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Arte Moreno among 7-member committee to oversee succession process for next baseball commissioner


Arte's one of the seven on the committee to help choose who's going to replace Selig.


In Appreciation of Mark Trumbo

Most of us saw this coming, but Mark Trumbo is officially no longer a member of the Los Angeles Angels organization. I just wanted to write something out in appreciation of what he's meant to me,...

Hunter Green's Comments on being Drafted


Local Kentucky beat writer who was at Hunter Green's house on draft day has a few comments from him. Said Green plans to sign with the team.

Hanson scratched due to family matter; Enright to start


2002 World Series, Game 7, on Youtube


MLB put up a ton of classic games, including this beauty.

Marlins/Blue Jays Finalizing a MASSIVE Deal


The Marlins and the Jays are finishing a massive deal. Reyes, Johnson, Buerhle to the Jays.

Trout Already 24th in Career bWAR for an Angels Position Player


After just over a year of playing, Trout's ranked 24 on Baseball-reference's list of Angels' career WAR by a position player. The Top 50 has two players on it with less than 1000 PA - Trout at 24, and Bourjos at 40.

You keep Mathis because you want to win a championship.


Anyone remember this gem from Lyle? Thought it might be relevant with the Rangers up 3-2, helped by Mike Napoli.

Rangers [Jokingly] Ban the Wave


Heh, assuming I'm not the only person who dislikes the wave at sporting events. Sounds like Ranger officials have a fun little graphic they display when one starts.

Rev got FJM'd


Was reading through BYB, they had this up in a fanshot. Interesting read, haven't seen a FJM in a while. Some good points made, in my opinion, although I am disappointed in that he fell back on the old and cliche'd "Hehe they have a funny name" argument at the end. C'mon man, there's so much more to laugh at the team about. Like Vernon, or Mathis, or our 4 center fielders and 5 slap hitting middle infielders.

There’s no joy in Anaheim for slumping Angels


Decent read, Tim Brown over at Yahoo Sports. Sounds like the team is getting [understandably] beat down morale wise.

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