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My Favorite and Least Favorite Phillies Games

Hi, my name's Tom Holzerman, or TH if you will, and I've a Phillies fan since birth. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, because when I was born, all I did was eat, sleep, create waste product, and...

TH on HuffPost Live


I (aka, TH, if you will) recently appeared on HuffPost Live to discuss the realness of wrestling with host Mike Sacks, two other esteemed writers, and Mr. Hughes. I was on live yesterday, but you can catch the replay whenever you want.

Know Your Indies: A Look at Beyond Wrestling

They're subversive. They're cooperative. They're out for respect. They're Beyond Wrestling. They're next in the "Know Your Indies" series.

Know Your Indies: Wrestling Is Art

Independent wrestling is a wide and wonderful scene. Here's the first in a series to help you get a handle on the individual promotions. The first is Colt Cabana's Massachusetts-based baby.

The Indie Corner: Wrestling Is Growing

You might laugh at the proliferation of "Wrestling Is" promotions, but they could very well be the future of Chikara and wrestling in general.

Follow-up to The Indie Corner Piece on PWG


A rebuttal to the comments section on my article about PWG, where I tackle everything head on and explain why it's really not at all "daunting" to fly a woman out to the company.

PWG All-Star Weekend: Great but Imperfect

It's nice that PWG has assembled a slate of guest stars that most promotions would kill for. However, where are the women, and will these guests outshine their outstanding natives?

Farewell, El Generico

The indie scene's best wrestler has finally been picked up by WWE. He deserves the money, but he leaves a larger than ordinary void.

Five Indie Wrestlers You Need to Watch in '13

Want to get the heads up on who to watch in the coming year? Here are five wrestlers who are set to cause major rubbernecking in '13.

The 5 Indie Wrestlers You Should've Watched in '12

The year is almost over, so here are the five wrestlers you should be catching up on, if you haven't already been.

PWG and Striking While the Iron Is Hot

Adam Cole is the latest example of PWG being ahead of the curve when it comes to the future stars of the indies.


Don't Tell Me How Much Money NIU Cost the MAC Last Night

My least favorite narrative from the MAC Championship Game last night was that Northern Illinois somehow cost the conference $8M. Well, that might be factually true, and if so, it's worth pointing...

When Right and Wrong Aren't Clear in Chikara

Chikara's Cibernetico had a lot of big developments, but none was bigger than when student chose one difficult moral high ground over the one his teacher has been holding in the wake of a divisive...

Which 'Cibernetico' team will implode first?


The Cibernetico Rises: Tim Donst and Eddie Kingston won't be able to get along, but did anyone stop to think Kevin Steen might not be able to coexist with the Young Bucks?

Will the Last Guy Standing in NWA Turn Out Lights?

The NWA World Championship has changed hands more by title vacancy than by pinfall in the ring lately. I think it's high time the governing body pulls the plug on itself.

Has Ring of Honor gotten its mojo back?

ROH had been floundering creatively for awhile under Jim Cornette. Have two shows under a new booker given the company the spark it needs to get back on the ground running?

Beyond/St. Louis Anarchy Double Trouble Review

Beyond Wrestling and St. Louis Anarchy teamed up to rock Cleveland. This is definitely a show worth watching.

TNA Impact: Abuse of term "Independent Contractor"

TNA "Impact Wrestling" recently barred its talent from appearing on independent shows that tape for DVD. This would be well within their rights to do if they didn't insist on calling their talent...

The Indie Corner: CHIKARA - 'King of Trios' Event

The Indie Corner: Tsubasa Kuragaki and Meiko Satomura; the Unsung Heroes of Chikara's annual 'King of Trios' Three Day Event

The Indie Corner: You Gotta Be There for Chikara's 'King of Trios Weekend'

"King of Trios" is this weekend -- CHIKARA's signature event, a sixteen-trio tournament, perhaps the most notable wrestling show on the calendar, except "WrestleMania."

The Indie Corner: Stay Awesome, Adam


Adam Cole has led a charmed existence in 2012. Since bursting onto the scene in Combat Zone Wrestling in 2009, Cole has taken every promotion he's been allowed to shine in by storm. He got limited...

The Indie Corner: A Storm Is Coming

The history of women in wrestling is not exactly flattering. There are a few bright spots. Mildred Burke, The Fabulous Moolah and the joshis of Japan all stand out as anomalies to even the better...

The Indie Corner: This Is Staged, Right?


By now, everyone's heard about the escapades of Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and Kyle O'Reilly this past weekend in Iowa. For those who haven't, I've covered it at length on my main blog. Mainly, it...

The Indie Corner: Don't Expect WWE to Give You Tag Teams - Look for Them in the Indies


If WWE doesn't give you tag wrestling, then why keep going back to them for tag wrestling? There are plenty of indie promotions out there who have what you're looking for.

The Indie Corner: Poaching Talent Is Only a Problem for Those Slow on the Draw


By now, I'm sure we've all read that article by Mark Madden, whether at the original source or via my own blog taking it apart. It was a terribly written, strawman-laden piece that managed to cast...

The Indie Corner: An Interview with Denver Colorado about Taking Over WSU


This is an interview I conducted along with Leslie Lee of Dirty Dirty Sheets to Denver Colorado/Drew Cordeiro, owner of both Beyond Wrestling and now Women's Superstars Uncensored. It's a fairly...

The Indie Corner: Queens Reign Supreme


Looking at a sort of golden age for women in pro wrestling on the independent scene.

The Indie Corner: An Interview with Beyond Wrestling's Head Guy


Beyond Wrestling is one of the most entrepreneurial and bold wrestling companies in America today. Their fight club/"for the boys" oeuvre has given them a unique atmosphere among even the other...

The Indie Corner: Say No to "YES!"


Should pro wrestling fans say "NO!" to "YES!" chants? YES!

The Indie Corner: Can't We All Just Get Along?


Friday night, the official Women's Superstars Uncensored Twitter account went on a ranting spree, wherein the person behind it went on to shoot some barbs at the other major women's wrestling...

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