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Mets mum on Chipper recognition


Just wondering what you guys would want to see or do for Chipper's last series facing the Mets.

Mets going over edge with rookie's use?


The Rubin has a good point. We can't wear down Edgin or risk injury for next year. You think after the Brydak debacle we would roll with 2 LOOGY's

Mejia headed back to Triple-A rotation


Should've been done from the begining. But is the damage to late from the Mets FO ruining this kid

Wally: Familia demotion 'possibility'


Interesting that Familia's struggles have them questioning a demotion. I still feel him being a 2 pitch pitcher is better suited for the pen. Also feel Mejia is better suited for the rotation.

Mejia likely reliever per TC


Like I said it's probably like Neftali feliz to keep his innings in control. Even if he's successful he has to be groomed as a starter next year. With the question marks Famila is posing in weather he is a SP or RP. The Mets don't need a Joba Hughes scenario flip flopping these guys around ruining their careers

In-depth: Niese, Kid and '05 draft


Very interesting on Carter with Niese. Jay Bruce instead of Pelf anyone?

Report: Mets mull Dickey '13 option now


Hopefully he remains a Met his whole career. Screw the option give him an extension.

Mets Medical staff at it again


" Davis has shown only marginal improvement since suffering the injury May 10 in a freakish collision with David Wright at Coors Field. The team's medical staff even admitted it might have made a mistake during the early stages of treatment by keeping him in a protective boot too long -- a decision that might have reduced healing blood flow to that area. This is getting to be a cruel joke with the Medical staff. Can't they just clean house and start over. Even get rid of the trainers. Just start fresh. This is why when Met fans get a diagnosis of a Met player, we know it's far worse than letting on. Do you also think Johan is just going through "shoulder fatigue"?

Young's start Sunday in limbo


Per Adam Rubin: Chris Young says start on Sunday in limbo. Concern is strain on pen if he has to come out Sunday. Still some biceps tendinitis soreness.

When can we expect to see Jenrry Mejia


Wondering when you think we would see Mejia in Citi field this yr. Should we hope they leave him in buffalo for a full yr to leave nothing to prove to triple- A hitters? Or if injuries occur is he the first they call on to help stop the bleeding and have someone worth watching. Jerry Manuel ruined his arbitration clock last yr so were paying for this yr weather he's in Flushing or Buffalo. Wondering what your thoughts are and what you think would be in the teams best interest for 2010 and 2011.

Should the Mets target Jon Rauch


2 yrs $7million sounds good to me to add to the pen as a set up guy. Assuming we resign Tak and slot him in the rotation next yr. Especially if we let Feliciano walk.

Texas showers Josh Hamilton with Gingle Ale


Just saw this picture of Texas teammates showering Josh Hamilton with ginger ale and thought how cool it was and what a sign of respect for him.

Mets must hire Alderson per Sherman


Everything I read is what the Mets need. Chain of command, structure, smarts o and the fact that Alderson hates the Yankees is a real plus.

Jerry: 'Honest' thing to tell him fate first


Jerry Manuel said he has been given zero indication from his superiors his fate. And the manager suggested he ought to be told before the fate is whispered to media Really? Jerry thinks he deserves more repect than the way Willie was handled?

Manuel applauds Utley


We feel different," Beltran said. "Our plan today was every time we got on first base, we wanted to break up a double play. To me I think he did cross the line yesterday -- not only in that play. He has done things in the past blocking bases. It's OK to play hard. It's OK to get outs. But, you know, once you try to hurt somebody, that's not fun. And he's such a good player -- too good to be doing that. I guess that's the way he plays, you know? But, at the same time, we can play like that, too.

Potential openings for Luis Castillo


This quote caught my eye and I laughed: Maybe 20 more days here and I'll be prepared to work out for next season," Castillo said. "I want to see if I can get a chance to play next year because I'm going to be a free agent after that and I want to have a good year and put up good numbers." Does he really think at 36 in 2012 Some team will give him a contract let alone still think he will be able to play as a starter. He must really think he is worth $6 million per yr.

Will Takahashi Bolt Mets after this season


He has stated on his pending Free Agency that he want to start and not work out of the pen. Will the Mets retain him? One has to wonder how that stipulation got worked in as a FA after 1 yr and not 6 yrs.

What do we blame it on this year


Nice little article from Mets Today. Wondering what you guys think we should blame this year on.

Should the Mets pick up Jeremy Hermida


It will cost them nothing to do so. Low risk high reward all over it. But the fact that he is not a former Expo Minaya may not look into this

Murphy to play winter ball at second base


Good luck to Murphy he's a grinder and will work hard at the position. But to me this means if they do move Castillo it will be an in house replacement at second for 2011.

Frankie's Vesting option


$17.5 million will be paid to Frankie if he finishes 100 games between 2010-2011. He will no doubt reach that next year unless he hit the DL for an extended period of time. With his recent incident this was a perfect way to suspend him for the rest of the year slowing the vesting option from the inevitable. Sherman makes a good point with Castillo,Ollie and Beltran off the books for 2012 the $17.5 million for your closer is ridiculous. But when your GM and Manager are playing for thier jobs "now" This has terrible ramifications for the future.

Dunn claimed off waiver


Bosox with Youk out for the season?

Fred Wilpon sued over Madoff losses


Well we know why the Mets aren't buyers this yr and possibly next yr. Maybe the Wilpons sell the team?

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