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"You Can Play"- but not in the Olympics- is the NHL OK with that????


In April, the NHL announced an historic partnership with the You Can Play Project that formalized their commitment to make the NHL the most inclusive professional sports league in the world. The NHL was the first major American professional sports league to officially partner with an LGBT advocacy group on this scale, and they were admired for it. But now there is this problem with Putin and his ridiculous regime. What will the NHL do about this? I don't understand how this league, which only four months ago made this unprecedented commitment, can then face oppression and overt discrimination to the point of criminalization a few short months later and STILL be interested in participating in the upcoming winter Olympics. Its seems very hypocritical to me. I want to know what hockey players and the league think about this. Does anyone have any links where they are discussing it? And if those discussions aren't out there, why the F not? Someone need to address this... either you can play, or you cant. Either they ARE committed to "create a more inclusive hockey community at all levels" or they AREN'T. It would be wrong for the NHL to try and have it both ways.


Let's Do This! Sunday Morning Tailgate Brunch at NVMC for Game 3

Our first playoff game at NVMC is on a Sunday- at noon? So be it! We have decided to pull a bit of an AM tailgate before the game- screw you and your schedule, NBC! :-P There are few of us who...

You know what time of year it is, everyone! Happy "Yashin back to the NHL" day!!!


These festivities are brought to you by, come on you all know his name- Mark Gandler! Wow... has it been a year already? Well, look at your calendar- its the third week of July! That, as Im sure you all know, is the traditional "Yashin back to the NHL" week. ♫♪ ♫ Its the most... predictable tiiiime of the year! ♪ ♫ For those of you interested in taking a trip down memory lane to "Yashin back to the NHL" rumors of years past while we get ready to play again this year, check the link in the title to find some previous "Yashin back to the NHL" stories that are sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Like any other traditional holiday week, "Yashin back to the NHL" always goes the same way- Yashin has a super-cool, concrete/solid/etc offer from an NHL team (usually hinted to be the Islanders, but any team will do) for (lots of?) money, comparisons are made to Jagr or some other older (preferably Russian or former eastern bloc) player(s), but then Yash ultimately decides not to take it. Sure, you know EXACTLY how its gonna go... but you know how St Patricks Day is gonna go too- and that doesnt stop you! Dont let the complete and utter predictibility of this annual holiday take away from the tradition and deep, profound meaning that is behind the "Yashin coming back" spirit. So... get out those turtlenecks and old CMC Yash jerseys, everyone! Celebrate like its 2007!

WTH is with this daily #Isles tweet? I don't get it.


"Isles Wow can't take much more of this horrible play #Isles" Could someone please let me in on WTH this recurring tweet is all about??? I have seen this exact tweet- no changes whatsoever- posted nearly every day by different people for months now. Back during the regular season when I would see this tweet I figured people were maybe watching DVRs of previous games or just commenting in general. But now??? I feel like I am totally missing the joke. Any explanations?

What's the deal with Jesse Joensuu?


I know he was qualified and played overseas, but what does that mean for him now that the season is over? Is he still Isles property? He is still listed on the website, FWIW. I asked Staple about this, but I do not know if he is going to answer. I am curious because word is that he had a good season. I *think* that the Isles still have his rights. Am I right or wrong? I am not sure because on Capgeek they list him as playing for HV71 next season, too. Do you guys think he will be back this fall to try and make the 12-13 team?

What Taiwan thinks of the 2012 NHL Playoffs!


What Taiwan thinks of the 2012 NHL Playoffs!

"It’s inconceivable to me that the Islanders wouldn’t be on Long Island. It would be malpractice...


"It’s inconceivable to me that the Islanders wouldn’t be on Long Island. It would be malpractice for those in charge to allow that to happen." ~Gary Bettman 10/24/11


Kirill Kabanov Needs a Team.

Since last season, Kirill Kabanov is no longer with the defunct QMJHL Lewistown MAINEiacs... as you probably know, he was picked up by the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada. Thats all well and good,...

Tabloid News: Not Just for Rangers Players Anymore!


The Post not only wrote a big article on DiPietro recently (link), but now they are turning their tabloid-sensors towards the Isles players. Poor Matty lol. Is it only a matter of time til we see shots of Okposo on page 6 when he is on his way to a Harry Potter convention?


Hockey Video Tributes & Montages for Dummies?

I like the hockey montages and tributes that fans put together. I have a vision of one going with a particular song I have in mind, and I can even see the kinds of clips Id want to use at certain...


The Drive for Five (Hundred)

The New York Islanders are technically still in the playoff race, I know- but I have maintained since all the way back around the end of November that was not going to happen this season. Losing 20...

Luongo Blossomed after Leaving Long Island


According to Ben Kuzma of Vancouver Province, that is. Really? He "blossomed" when he left Long Island, huh? So- he "blossomed" in his half a decade with the Panthers? I guess I have somehow forgotten all the AMAZING SUCCESS they had with him. Could someone please point it all out to me? Where is all this "blossoming"? WTF has this guy actually accomplished in the NHL?????


Quick! Stop Thinking! --the psychology of choking

The New York Islanders lose a lot of games. Yeah... if youre reading this, then I am sure you already know that all too well. After all, its pretty tough to overlook a nine game losing streak and...


Isles: Get Into the Groove

via     You should look.... For inspiration.... Come on! We're wait-ing... Get into the groove, boys. You've got to prove Your worth to me, yeah. Get up on your feet, yeah. S...

Leave Bruno Alone! Seriously though- I cannot reply to comment threads right now because it...


Leave Bruno Alone! Seriously though- I cannot reply to comment threads right now because it keeps jumping to the top of the page whenever I try to do anything. I can not even post a new comment on an article... if I go to push "post," it jumps to the top of the page. I also cannot bold, ital, quote, or post pics... it just jumps to the top of the page. No matter what I do, it jumps to the top of the page. Very annoying. :( I logged out and logged back in, no change. Didnt someone recently say they were having a problem something like this? What did they do to fix it? Remember, I probably wont be able to reply, so I hope I gave enough info lol. Edit: But I can edit this for some reason. Go figure! :)

Mark Streit Video: Translate, anyone?


Anyone know German (or know someone who knows German) & think they can get this Mark Streit video summarized or translated into English? I am definitely curious.


CBA/Salary Cap/Waiver Question regarding Wade Redden

Im asking this here because if Im wrong on this, Id REALLY like to know and make a point of it. I dont think I am, but I need to know either way. I would not want to make a point of convincing...


Bell Curving the Kovalchuk Talk

Ive been reading a lot of comments about the Kovalchuk rejected contract. One of the points that Ive seen made many times is that Kovalchuk will play til he is 44, so whats the problem? Instead of...

Islanders fans have a favorite game to play, and here it is!


Islanders fans have a favorite game to play, and here it is!


Why would Kovalchuk going to the Kings be considered going to "a contender"?

  I was reading this thread on the Kings board over at The Arena, and someone said this: The Kings are certainly in a much better position to battle for the Cup than the Isles currently, and...


Suspension of Disbelief

So, no suspension on Colin White for turning Sean Bergenheim 's nose into what looked like an overcooked tortellini in pink sauce. And you know, that would not have gotten me upset IF Andy Sutton...


Bergie: Biggest Draft Bust of the Decade???

This quote from Dominik- Sean Bergenheim is a diligent, feisty, responsible two-way player, which is why Scott Gordon trusts him in defensive situations more than the "pure" scorers on the I...


Talkin "Loser Points" ('cause some people have it ALL wrong)

Lighthouse reader takes on the misnomer of "the loser point" in the modern NHL.

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