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Age 4: Best part of going to a Blazers game was YoCream
Age 16: Best part of going to a Blazers game was competitive basketball
Age 21: Best part of going to a Blazers game is YoCream

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Offseason Moves in Light of Stotts' Extension

Disclosure: I have always erred on the side of being too optimistic as a Blazers fan. I thought Nolan Smith was a great use of a 1st round pick. I took LaMarcus Aldridge #2 overall in a fantasy...


Let's Be Cooler than Donald Sterling

There are two reasons that there aren't many Donald Sterling apologists making their voices heard among the mayhem today: there aren't many Donald Sterling apologists, and even if you were one, the...


Blazer Bars in Eugene?

Hey Blazersedge, I am a longtime reader and seldom poster who just moved down to Eugene from Portland for a job. My fiance and I are hoping to find a good sports bar with a Blazers following down...


Always Compete (Blazers C Edition)

When I'm not reading BlazersEdge, I'm probably reading FieldGulls, the SBNation site for the Seattle Seahawks. What has really put the Pete Carroll era Seahawks ahead in the past couple off-seasons...


Does today's NBA require more intelligence than in the past?

There's been a lot of talk between, in particular, Damian Lillard and Andre Drummond regarding their intelligence. No one is going to deny that Lillard is the sharper tool in the box. How important...


Use the picks! Sign Youngish Talent!

I loved watching the Pacers in the playoffs this year. Lots of guys contributing at about the same age. For a market that would be hard pressed to sign a mega-star, they have really put something...


Charts, Gaps, and the future!

Admittedly, this isn't all that different in content from that post thorfio recently posted but I like to visually organize my thoughts so I thought I would throw up some tables. So these are the...


What do we call this era? the next?

Before degenerated knees, Nate McMillan, and the first round frustration we were the Jail Blazers, a despicable pack of media-and-fan loathing jerks. After Bonzi, Rasheed, Darius Miles, Sebastian...


Letting off some steam... Did you guys see that 4th quarter?...


Never Trade LMA, ever.

We happen to have a budding superstar who actually seems to like playing in this city. Never trade Aldridge. Every other player on this team (ok, maybe not batum) could be shipped off for even an...


Anyone else like Ramon?

Cleveland would not be opposed to an expiring deal like Felton's. Ramon Sessions has been consistently excellent for the Cavs but clearly isn't part of their long term plans with Kyrie around....

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