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I've dug the Padres since '88 when I went to kindergarten and Andrew Kruk (John's nephew) was my classmate. I've been a depressed devotee ever since. My second love is music- a bit of everything; from Social D and Springsteen,
Johnny Cash and the Clash, Bouncing Souls and Blitzkid, Descendents and Dio, Tech N9ne and Tiger Army, to Hank Sr. and the Hank the Third and nobody in between the two...

My original incarnation was as The Third Giles. I'd perused GLB without signing up for some time and had just gotten out of the shower and was watching the Padres game wearing nothing more than a hat. My wife came downstairs to get a midnight snack (East Coast time, mind you), took one look at me and asked "Who do you think you are, the third Giles or something?" With that, a legend was born. As we all know, Marcus went the way of the buffalo and then we picked up Aid's bruddah Edgar so I became a brand new TTG...

...but you can just call me Joe.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Diego Padres
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NFL San Diego Chargers
  • NHL Minnesota Wild
  • Golf John Daly
  • Boxing Mike Ness
  • Cycling Austin Lemley
  • Tennis Me on Wii
  • NASCAR Dick Trickle
  • MMA Adam Schindler (look him up!)
  • Soccer The Bouncing Souls- Noone can beat us; We drink beer and wear Adidas
  • General Whoever's playing the Yanquis, D-Bags, or the filthy fucking Dodgers. Oh yeah, and whoever's playing Michigan in any sport. Fuck them.
User Blog

Open Game Thread: Padres @ Pittsburgh 09/21

I'm not too surprised that neither Dex or Mr. box (or, for that matter, Kev) put up a game thread. I figured that at least 'tec would have put up one of his "blah blah blah" pieces or perhaps jodes...


Game Thread: Friars vs. Filthy Effin' Dodgers 09/05

Oh, look... the one time I decide to show up for a game thread, there isn't one. I've been missing in action for the past couple of weeks since I've been compromising all that is holy to me and...

Additional Evidence Of What A Sack Of Crap Jayson Werth Is.


Somehow, I missed this when it went up on Pearlman's blog. It's a pretty scathing indictment and commenter 34 Ray Wills has an even more disgusting claim about Jeffrey Jay Gowan's biggest mistake.


Emergency Game Thread 06/08

Mr. box and Dexter are slackin'. Me, I've been awake since the seventh inning of yesterday's game and am hoping my "new" hat is lucky for us... Wooo! Go Padres! Do mean things to snakes!   Peavy is...

Jeffrey Jay's kid and Adrian in SI's Pop Culture Grid


Aid is not just a dull man; he's a dull man who likes shitty music.


We're Streaking!

Man, I am still so amped up about our latest W and it's been over an hour since it went in the books. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't too optimistic about our chances against the Reds...

Corey Brock mentions Aid and Jeffrey Jay Gowan's kid in the same breath.


The gist of the story is that they're both underrated. I'm pretty sure he was just baiting us and I fell for it.


FINALLY... the Gaslamp Ball tattoo

It's been about a year since I told you guys about the San Diego tattoos I got that day and the GLB piece I'd be getting the next day. I got all three from a close friend who had been shadowing/...


Who Should Be The Padres Team Captain?

This has been addressed before (and that was recycled, too) but it's perpetually pertinant since nobody has really stepped up to claim the role since T decided to give his knees a rest. It's...

Trevor placed on DL (oblique strain)


He'll miss at least the first four games of the season.

Friars on Cardboard


Yeah, this is shameless self-promotion. I created FoC about a month or so ago but figured I'd wait to hype it on here until I was sure I'd stick with it. It started out kinda slow but I've been posting once a day lately. In case it doesn't go without saying, it's a baseball card blog consisting solely of Padres cards (new and old).

Heat Bell on ESPN's FirstTake talking about and demonstrating his weight loss methods on the...


Heat Bell on ESPN's FirstTake talking about and demonstrating his weight loss methods on the Wii Fit

My little brother's first tattoo. It's a little over a year old but I figured you guys would like...


My little brother's first tattoo. It's a little over a year old but I figured you guys would like it... By the way- awesome site, guys! I'm glad there's finally a West By God SB*N blog.

Celebrity (?) Padres Fan Alert!


Bisexual twin sisters Rikki and Vikki, known as the "Ikki Twins," will star on spin-off A Shot at Love, MTV announced in a statement on Friday... Their favorite date activities? "I like to watch the Padres at Hooters and have the date take care of the bill," Rikki has said.

I almost forgot about Ben Davis.


He's pulled a page from Matt Bush's playbook- why is this a theme among our former #1s? I can only imagine that Khalil is working on his changeup as we speak...

Thanks for the memories, Matty.


Thanks for the memories, Matty.




Yet another idiot Dodgers fan...


Dude stole a uni and was wandering around the field...


Taste it, you baby bear lovers!

As a few of you know for sure and everyone else guessed, I've been a busy guy lately. I have enough time between my two corporate whore jobs, my constant down-time tattooing, and the everyday...

Know Your Enemy: Colorado Rockies Edition


...it just makes perfect sense for this to be a fanshot as opposed to a diary fanpost. You won't even notice the extra click in the grand scheme of things...

Now the Reds are biting our style, too.


Seems like the White Sox aren't the only ones who ripped a page out of our uni book...


Why does the national media still piss me off?

All day yesterday, the only thing I heard on both ESPN and Fox Sports was the same tired shid about Trevor needing to retire or be demoted. Today he tosses a perfect fuggin' inning and not a word...


Jake's shoulder

[Note by Dex, 04/01/08 9:17 AM EDT ] Just confirmed on ESPN this morning. They were slightly more optimistic, but it looks like we won't see him again till the All-Star Break at best. Mark Prior...


GLB Fantasy Baseball League, Continued...

The last diary is still getting commented and is about to fall off the front page; besides, all of the information was getting annoying to sort through so I thought I'd start a fresh diary with...


GLB Fantasy Baseball League?

I suck at fantasy baseball. However, I keep stepping back into the ring (like some sort of Barroom Hero) and I figured if I'm gonna get my ass kicked, why not lets it be at the hands (well, feet, I...

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