12, 2000, while it was harbored and refueled in the Yemen port of Aden. Seventeen American...


11/8 OT, Jr.

Serious question time: What one story from your life do you want told at your funeral? Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs: (via kottke.org) Jobs's sensibility was editorial, not inventive. His gift ...


7/6 PM Dawn OT Thread

Who gives a fuck? via kottke.org "What the hell? Is the sky still blue? As a general rule, do not use the serial/Oxford comma: so write 'a, b and c' not 'a, b, and c'. But when a comma would...

Calhoun Taking Medical Leave of Absence from UConn

Bumped. The UCONN Blog has reaction to the news and thoughts on what it means for the program heading forward. Texas plays Connecticut on Saturday at 3:00 CST. --PB Hate to see this, but the doctor's seem to indicate that it's not a relapse of cancer.

Hello Wisconsin!

So, I'm making my first ever trip to Green Bay this weekend. I thought I'd see if anyone here had been, and , if so, had any suggestions or warnings. The Dad, the brother and I are flying into...


Nellie v. Cuban

Well, this is certainly interesting. I think a lot of it is stuff that we've heard rumors about before, but this is the first I've heard this snippet: From that point on, Nelson testified, he...


Football Outsiders Alamanac - 2009

Just got finished reading the Cowboy-related content in this year's installment of Football Outsiders Almanac. For those of you who aren't familiar with FO, they're a football analytics site that...

Salary vs. Performance


Ben Fry's "Salary vs. Performance" graph. I don't know that it means much in reality, but it's a little interesting...and it has pretty colors.

A-Rod Reportedly Out for 10 weeks

Might miss 1-2 series against the Rangers

John Odom Dead


What a terrible story. I've been accused of not having a heart, but this really bums me out.


Maddux on with the Musers

Mike Maddux was on the Ticket this morning. It wasn't too terribly interesting, but I'll give a quick rundown as best as I can remember for those who care. - He talked about pitcher durability...

TR "Injury history complicates Sheets deal"


Also, water is wet. Not much new here.


The Ticket Announces 5-year Flagship Deal With Stars

So, despite specualtion of mergers and show shuffling, 1310 the Ticket's big announcement this morning is that they'll be the Dallas Stars flagship for the next 5-years. Bob Sturm 's little hockey...


Like a Rolling Stone

I'm fairly sure that Bob Dylan isn't a Cowboys fan, but never have the troubadour's words seemed more prophetic in my tiny little sports universe than they do right now.

"Hey, Sam...dude....smell my fingers"


"Hey, Sam...dude....smell my fingers"

Frank Cornish Dead at 40


I just saw this. It's a couple of days old. So sad.


Matt Jones Arrested - Charged With Poss. of Cocaine

Well...I always wondered why Jones didn't reach his potential last season, and now I think I have a pretty good idea. I know he was supposedly injured last year, but, as I recall, those were...


Another Player of the Month?

Ian Kinsler's numbers in June obviously put him in the running for AL player of the month, but Gordon Edes at the Globe thinks that JD Drew is a lock: J.D. Drew is a cinch to be named the...

FOTF on the Ticket


BAD Radio is having MY on in the 2:00 hour


Tailgating question

So, I've been away from Austin for a few years, but I'm back now and I heard that  the pre-game tailgating/parking situation changed recently. I've searched the posts, but couldn't find much. I'm...

I'm jacking this from DRay Bay. Great shot of Shields' whiff on Crisp.


I'm jacking this from DRay Bay. Great shot of Shields' whiff on Crisp.

Two bodies have been found in the Plano home of convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs, who recen...


Two bodies have been found in the Plano home of convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs, who recently agreed to tell the NFL which football players received banned substances he manufactured in recent years. The identities of the victims were not released pending notification of relatives. Details to follow.


Pacman's In

The Ticket is reporting that the NFL has reinstated PacMan Jones effective immediately for OTA's, training camp and pre-season games. The determination on the  rest of the season will be made at a...

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