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#Kaaya2Boise Update.


It's not a commitment, but at least it's some optimistic news. Regardless of what the final outcome is, you have to admire the ambition of the Boise State coaches. There's no player "too good" for these Broncos. #ATF

Put the Wisconsin doggie to bed.


Sad, because a few days ago he was on Caves and Prater saying he wasn't planning on going anywhere, but good because we can finally purge all those Badger-Petersen rumors. Never thought it would come to fruition, but when I'm wrong, I'm usually really wrong. Glad to be right on this one. Thanks for playing the "Coach Pete is coming here" game Badger fans. Better luck next go around.


A strange, but real request for OBNUG/PS3 fans

Just picked up NCAA 13 and I am ready to slay BCS foes with pixel-Broncos, but I lack in one important area...uniforms. I don't do the PS3 Network thing, but have a strong desire to...

Kelly stays, Bronco Nation breathes a sigh of relief...


I thought I was gonna hurl when I saw the Kelly to the Bucs news, but this is a quick and calming end to said speculation. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Big gents up front get some love on the All-Bowl Team...


An obvious staple that's led to a lot of our success over the past few years has been the tough play of our O Linemen. They get a little love on CBS Sports, and there's no love greater than Lineman Love.

Coach Pete a Texas A&M Candidate, and a candidate for every other job ever.


Where's the "Coach Pete cap ranking" on this one? I really hope he tells this future SEC bottom feeder to pound sand. I'm getting sick of these big schools and the way they ruin continuity of good coaches in the non-AQ ranks. At this point I'm sure Coach Pete is a contender for every open position, his name will probably be thrown into the Presidential Candidacy circle at some point. He'll refuse.

ASU yanks their offer to June Jones


You have got to be kidding me. Classless much?

Boise State # 7 in the AP, # 8 in the Coaches.


TCU remains a few spots back of the top 16. I for one, will be rooting for Tulsa next week. BCS projections are all over the place. In other news Craig James ranks us 115 and petitions to have Boise State become a Division II school (this may or may not be an entirely accurate statement).

Soooooo I guess the Big East is looking elsewhere...


I would say this is a crushing blow, but come's the Big East.


OBNUG in the ATL, what's the plan?

I was able to snag some last minute tickets to the game, none to shabby seats I might add, but wanted to know if the OBNUG community had made plans to converge in Atlanta.  I know more than a few...

Heaven forbid someone use a TCU coach quote...


You wouldn't want to suffer the wrath of our good friend Ben Findley. Here's a condescending lil' piece about a popular Boise State pre-game hype video from last years MAACO Bowl. A couple things about this post aggravate me. One, the title. It couldn't be more condescending if it tried. Two, anyone familiar with Findley knows he likes to use lil' smug quips to harp on the program, which makes it hard for me to believe this is a friendly razzing.

Georgia Game SOLD OUT!!!


Sold out in less than 20 mins! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The one time I thought living in South Carolina was going to be a bonus and it doesn't even matter. I wanna vomit!

Oh the vengence of a scorn *employee*...


Re-posted and updated to vanquish all hints of sexism. Now we can focus on the fact that it seems like an over-reaction by a Boise State employee meant to damage the reputation of the entity that wronged her/him. Tah-dah. *"Employee" has been utilized to replace the sex of the whistle-blower as listing his/her sex along with a statement of perceived drama-queen/martyr qualities has offended certain readers. I would like to point out that males can play the part of a drama-queen just as much as females, but drama-king is not a common term.

Top 50 Conference Games of 2011


Hello number 3! I'm gonna make an educated guess that getting tickets to this game will be much like finding a unicorn riding leprechaun.

"This is what we sought out to do, even from what happened last year. We felt like we were on a...


"This is what we sought out to do, even from what happened last year. We felt like we were on a big stage, but we were playing Boise. And we didn't play very well. So this whole off-season, summer work-outs, fall camp, this whole season, our goal was to get back to a game like this."

Andy Dalton, ESPN2 Sportscenter So we're not good enough for 'em? Dalton=gingerdouche.

Boise State #10, BCS proves its awesomeness yet again!


For those of us that thought our boys should be ranked above LSU...our day of satisfaction is here. The BCS proved its reliability once again when it was discovered that an error in one of the computer computations existed. What's this mean? It means a one loss Boise State team finished in the top 10 in the nation. Progress people. Now if there were only a way to some how pair the top ten teams against each other in a bracket of sorts to compare talent, one might even call it a "playoff". Maybe they'll figure out how to invent one some day. Oh well, other sports would never use such a system. AND WHY THE HELL AREN'T WE PLAYING NEBRASKA IN THE HOLIDAY BOWL?!

And the Maxwell goes know what, throw in a Davey O'Brien too


I mean, is it really that big of a deal to be a finalist for the Maxwell, Davey O'Brien, and probably the Heisman? is. I love you Kellen.


How about Boise State's Public Crusader #1

We all know about the well established Public Enemies of Bronco Nation...Mark May, Craig James, BCS elitists; but what about those individuals that have stepped up to champion the excellence of the...


It's a lil' like a crack addiction, but...

A few weeks ago there was a video posted on OBNUG, I believe it was "Can't Be Beat" or something along those lines.  It was a clever compilation of highlights, mixed with a prayer and some "epic...

Oregon vaults into AP's No. 3 spot


Oregon vaults into AP's No. 3 spot

Boise State wins by 59, falls to No. 4 in both polls. Full story and rankings on ESPN.
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