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11/04 "I respect you, but don't know why" OFFTOP

The other one was getting big, so I decided to make a new November OFFTOP. We can carry on somewhat from the old one. Subjects: 1) People you respect the hell out of, even though they probably...


Golden Tate busted with heisted doughnuts

Link:    No charges were filed, and he was released with a warning. I love Coach's response though! Now on to the questions this raises. 1...


Mock Draft help needed

Hello from Seahawk Land. Let me begin by apologizing for taking TJ from you, but we really needed his help out here in Seattle. That being said, I'm participating in a mock draft, and I drew the...


Mock draft help

Hello Lion's fans. I'm here from the land of coffee and Seahawks, looking for some help in a mock draft we're doing here in Seattle. I drew Detroit out of the hat as the team to pick for, so can...


OT 01/28/09 Damn it feels good to be a gangster edition

It seems like nobody else wants to post an off-topic for today, and there is actually wonderful Mariners news, so there probably won't be much action, but here it is anyway. Suggestions for things...


Mariner stats / career leaders

Opened my new M's calendar today, and they list the career leaders in several categories. I thought some were interesting, so I figured I'd share: Batting average: Ichiro .333 Hits: Edgar 2,078 H...


OTFPOTD: Weekend bowling edition

I honestly don't have any great ideas for this post, but the one from Friday was getting crazy long and hard to load. So let's see what I can think of: Looks like our winter storm never really...


OTFPOTD: Back to work edition

Since it looks like nobody else is here (or willing to post an OTFPOTD today), I'll go ahead and take care of it. Subjects for discussion: 1) Doing more or less x-mas shopping this year? 2) How...


11/20/08 OTPOTD: Coughing edition

Okay, so I'm up at 12:40am because I had another coughing attack, so here's my post: Bowling kicks ass. Jack In The Box should never be out of any kind of food. I'm trying hot citrus tea as a last...


OTFPOTD-Fantastic Contraption addition (also, Halloween)

Okay, so Fantastic Contraption now rules my life. Feel free to post your triumphs, tribulations, and disasters here (I still can't make a suitable catapult, but my tanks kick ass). Also, y'all are...



Thingray's turn, damnit!! Yes I'm early, but I've never been able to do one of these before, and Jeanuts (my fiancee) and I were looking at the LL history to try to find Smegmalicious's name,...


The Hawk's Nest... Bar & Grill!!

Did anybody else notice the new bar on 2nd, right by the stadium called the Hawk's Nest? It's decor is 100% Seahawks, and I heard the food was pretty good. I only went in for one beer after a...


Celtics/Lakers Game 4 (we can also talk about beer)

Where do I even start? I know that there are only a few basketball fans here, and even I rank basketball pretty far down my list of favorite sports (especially since the whole Sonics/OKC thing...


Gotta Love Jay Bruce

Besides being off to a hot start, the kid seems like a really cool guy. From an article: No surprise, Bruce is getting the last laugh. Heading into this season, in many circles he was c...


Celtics vs Lakers (game thread?)

Don't know if anyone else is interested, but if any one wants to chat about the NBA finals game one, here's a spot for you. I'm rooting for the Celtics, but I'm really not sure I like their odds...


Olympia, Yauger Park update

So I played in the softball tournament down in Olympia this weekend. First the good news: The Mukilteo Fire Department team won, which is good, since that was the team I was playing for. I scored...


Olympia, Yauger Park

Hey guys, I'm playing in a charity softball tournament this weekend in Olympia at Yauger Park. It starts early Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. I'm staying overnight Saturday at the Red...


Scout hates Bedard trade

This just reminded me how dissapointed I am in the M's right now, c/o Jason Stark on (Mariners get Erik Bedard from the Orioles for CF Adam Jones, LHP George Sherrill, RHP Chris Tillman,...


Terrace Club

Can anyone give me any helpful tips on the good/bad points of the Terrace Club? I have tickets up there tonight. I'm just wondering about concessions, bathrooms, best way to get up there (we're on...


Let it snow

It's coming down like crazy in Shorline. What is this, Cleveland?? Character limit fact: Oh geez, I got nuthin'. 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 757 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 75...


Mets get rickrolled, hilarity ensues.

Link:  I hear there's some kind of length requirements for these new fangled "fanpost" thingies, so here you go: Haystack Rock is a 235-foot...



I know this is a baseball blog, but as a Seattle native the Sonics mean a lot to me (even if they rank about 4th on my sports list).Here's two great links to Bill Simmons articles:h...


Our first look at Bedard

Great picture to start the year with, courtesy of, he's wearing Jeremy Reed's glove.300 character note: Safeco Field has a unique retractable roof that only acts as an "umbrella" for...


Zorn gone.

According to The Seattle Times, Jim Zorn is leaving to take the offensive coordinator job in Washington.This sucks.Link:


Top 10 movies, period.

I always have a hard time making "top ten" lists, because I can never narrow it down that far, but I'm just going to list my top ten right off the top of my head (in no particular order) and see...


M's email response

I wrote an email to the M's begging them not to trade the farm for Bedard, and here was the response I received:"Thanks for your email regarding the possible trades for Johan Santana or Erik...


"100 Greatest songs of the 90's" per VH1

Did anybody else watch any of the "100 Greatest Songs of the 90's" that was on last night?I didn't see the final episode, only the first few hours. I'm not here to argue about what was listed...


On-topic: Buca Di Beppo / alcohol / beer

I have a holiday lunch for work at Buca Di Beppo in Seattle next week. I'm looking for advice on the best way to get there from Shoreline, and trying to find out if parking is horrible or not.I'm...


Evel Knievel dies at 69

I remember having Evel Knievel toys growing up. Not surprising he died fairly young though.Link: character snippet: When he failed...


OT: Family Guy and American Dad

Did anybody catch Family Guy and American Dad last night?What were your thoughts on the "ending" for FG?And did American Dad have the funniest "activation code" ever?300 character requirement: The...

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