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I'm Colin, and State has been my adopted home for most of my life. We moved from Tucson, AZ to Wake Forest, NC when I was <1, so my parents are both U of Arizona fans. My best friend’s mom worked for NC State, and my other best friend’s dad graduated from State back in the glory days, so growing up I ended up at a lot of Wolfpack sporting events. I also distinctly remember being bullied in my elementary years by gaggles of idiot jock UNC/Duke basketball type guys, and while I don’t remember specifics I honestly think I can trace my hatred for the Blues to those days. The choice, therefore, was natural for me. My natural affinity for the romantic adventure tale – think Star Wars, I was a huge Star Wars kid – further inspired my love for the Red and White, that undermanned, outmatched, and yet still valiant and morally superior Rebel Alliance against the massive might of the Evil Empire. Currently a junior at State College, I am at once both young enough to have saved myself some of the pain of the disaster days and also too young to remember anything before them, making the resurgence under the Yow era something of a wonderful new world to me.

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  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
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ESPN looking for footage of the '83 season from fans


The ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on the 1983 team is apparently moving right along - the filmmakers are looking for more source material, however, according to a PackPride post. If any of you happens to have good stuff from back in the day, check out the link and get in contact with the ESPN guys.

Glennon, Amerson named to preseason award watchlists


While reading through this I was struck by the recent preponderance of NC State players getting to high levels of individual accomplishment awards - Amerson last year with the Thorpe and Rodon with the Golden Spikes to name only the most prominent. Another sign in my mind that the times, they are a changin'.

Pack lands 2013 safety Chris Holmes

3 is reporting that the Pack has landed a sixteenth 2013 commitment. Holmes is a 3 star but was being recruited by the likes of Clemson, South Carolina, and West Virginia, so he's good quality talent . The Pack's recruiting in the secondary has looked great so far - I'm very positive about the direction that's going.

ACC, Orange Bowl announce plan to keep BCS basically exactly as it was


It's official - the ACC and the Orange Bowl have agreed to a 12 year deal to have the ACC champ play in the Orange Bowl, barring years when the Orange Bowl hosts the four team playoff and years in which the ACC the top...four...teams.... Looks like they got a typo in there. So just in years when the Orange Bowl doesn't host the playoff, then.

Pack nets another commitment from a Florida boy


Hassan Childs, CB out of Kissimmee (FL) Osceola, will be running with the Pack in 2013. According to Yahoo!Sports Hassan was getting interest from programs as big as Ohio State and South Carolina, but thus far he has only netted offers from FIU, Indiana, and UCF. Here again, I am more interested in the fact that TOB is showing the ability to recruit Florida, even if it's just 3 star guys, and the fact that we now have 15 2013 commitments ALREADY, than the status of each individual guy. It seems like the quality of 3 star is improving, as well, if such a thing can be measured.

Pack Lands Commitment from 2013 Tailback Matt Dayes


Dayes committed after a visit this week, according to PackPride. According to Yahoo! Sports, Dayes is a three star who was receiving attention from some legitimate programs, including West...

NC State Jumps to 37th in Directors' Cup


NC State has jumped to 37th in the Directors' Cup standings, a jump of 52 spots in two years. According to PackPride, that's the biggest jump by an ACC school in the history of the cup. Ever. ...

UCONN and MSU to play opener at Ramstein AFB


This is kind of cool. The aircraft carrier thing can't be beat, of course, but this gives a ton of guys and girls who really deserve it a cool chance to watch a good opener.

Austin, Ogburn and Williams all make ACC All-Academic Team


The Flagship Institution of Higher Education in the state of North Carolina getting it done the right way.

ESPN Magazine poll names the 1983 Championship as North Carolina's top sports moment ever


Apparently 38 percent of respondents named the '83 title as the best moment in NC sports history compared to only 19 percent voting for Michael Jordan and the Heels in 1982. The Cardiac Pack's 1983 run was so spectacular, in fact, that we also won over New Mexico (who hosted the Final Four that year) because they have no sports greatness of their own to enjoy.

