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If the NLDS was starting tomorrow, what is your rotation?

Your Current Rotation: Stephen Strasburg (7-8) Gio Gonzalez (6-6) Jordan Zimmermann (6-5) Doug Fister (10-2) Tanner Roark (10-6) Right now it seems as though Tanner Roark and Doug Fister...


Analysis: Criticism of the Paul Pierce Signing

I made a couple of comments in the game thread last night that I wanted to expand more into a deeper conversation. As I stated last night, it was pretty obvious that Phil Chenier is not a fan of...


Offseason Idea: Would you take Josh Smith in a trade if .....

it included a draft pick. Let's be realistic here, Detroit would be crazy to continue on with this Drummond-Monroe-Smith experiment. Let's assume that they are willing to pay Monroe max money,...


Season's Definition: Weak Minded in Crucial Moments or a Success?

There are a lot of things that can be said about the Wizards this season. Much of what will be remembered are the accomplishments such as getting over .500 for the first time in the John Wall era,...


How Could Trevor Ariza End Up Leaving?

The question begs to be asked especially after having a career night last night. It's clear that Trevor Ariza is the perfect compliment for Wall and Beal. He plays amazing defense, but now he's...


The Confusing Circumstances of Young Otto Porter

So we are near the trade deadline and it seems as though there are some things up in the air about this team. Although there have been rumors, the expectation that any moves the Wizards make will...


Concerns About the Near Future of this Franchise

The rumor mill was rampant last week with two rumors that I believe put this team in a precarious position moving forward as they try to climb out of the realm of mediocrity. The idea of either...


When Are The Wizards Getting Alternate Uniforms?

This is the question we are all wondering. After seeing the Suns new unis I was surprised to see that they have alternates, which I thought previously teams had to wait two years after a uniform...


Is John Wall A Victim of His Persona or Lack Thereof?

I have been listening to comments about John Wall's extension and I have noticed one thing that is interesting, people don't really know John Wall. I mean even locally, Wall isn't the personality...


What you want, what you expect

Time for some draft-night predictions.


Where does the Wizards fan base rank in the NBA?

So I'm pretty sure most if not all of you have heard the ridiculous story of Miami Heat fans leaving the game early last night, but just in case you didn't check it out: h...


Lakers Trade Idea for Dwight Howard

Okay I know there are a million trade proposals out there on this site, most on here know I won't put anything outlandish on here, so before I put this together I gave this some serious thought. ...


What to do with Ariza/Webster?

Okay I'm certainly not in the camp in support of drafting Otto Porter, but I realize that he is likely the pick going forward. With that said, drafting him would create a potentially interesting...


Ted, Don't Even Think About it....

Disclaimer: I want to preface this post by stating that this is not meant to politicize the issue of gay rights or to turn this into a debate. This is simply a fan's decree of how this current...

Webster Talks about his family


Great story and give you a little insight on the kind of person he is.


Let's Settle This, Jan Vesely: PF or SF

I have had some debates with many of you on here about what Jan Vesely is on this team. It seems as though there is a split on opinion of what Jan is, so I wanted to go back and look at some...


Big 3? No, how about the Big 2 and a budding star?

As we embark on the Oklahoma City Thunder making what is likely to be a long run at possibly multiple championships, I can't help but think about how they ended up in this current situation. It is...


BOYD, Part Deux?

Editor's Note: Good FanPost here, bumping to the front-page. Remember a few years ago, when we were at the beginning of the Ted Leonsis era and one of the strategies that was constantly brought up,...


Tyreke Evans off the Bench?

According to Yahoo today Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings may be on the trade block. What do you guys think about bringing him in to come off the bench. He is due to make $5.25 million next...

Is Ted a fan of Bullets Forever April Fool's Joke?


Seems a little uptight if you ask me. I'm sure most people realize it was done in fun.


Is trading McGee away worth it?

I'm not necessarily advocating getting rid of McGee, but it has become painfully obvious that something isn't really clicking here. It's such a dangerous position to be in because on one hand you...


Who Stays and Who Goes by March 15th and beyond?

After watching the last two games of that West Coast swing, there are clearly a lot of decisions that need to be made about this team going forward. I mean could we really see this team remaining...

Gilbert Arenas' SI Interview


Some interesting things said in here.


Poor Leadership has lead to the 'Sense of Entitlement'

WOW! Where can you start? It just seems like this season has become a big mess. I mean I never thought I would see the day that even the Wizards are becoming a bigger story than the Redskins,...

John Wall posterizing Greg Stiemsma


John Wall posterizing Greg Stiemsma


Are the Wizards messing up the contract situation with Nick Young?

This morning I heard on the radio that Chris Miller say that the Wizards are waiting for Nick Young to accept his 1 year, $3.7 million qualifying offer, while his agent is reporting that Nick Young...

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