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My original incarnation was as The Third Giles. I'd perused GLB without signing up for some time and had just gotten out of the shower and was watching the Padres game wearing nothing more than a hat. My wife came downstairs to get a midnight snack (East Coast time, mind you), took one look at me and asked "Who do you think you are, the third Giles or something?" With that, a legend was born. As we all know, Marcus went the way of the buffalo and then we picked up Aid's bruddah Edgar so I became a brand new TTG...

...but you can just call me Joe

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Diego Padres
  • NFL San Diego Chargers
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NHL Minnesota Wild
  • MMA Adam Schindler (look him up!)
  • Soccer The Bouncing Souls- Noone can beat us; We drink beer and wear Adidas
  • Cycling Austin Lemley
  • NASCAR Dick Trickle
  • FIFA Mexico
  • Figure Skating Chazz Michael Michaels & Jimmy McElroy
  • Golf John Daly
User Blog

Making a team of guys who were both Padres & Mets


This is the eleventh post in a series of 30 in which I bust out the ol' Baseball-Reference multi-franchise tool, peruse the list of guys who played for both the Padres and whatever team they're...

Birthday Card: Ryan Klesko


(get all clicky on it if you want to see it huge-ified) Today is Ryan Klesko's forty-third birthday, so I dug around for the coolest card I could find of him. In my meaningless opinion, the...

Gwynnpointing the play

Gwynn did that happen?



The only way you could hate the Padres is if you're a Cubs fan who is still bitter about 1984. Or if you hate Tony Gwynn. How could you hate Tony Gwynn? He's a fat little hitting machine with a voice like Mickey Mouse. What are you, some kind of monster?

Drew Magary, Deadspin

Hey, that guy never played for the Padres!

I have a real fascination with what my e-migo Nick, author of the incredible card blog Dime Boxes, calls "zero-year cards". The premise is simple: A zero-year card is one on which a player is...

Former OF Jason Lane makes MLB pitching debut


The last time he was in the majors was Game 163 of the 2007 season.

Quiz: Padres general managers


Yo, here's a quiz. There's no significance to it and it's self-explanatory, so I'll let you get right to it. Oh, and don't forget the poll and the use of spoiler bars in comments. But you already...

Quiz: Padres top draft picks

Since it's the week of the draft and everyone seems to be all excited about that, I thought I'd put together a quiz that fit the theme. What follows is the Padres' top pick each year since they...

Padres Draft History: The barren wasteland of 1996


You have to scroll down to the ninth round before you see a player who eventually reached the majors. And after that... well, keep lookin'.

25 yrs ago today, I officially became a Padres fan


When my favorite player got traded, my allegiances did not go with him.


Game Thread: 05/31 Padres @ White Sox

Tyson Ross takes the hill for the Padres as they look to clinch the three-game series win. Go Padres! KTF!

A team of guys who were both Padres & White Sox


This post is the tenth in a series of either 29 or 30, depending on whether I count the Expos and Nationals as one team or two. Since the Padres are currently visiting the south side of Chicago,...

Padres history: Opponents to hit for the cycle


As you may have heard at some point over the past 45 years or so, the Padres have yet to have a player hit for the cycle. Much in the same way they've been no-hit eight times while they wait for...

Cody Decker takes the mound in Chihuahuas loss

Jeff Francoeur and Cody Decker made Wednesday's loss a bit more entertaining.

Padres DFA Blaine Boyer and Billy Buckner

Bbbbbbbbbboth of them pitched in one game for the Padres.

Quiz: Padres Pitching Coaches


The Padres have employed 15 pitching coaches. How many can you name in 4 minutes?

Hard-hitting pitcher Mike Corkins turns 68


Pitcher Mike Corkins, a career-long Friar, turns 68 today. The Riverside native and Mount Robidoux High graduate is pictured here on his 1974 Topps card. While that's a good photo on the front, the...

When exactly did that happen?

I was organizing some cards and when I came across Kevin Higgins' 1994 Topps card I wondered, as I do sometimes, if I could pinpoint when the play depicted took place. I looked up his fielding game...

Quiz: Padres Hitting Coaches


The Padres have employed 17 hitting coaches. How many can you name in 4 minutes?

Andrew Cashner calls Wrigley Field a dump


In what is likely to get blown out of proportion by Cubs and Padres fans alike, Andrew Cashner referred to Wrigley Field as "a dump". As reported by Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, Cashner...

A teamof guys who played for both SD and Minnesota


Yeah, we're comin' back in with another bombtrack... Okay, maybe this is no "Know Your Enemy", but it is the latest installation of my ongoing series of combined teams, which at this pace should...

The 8 Padres with birthday home runs


Eight players have homered on their birthday as a member of the Padres. This struck me as a bit too trivial to base a quiz around, so a table and bullet points seemed like the way to go. J...

Chihuahuas overcome 7-0 deficit, beat Las Vegas

Like their parent Padres, the AAA El Paso Chihuahuas came back from an early deficit and fought 'til the last out. Unlike their big league counterparts visiting Denver, the Chihuahuas walked away...


My 28 favorite cards of Joey Cora with the White Sox

Hey, everybody! As a brief introduction, my name is Joe and I'm a Padres fan, but that's neither here nor there as far as why I'm here today. I'm here to celebrate my favorite player, a man South...


My 28 favorite cards of Joey Cora with the M's

Hello, Mariners fans! My name is Joe and I'm a Padres fan, but I come in peace. I don't buy into that Selig-mandated "natural rivals" silliness, and in fact have a soft spot for the M's dating back...

Padres hang on for third straight win

Another day, another win for the Padres. Ho-hum. This one wasn't as blowy-outy as the last two, but it counts just the same. It definitely looked like the Padres were going to completely blow the...

A story about my mom... and, of course, Joey Cora


Baseball heals all wounds.

The 11 Padres to finish a single shy of the cycle


Tommy Medica became the eleventh Padre ever - and the second in 17 days - to end up a single short of a cycle.

Quiz: Padres with at least 100 runs in a season


11 Padres have scored 100 runs in a season at least once. How many can you name in 2 minutes?

Tony Gwynn Birthday Card: A detective story


What card is Tony Gwynn signing on the front of this other card?

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