Shelby, NC ILB Quinton Patterson commits to Coach Tenuta


There isn't much about Patterson around the interwebs, aside from his recruitment by the Wolfpack. Apparently Clemson, VT, South Carolina, and UNC were all showing interest, but Rivals doesn't report him receiving offers from any of those schools yet. Regardless of his stars or rating, however, I have come to trust Tenuta's choice of linebackers implicitly - if he likes Patterson, I like Patterson.

State has the best sports facilities in the ACC, says ESPN


I think they are correct. That's why I clicked on the link in the first place. It pains me, however, that this hasn't seemed to benefit us much in recruiting.

Rodon officially the best freshman in the history of ever


It's hard to keep up with Carlos at the rate he wins awards, but one line of this stuck out to me - "Rodon...became the first freshman in ACC history to be named conference Pitcher of the Year." And that's EVER. Ergo, Carlos Rodon is the best freshman ever. At least, in the ACC, which is all that counts because the ACC is the real home of college baseball, unlike the SEC, which is big, fat, and ugly and generally just sucks at anything they do, ever.

The Carolina Way is officially a joke, says the N and O


What we've known for a long time has finally started to make its way out into the press. A good read, if you want to sum up all your feelings of suspicion and disgust for UNX.

Chris Diaz is the bigger man


Chris apologizes for bad officiating. I only posted this because I thought it was funny that I didn't notice it at the time - I was too busy throwing an even bigger temper tantrum in my living room. Things were thrown. I only found out about it today watching the local news, and watching Diaz made me feel a helluva lot better about how I must have looked to the two golden retrievers who were in the room with me. Ah well. Go Pack.

I feel so Greek now


Apparently we were good at discus this year. Go figure.

Wolfpack Breakfast Links NC State Baseball Edition


Greetings all. I hope some of you have more energy than I do this morning - after the past three days of being drenched, sunburned, and swinging from elation to depression to elation to...

Return of the Wolfpack Breakfast Links 6/1


The latest Wolfpack news from around the web.

Meanwhile in the ACC Coastal...


When did Georgia Tech suddenly decide to show up? FSU is going home, UNC can't possibly get to the title, and Georgia Tech, a team that struggled to get into the ACC Tournament, might end up in the title game. I honestly can't decide at this point if I would rather have faced FSU in the title game or this madman Georgia Tech team.

FSU loses to Georgia Tech in the opener


Well that's an interesting way to lead things off. A very good Virginia team is undoubtedly licking its lips. This is your official game thread for Pack baseball today, which kicks off at 3pm.

Wolfpack Breakfast Links 5/23


Happy opening day of the ACC Tournament, Pack. Come 3:30 the battle for (hopefully) super regional status begins. On to your morning's entertainment. Some interesting conjecture from PackPride...

Rodon ACC Pitcher of the Year, ACC Rookie of the Year


Carlos Rodon and the other Pack notables were named all-ACC today. Let's keep that all-ACC-ness rolling into the ACC Tourney! Also, use this post as a forum to discuss the ACC tournament and our chances, as well as what our performance means for hosting a regional - I'm interested to hear what people think on the subject.

Wolfpack Breakfast Links 5/21


The latest NC State-related news on the tubes.

Montrezl Harrell Analysis


PackInsider has a really good article up discussing the Montrezl Harrell situtaion. They compare the circumstances to those of a BIG10 case in which the recruit was allowed to play right away because he never attended the first school and was released from the Letter of Intent. Interesting background reading going forward, particularly if Harrell were to pick NC State.

Wolfpack Brand Breakfast Links 5/18


Happy Friday, Wolfpack. On to the links. Baseball took game one from Florida State last night in exciting fashion despite what turned out to be Carlos Rodon's worst night of the year stat-wise....

Wolfpack Brand Morning Interwebz Links 5/16


Hello again, sportsfans, and welcome to edition number 2 of your daily links of interest. The jolly outpouring of comments on the first morning story resulted in the creation of this abomination...

New Morning Links Post


The latest news and notes from around the world of NC State and ACC sports.

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