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Junk Drawer of Ignorance 7-18-2013

The last junk lasted 12 days. Way, way too long. So here's some stuff I wrote recently. Play nice. The moment I knew philosophy was my cup of tea was during my introduction class, freshman...


BBQ Junk 8/18/2010

Happy BBQ Day, Bedgers   Start time is 6pm, those who have asked have the address.  I won't be home until around 4:30, so if you have questions, please send an email to and...


7-27-10 JD - Idol's Revenge

You've just gone through a terrible tragedy.  Your first few days and weeks are burdened with sorrow, as everything you thought was true about your life is no longer so.  All those years together,...

Quick: Wark ruled out for bad-mouthing KP


Quick: Wark ruled out for bad-mouthing KP

Jason Quick back on the radio on 95.5, says he just talked to Larry Miller, who contradicted Quick's report regarding the GM searc. Miller says the team is looking for an experienced GM, not a newbie. Per Quick, a name to think about is Randy Pfund, former Miami GM, confirmed to be in the mix. Additionally, appears the Blazers will release Gomes on Tuesday. Reason Warkentien was ruled out is because the org got word that he had been bad-mouthing Pritchard, which instantly took him out of the mix.

Saturday Junk Drawer - Eternal Roster Edition

Let's play a silly game.   You've been granted the ability to pick your NBA roster from anyone in the world, salaries being irrelevant.   HOWEVER, you can only pick 5 starters and 1 sub.  AND, this...


Junk That S.O. Can't Delete

Courtesy of  Go there to read the rest.   Tree Removal Barter Posted at: 2010-01-22 02:20:47 | 162 comments | Add Comment Original ad: i need a grille not the cole kind...


Thursday Evening Slow News Day JD

SBN has created a new feature.  Next to each comment is a small box with an editable field.  Each user can write and save notes that he/she wants to remember about the commenter.  For example:   A...


Saturday Secret Junk - 81 Game Seasons Rock!

Happy Saturday!  I can't believe the NBA cancelled all of last night's games out of the blue like that, shortening the game to an 81 game season.  I got to the Rose Garden and was told the only...


Sunday/Monday JD: Mix and Match Edition

My wife is a speech language pathologist, and one of the ways she gets kids to practice their sounds is with a series of games and toys.  Since some of them are junior high and high school age, she...


Saturday Junk Drawer: Pumpkin Edition

So we're taking the little one to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie's Island today.  Gonna rock the corn maze, make her bring home a pumpkin she can carry, etc...     What are your favorite pumpkin or...


2009 NBA Hall of Fame Ceremony Open Thread

To quote author Jeff Pearlman "... the night was going very well. Speeches were moderately short, the MC — an excellent Ernie Johnson — kept things rolling, Jordan and his gang made their waves....


JD Friday Night: Best and Worst day of your life

The best day of my life was in the summer of 1992.  I was 12, and it was little league season, and I pitched a 1 hit shutout of the vaunted Yankees team.  In 7 innings, I struck out 12, and hit a...


Junk Drawer Retrospective 2009, Part 1

Smart people can spend days and weeks documenting the movings and the shakings of the important Blazer News.  Nerds can crunch stats and discuss PER and talk about per 48, adjuster for pace hockey...


6/4/09 JD : Anniversary Edition

Got my fifth anniversary coming up next month.  Past anniversaries have included me going to Sportfight at the Rose Garden, and doing the anniversary thing the night before.  I'm also fairly...


Junk Drawer 3/11/09: College Basketball Sucks edition

Link for reference   I am an NBA fan.  I am not a college basketball fan.  Why?  Because it sucks. I do not want to have to learn and develop opinions about 895 different teams.  I don't want...


Nathan Vredevelt Info & Update Post

Here's the link to the Blazers web site regarding donations for Nathan's accident.  The basic facts are Nathan has Down's Syndrome, got separated from his supervisors, and tried to cross I-5,...


Junk Drawer 2/28/09: YouTube Edition

Word up Bedge Nation.  My past Junk efforts of The Office and The Big Lebowski were fun, but were exclusive to those in the know.  Today's edition is all inclusive, even Timbo is invited. What is...


2.3.09 Junk Drawer, "The Office" Edition **UPDATED WITH POLL

Beat the Hornets, can't sleep, watching the Superbowl episode of the Office again.  Today's theme is "what's your favorite moment from 'The Office'" or, what's a cool story from your own office?...


1/25/09 Junk Drawer: Lebowski Edition

It's noon, and no junk is to be found, so I will dedicate today's junk to the least junkiest movie of all time, the Coen Brothers' The Big Lebowski.  While this movie looks like it was filmed in...


My 1 year old knows her Blazers!   My 1 year old is awesome.  And by awesome, I mean she can rattle off her Blazers, AND hate on Kobe at the same time!  Last night we were running the...


Fan Blows Whistle, Jazz score easy bucket,133110   In light of our recent 6-men-on-the-floor incident, I thought this was funny. ...

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