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User Blog

Clemson Defense Xs and Os Preview


I'm jacked for football to be starting and jacked to be contributing to the high level of Xs and Os analysis that this site has been known for since its inception.  It seems like another life and...

Clemson Football Season Preview: Defensive Backs


We preview Clemson's secondary and hope they are poised for some real improvement this year.

Does Clemson's Talent Level Measure Up This Year?


This is just a little quick and dirty recruiting composite that I use to give me the basic layout of how teams have recruited heading into a season.   It's not perfect by any means but, it is one...

How Does Clemson Become an Elite HUNH Offense?


We compare Clemson to the elite HUNH teams of the past few years and look at where Clemson falls short.

Looking Back at Clemson - Georgia in 2013


We take a victory a lap as we look back at last year's Clemson - Georgia game.

A Look Into Elite Programs Pt. 2


This is the 2nd part on defining "eliteness." In part 1, which you can find here and should read first, we had a solid discussion on what it means to be an elite team for single season.  Now,...

What is an Elite Team?


Greetings Realists and Orange Devils!  This is a 2 part series. Defining "Elite Teams" is part 1. Part 2 will build on part 1 and define "Elite Programs." I have also examined the characteristics...


Advanced Expectations: National Championship Contention

Expectations are a fickle beast. Some may believe the best way to get attention from a desired female is to take her out for a delicious and expensive 5-star dinner. However, others will have...


FSH's Comparing Advanced Stats to Traditional Stats: Defense

In the continued effort to get us as fans to change the perception of what good defense is when you're running a HUNH offense, I think it's a good idea to read this article by Football Study...

How Up Tempo Offenses Are Affecting Defenses


This site basically did what I did in the "Hurry Up Defense" fanpost last year except this is this year's version. He also posted the OC, record, and where the teams finished withing their conference. Nice little paragraph on the national championship contenders as well.

"The Atlantic 5"

"you know, you got these claws and you're staring at these claws and your thinking to yourself, "How am I supposed to kill this bunny, how am I supposed to kill this bunny?" -line from the movie...


Clemson Expansion: Big Picture

In light of some recent Clemson blogs and internet reports not associated with STS, I felt like I have a big picture take of expansion that I think would be worth reading. Fans have so much pull...

Tajh Boyd's Work with QB Guru George Whitfield


Boyd spent his spring break in Cali working on his game with George Whitfield. This article has good insight into some of the things they worked on and Whitfield's opinion of Boyd.


Hurry Up Defense (part 5)

We all use statistics to form our opinion. We use statistics because we believe them to be objective and to tell the story from a point of view that cannot be disputed (sans Wilt Chamberlain’s...


Hurry Up Defense (Part 4)

We’ve looked at offense and defense “per possession.” Now, let’s look at overall production (offense + defense) to gauge how well the offensive philosophy change is working to make Clemson a better...


Hurry Up Defense (part 3)

Alright, that’s enough dwelling on our defensive futility, let’s examine the brightspot of 2011, the offensive side of the ball. Last time we looked at how our defense performed “per possession”...


Hurry Up Defense (Part2)

Again, this one is a lot of information so, take your time and don’t hesitate to stop and come back later. I’ll give you a few days before I post part 3. In part 1, we saw how running more plays...


Hurry Up Defense (Part 1)

Are you ready to get your geek on? Oh, I know you are. Well, here comes a post that would make my math teacher in high school blush. Ok, not really. Actually if you can read a chart and understand...


Hatfield or Ford?

What's up everybody, Clemson fan here. Since we both had Danny Ford and Ken Hatfield as head coaches. I was wondering, looking back, who do Arkansas fans hold in higher regard, Ford or Hatfield? I...


Conference NetworK? That's so 2009.

Texas announced today that they have taken another logical step forward for college sports entertainment.   Texas just negotiated with ESPN to create the Texas Network that will launch this fall....


And so it begins... (link)

The Music City Bowl is not happy with the Clemson turnout and is regretting passing up UNC, BC, Maryland, and GT. The article mentions that Wake Forest brought more fans than us. h...


Rich Rod, TEs, and Texas

I have a few questions for Dr. B or anybody else that would like to answer.  First, I would like to hear the argument for Rich Rodriguez as OC.  I am not as high on him as many others and it has...


Bellamy Sees Another Star

If you didn't see already, the Clemson RB commit out of Punta Gorda, FL that is putting up video game numbers this year has been given a 5th star by Rivals.  Mike Bellamy committed to Clemson back...

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