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Cal Football: Remembering Steve Williams


Parting is such sweet sorrow. Let's take some time to honor and thank Steve Williams for his contributions to Cal Football and wish him the best of luck in the 2013 Draft and beyond.

Cal basketball lands a new recruit!


Learn more about Cal's newest signee, Kameron Rooks!


DBD 2-19-13: Late

Today's DBD is late. Oops. Why is it so late? Where is everyone? Why are people working? Does anyone have interesting stories about being late? When being late to a meeting caused dooooom for you?...


2.15.13 DBD Hate!

Well, it's not Valentine's Day, so let's look at the flipside of the coin and talk about all the things we hate! Dead-end job? Useless boss? That spider on the other side of the room that keeps...


DBD 2-13-13: What's the date?

What's today's date? When it comes to archiving files electronically, yyyy-mm-dd is my favorite. But, the American system is ingrained in my head, so when I write the date, I always go month ->...


DBD 2-12-13: Icy Doom

I think I'm going to die. After a few feet of snow of the weekend some people still haven't cleared their sidewalks, leaving huge mountains of snow you can't really traverse on your way to work, so...


DBD 1-23-13: The Kodiaks need help!

The great Kodiak , Mrs. Kodiak, and Little K need your help! Solve the following problem and show your work for full credit. What's a button? What's a pattern? Why do they put a Stop Sign at the...


DBD 1-18-13: Fantastic Voyage

What are some of your most memorable vacation memories? Or perhaps the very best memories or stories? What's your dream vacation, be it the feasible one you and your family are saving up for or...


DBD 12-20-12: Cucumber

Text is words and words are text. Text often fills books, which is made of paper like the kind you make paper airplanes with. I'm not good at making paper airplanes, but I have had some good times...


DBD 12.18.12 Mistletoed

There's a video going around (and AndBears mentioned it yesterday) of the Mistletoe Prank on the BYU campus; it's one of the many Christmas traditions I haven't partaken in. Do people even...


DBD 12.17.12 Baby, It's Cold Outside

The holiday season is upon us! The nice and chilly weather is here (especially in Boston), so what's your favorite way to pass the time on a nice cold day? Drinking warm cider or hot chocolate?H...


DBD 11.5.12 The One That Got Away

Love is great and all, but it doesn't always work out. What's your story with the One That Got Away? Was it your high school sweetheart, someone you loved dearly in such a youthful, passionate way...


DBD 10.24.12 DBDisappointment

I'm disappointed in you guys. Friday's DBD, the Big DBD, garnered 963 comments. And this was with a full weekend to share inanity and boobs for all to enjoy. We bounced back Monday, though, and...


DBD 9/12/12: Miss

Do you miss your missus? Or do you miss the mister? Miss the SF mist or perhaps you miss a good mystery? Mayhaps you miss being missed. Do you miss playing Myst? I need to add more words, so here's...


DBD 9/10/12: Traveling

I think a number of you are getting ready for a kick-ass weekend in Ohio (the first time anyone's ever said that) to watch the Bears face Ohio State. The rest of us are jealous envious (thanks,...


DBD 6-20-12 Chicken Soup

We've all had those days. Nothing's going right at work. The significant other just keeps hounding you. The new guy makes the sub-par DBD about nothing when Spazzy already made one. You can't...

A message from Michael Calvin


"If your a cal fan then you have to always have our back. We don't need doubters. We need your support" Amidst all the negativity and the losses, this gets forgotten. We can always hope for more and be unhappy with some individual performances, but we can't forget this is our team and our school. Go Bears!


Pump that sunshine: Tedford's getting us back on track

Needless to say, several Bears out there think Cal needs to move on from Tedford if we want to take that next step. While we're still far from being a Pac-12 contender, I think Tedford's work and...

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