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I've dug the Padres since '88 when I went to kindergarten and Andrew Kruk (John's nephew) was my classmate. I've been a depressed devotee ever since. My second love is music- a bit of everything; from Social D and Springsteen,
Johnny Cash and the Clash, Bouncing Souls and Blitzkid, Descendents and Dio, Tech N9ne and Tiger Army, to Hank Sr. and the Hank the Third and nobody in between the two...

My original incarnation was as The Third Giles. I'd perused GLB without signing up for some time and had just gotten out of the shower and was watching the Padres game wearing nothing more than a hat. My wife came downstairs to get a midnight snack (East Coast time, mind you), took one look at me and asked "Who do you think you are, the third Giles or something?" With that, a legend was born. As we all know, Marcus went the way of the buffalo and then we picked up Aid's bruddah Edgar so I became a brand new TTG...

...but you can just call me Joe.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Diego Padres
  • NCAAF West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NCAAB West Virginia Mountaineers
  • NFL San Diego Chargers
  • NHL Minnesota Wild
  • Golf John Daly
  • Boxing Mike Ness
  • Cycling Austin Lemley
  • Tennis Me on Wii
  • NASCAR Dick Trickle
  • MMA Adam Schindler (look him up!)
  • Soccer The Bouncing Souls- Noone can beat us; We drink beer and wear Adidas
  • General Whoever's playing the Yanquis, D-Bags, or the filthy fucking Dodgers. Oh yeah, and whoever's playing Michigan in any sport. Fuck them.
User Blog

What happened to...

the Gaslamp Ball book/ movie/ blog club idea? I still think that any of the above is a great idea and that right now is the perfect time of year to do something of that nature. Everybody had such...


Yet another new Padres Blog...

Well, sort of. The idea is to have it be about 50% Padres content and 50% whatever else is on our minds at the time- hence the name Pads and Ends. The jbox to my Dex is none other than our good...


We're gonna effin' rule next year...

I mean, we get Wolf then Iguchi, now Edmonds and not having to watch a strikeout everytime our centerfielder strolls to the plate... Jesus Christ, we may be the best team in the National League....


The Mitchell List

Am I the only one around here that's really interested in how this is gonna go down tomorrow? Well, I know sdsuaztec4 is, since he posted a diary about this a few days ago but it didn't get much...


Tales O' The Pads

When I was fifteen, I had the opportunity to hang out with John Kruk. We drove go-karts, hit in the cage and smoked Camels behind the place. The whole occasion was a non-stop Q-and-A session...


I believe in the Padres.

   I know my attitude toward our Padres' current standing isn't one particularly shared by the majority. That's fine. I'm not typing this to criticize anyone else's point of view or tell them how...


Smells Like Padres in Here- Monday Edition

Hey there, pals! It's The Third Giles here, filing my final SLPiH before Winfield's Ghost returns from whatever he was doing.For those living under a rock,Briles is red friggin' hot. Miles? Uh, no,...


Smells Like Padre in Here- Sunday Edition

The Third Giles here again, still filling in for Winfields Ghost who is still up to God knows what...Briles hit two bombs,Hermano didn't suck but we got pounded. Now we're four games back.I don't...


Smells Like Padres in Here- Saturday Edition

Hey there! It's your humble servant The Third Giles here filling in for the mighty Winfields Ghost who has better things to do....Padres win!Pete Laforest was hitting around .200 in AAA. He'll fit...


All-Time All-Padres Team

I've been meaning to do one of these for awhile. I could never decide whether to consider their career stats or only their stats as a Padre so I scrapped all of that and went with just my...


My candidate for tonight's game thread opener

Jake Peavy wins tonight. My basic reasoning on this steadfast prediction is simply that he's Jake Peavy. Even if he's hiding an injury and not the great Jake Peavy, I'd still rather have a...


Experiencing Petco Question and Some Other Stuff

Okay, as those of you who recall my blurb in Christina's wonderful "Introduce Yourself" diary know, I've been a Padres fan for nineteen years and have yet to experience a home game. Well, tomorrow...

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