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DBD 41514: Bagel

(Happy day two of Palindrome Week!) How do you like your bagel? Plain? Blueberry? Sesame? Everything? Toasted? Untoasted? What do you put on it? Cream cheese? Schmear? Peanut butter? Smoked...


DBD 4-1-14: First day of April

This means a shenanigan-free day.


DBD 3-18-14: Music

What are you listening to right now? Any new band you've discovered recently? At this exact moment, I'm listening to Sea Wolf.


DBD 2-13-14: Hats

Are you a hat person? Do you like or not like wearing hats? Are you completely indifferent and just use hats as needed by the weather? Do you have a favorite Cal hat? If it's red, how many times...



The university is closed today because of the heavy snow! But I'm here anyway because I have an important experiment to take care of. In my day, I had to walk over a half-a-mile in a half-foot...


DBD 1-1-14: What‽

How did no one make a DBD for today?! It's the first DBD of the year! How was your New Year celebration? What libations did you intake? Whom did you kiss when the clock struck 12? What were you...


DBD 12-31-13: Bowling

How are your bowling skills? Do you like to lob the ball down the lane or side-arm it with your throw? What's your highest score? What is your preferred method of smuggling booze into the...


DBD 12-3-13: Tis the season?

Does it feel like the holidays for you yet? Did you kick off holiday shopping on Black Friday? Does the weather trigger all the winter-y feelings? How about those seasonal coffee cups? Is your...


DBD 11-15-13: Happy happy joy joy

(Holy crap, I haven't written a DBD in months.) DBDers--what's your happiest memory? A moment when everything seemed to just be working out perfectly for you? I don't think I can pick out a...


DBD 8-29-13: Weather

The warmer weather is starting to die down and the sky is grey, making it hard to see the sun. That means fall (and football) is on its way. Personally, I can't wait for the gross, hot weather of...


DBD 7-29-13: Best decision ever

Inspired by a comment OldBear71 made semi-recently (that the best decision of his life was marrying MomBear71), what is the best decision you've made?


DBD 7-19-13: Hella dough

a.k.a. helado It's hot, so go have some ice cream!


DBD 6-7-13: Missing

On my walk to lab today (in the rain, WTF?), I noticed a pair of large, pink puzzle pieces in a puddle. A first-world problem, but how sad for that kid who will never be able to finish that...


DBD 5-31-13: Future

What are your plans for the future? Do you have a hot date with the significant other planned for tonight or are you already thinking about retirement? (My super-long-term example is actually...

GN: Salaries of our OC and DC have been revealed

The salaries of OC Tony Franklin and DC Andy Buh have been released. How many Top Dogs do you think they can afford with that kind of money?

Post–Spring Football Q&A for Oregon State

A chat with AndyPanda of Building the Dam to see what Mike Riley's Beavers have been up to this spring other than dreaming of In-N-Out.

Update on the NCAA's allegations against Oregon

The NCAA submits a letter to Oregon outlining their allegations of wrong-doing. Scandal! Looks like Cal is involved in this beyond just the services of Willie Lyles. Intrigue!


DBD 5-21-13: Second chances

I didn't like Parks and Rec at first because it felt too much like the Office (which I'm not even a huge fan of), but I liked an episode that aired on a plane, so I went back and found I enjoyed...

Q&A with Bolts From the Blue on Steve Williams

The 2013 NFL Draft saw Keenan Allen and Steve Williams selected by the San Diego Chargers. We check in with Bolts From the Blue to discuss cornerback Steve Williams.

Post–Spring Football Q&A with Conquest Chronicles

It's been about six months since we parted ways with Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast. Wait, he's already moved on to someplace else? USC?! Of all places... that hussy! Let's sit down with Conquest Chronicles to discuss USC's spring football.


DBD 5-10-13: Sleep

How many hours of sleep do you tend to get? How many would you like to get? What's your surefire way to fall asleep? Shut off all electronics? Fall asleep to the TV or music? Read a book? Warm...

Q&Allen w/ Bolts from the Blue on Keenan

The 2013 NFL Draft saw Keenan Allen and Steve Williams selected by the San Diego Chargers. We check in with Bolts From the Blue to learn their thoughts on their third-round steal, Keenan Allen.

Discussing Keenan Allen's drop in the NFL Draft

The CGB writers sit down to discuss what caused Keenan Allen to drop to the third round in this roundtable. Should Keenan have stayed another year or was this the right decision?

Spring Practice Q&A with UW Dawg Pound

With their spring practice all wrapped up, we checked in with UW Dawg Pound to see how those dogs up north are doing.

Cal Football: Remembering Marc Anthony

The CGB staff weighs in on #2 CB - Marc Anthony

Cal Football: Remembering Steve Williams

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Let's take some time to honor and thank Steve Williams for his contributions to Cal Football and wish him the best of luck in the 2013 Draft and beyond.

Cal basketball lands a new recruit!

Learn more about Cal's newest signee, Kameron Rooks!


DBD 2-19-13: Late

Today's DBD is late. Oops. Why is it so late? Where is everyone? Why are people working? Does anyone have interesting stories about being late? When being late to a meeting caused dooooom for you?...


2.15.13 DBD Hate!

Well, it's not Valentine's Day, so let's look at the flipside of the coin and talk about all the things we hate! Dead-end job? Useless boss? That spider on the other side of the room that keeps...


DBD 2-13-13: What's the date?

What's today's date? When it comes to archiving files electronically, yyyy-mm-dd is my favorite. But, the American system is ingrained in my head, so when I write the date, I always go month ->...

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