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I'm Colin, and State has been my adopted home for most of my life. We moved from Tucson, AZ to Wake Forest, NC when I was <1, so my parents are both U of Arizona fans. My best friend’s mom worked for NC State, and my other best friend’s dad graduated from State back in the glory days, so growing up I ended up at a lot of Wolfpack sporting events. I also distinctly remember being bullied in my elementary years by gaggles of idiot jock UNC/Duke basketball type guys, and while I don’t remember specifics I honestly think I can trace my hatred for the Blues to those days. The choice, therefore, was natural for me. My natural affinity for the romantic adventure tale – think Star Wars, I was a huge Star Wars kid – further inspired my love for the Red and White, that undermanned, outmatched, and yet still valiant and morally superior Rebel Alliance against the massive might of the Evil Empire. Currently a junior at State College, I am at once both young enough to have saved myself some of the pain of the disaster days and also too young to remember anything before them, making the resurgence under the Yow era something of a wonderful new world to me.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF N.C. State Wolfpack
  • NCAAB N.C. State Wolfpack
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
User Blog

Thumbs: The Citadel Edition


That, ladies and gentlemen, was fun. Watching the o-line MOVE somebody, regardless of who that somebody was, was satisfying. The Citadel is only an FCS team - but State beat them like we SHOULD...

2013 PF/C Kyle Washington commits to Pack


Washington is the number 21 PF and number 96 recruit overall, but his stock is, according to, "on the rise". He is a 6'9" 4-star, and adds much needed size inside to the 2013 class. Also on his list of interested schools were Washington, Iowa State, Ohio State, Louisville and Marquette.

Gottfried, Avent receive mo money


Under the new deal, Gottfather moves from 9th to 3rd in the ACC in annual guaranteed compensation for men's basketball.

Update: NC State official Chris Kingston announces that David Amerson spoke to Eric Leak this summer


Kingston went on to say that such contact, while forbidden by the terms of Leak's dissociation, is NOT an NCAA issue, and will instead be reported to the Secretary of State's Athlete Agent Registration Office.

Russell Wilson continues to dazzle people who didn't already know how awesome he was


A truly amazing read about Russell and how inspired and driven an individual he is. Also, head down to the comments after the article and read through - there is a whole following of Chuck Norris jokes now dedicated to RW.

THUMBS - I HAS THEM: Game 3, Salabamer versus Wulfpax


Hey there guys, it's the middle of Week 4 and I can already hear the thunderous clamoring of State fans ready to behead Tom O'Brien should the unthinkable occur this weekend against The Citadel. I...

TOB wary of The Citadel


After rolling over their first two opponents, both Top 10 FCS teams, The Citadel has O'Brien a little worried. NCStateShit is stirring...

Thumbses, UConn Edition


After several days' distance, I have come to the conclusion that the UConn game was not nearly as bad as it seemed. The broadcast crew, being a pathetic ESPN3 affair, failed to give anyone watching...

It could be worse


We could have Wisconsin's o-line.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Season Opener


In an attempt to outlet my football-crazed blathering on someone other than my poor, suffering family and friends, I have decided that this football season the good folk here at Backing the Pack...

Andrea Adelson is awesome


Many of you know our old friend Heather Dinich, ACC blogger over at, very well. Fortutitiously for ACC readers everywhere, DInich is now being joined by Andrea Adelson, who formerly wrote on the Big East and who has in recent weeks been a huge proponent of the Wolfpack, both in her writings (see above) and in her glowing reports to Ivan Maisel on his College Football Podcast about NC State's chances this season. Sure, none of it means much, but it's refreshing to read something on the ACC blogs that isn't "I think this will be the year Florida State really breaks through".

Wilson not the only NC State alum making waves in Seattle


J.R. Sweezy has made the jump from defense to offense faster than anyone had anticipated and has been playing with the first team offense at o-line, despite being a seventh round pickup.

CJ Wilson isn't on the depth chart because he's having eligibility issues


Which kind of throws into question my earlier hope that he wasn't on the depth chart simply because Dontae and Jarvis were just that good. Not that it matters much either way, I guess.

Depth Chart Formally Released - Creecy to start


The official depth chart for this week is out- and Tony Creecy has the starting tailback job, among other interesting notes. The final questions have been answered and everybody's been penciled in...

Tom Burleson and the 1972 Munich Olympics


The News and Observer ran a story today detailing the 1972 Olympic Basketball Team in honor of the unit's reunion at Georgetown College in Kentucky. Particularly central to their story is Tom...

YahooSports ranks NC State's secondary as the 4th best in the country


Texas, Georgia, and Ohio State placed ahead of State. Elite company, indeed.

We can haz more recruits?


Always good to have familiar faces in high places. May help to pipleline some more CJ Leslie's our way.

Moose Greene clear to practice, reports PackPride


Apparently the grades came through. This makes us pretty damn deep at RB.

Papa Johns is the newest corporate sponsor of the Pack


Including promotions type stuff (signs and selling in the stadium and what have you), this deal means that following Wolfpack wins in both football and basketball, the promo code WOLFPACK will grant a 50 percent discount for all orders on Hopefully this means I will be eating a lot of pizza this year.

How the heck did this slip through the cracks?


Really glad Tyler is okay.

NC State Hires Larry Farmer as Director of Player Development


PackPride is reporting that NC State has hired Larry Farmer as an assistant to Coach Gottfried for the men's basketball team. Farmer played for UCLA back in the early 70s, the days in which they...

2012-13 Home Basketball Opponents Announced


The NC State 2012-13 Home Opponents have been released, according to The Pack will face ACC opponents Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina,...

Dinich talks with Amerson over on ESPN


I know, I know, you all cringed when you heard her name. Still, ESPN mentions for our boy are always welcome.

Amersonian love from the Associated Press


Fluffy feel-good stuff. Better than nothing, though. Fifty-one days, seven hours, two minutes, three seconds. Fifty-one days, seven hours, two minutes, two seconds. Fifty-one days, seven hours, two minutes, one second.....

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