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Other Quotes on Joe Mauer's mini-Slugfest

As reported after the Twins swept the Chisox behind Joe Mauer's two hit, two RBI outing, Brian Dozier gave fair warning to the AL. ''When Joe Mauer heats up, you watch out around the league,''...

Scenes from the Dead Zone . . .

"Eh, it’s like Gaetti all over again. All "feelings," and "boo-hoo." Are you getting religion or something?"


Poll: Gardy's worst nightmare this season?

The question may become more noteworty after the SuperBowl, but looking at the Twins' roster, I'm already wondering about the psychic toll this season will have on our beloved manager. And so I ask...

Swapping 'The Closer' for 'The Starter'

Community member Theo77 asks an astute question: what if we swapped The Closer and had him start the game, instead?


When will Aaron Hicks hit his weight?

After a truly miserable start, Aaron Hicks is showing signs of life. I read from an unreliable source on Yahoo sports last week that he was tied for the most RBI by a rookie in the AL. Huh. Go...


So, what are the chances?

I awoke today to find that the AL Central is as tied as tied can be with all 5 teams at 2-2. And I though "Huh, what are the chances of THAT." I'm the kind of fan who liked Lyman Bostock for the...


Gardy's Job Security

I've been waiting to see this poll for the last week or so. Haven't seen it so I thought I should post it to give Twinkie fans something to do beside gnash our teeth en mass, creating a sound not...


The Geezer or The Disappointment?

Spring training is filled with so many stories, so many hopes, and so many players who must feel top-of-the-world walking around with the stars and the top coaches. We, the fans, get to sate our...


Long Distance Fans Suffer, Too

As a Twins fan living in Vietnam, I awake each morning yearning for good news from a day game, or the prospect of spending my morning trying to sneak peeks at the game as I work through the...

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