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Tradeables - Kesler and More...?

Okay, since every thread is going to get at least partially hijacked by the possibility of a Ryan Kesler trade, I thought I'd pop this over here to get some of it centralized, if possible. I'm...

Shaken and Stirred

Tough year. But also (as seemed to be the consensus here way back at the beginning of the season) a very interesting one.


Now With More Winnipeg! Western Preview and Prediction

Let's dig in to the side of the continent that really matters, shall we? Western Conference PreviewANAHEIMBiggest hello: Jakob Silfverberg. At least, he'd better be.Biggest goodbye: Bobby Ryan....


New! Improved! Bigger! Eastern Preview and Prediction

Life. I won't say I'm late writing up previews/predictions because "I have a life", since a big chunk of that life involves watching hockey; but I will say I have a kinda stupid amount of work...



...or not. I just re-read a fine and fun book called Zamboni Rodeo* by Texas Monthly author Jason Cohen (check out Stanley Cup of Chowder's interview with him from a couple of years back here!)...



Doing that last post (Best Canuck Name Ever) reminded me of arguably the best name I've seen in hockey: Xavier Majic. Go ahead: try telling me that's not a thing of beauty! Alas, it ended up that...

Name! That! Canuck!

Got some great response to the nationalities polls, with some tight races (Nedved or Hlinka?), some not-so-tight races (Bure or... No, seriously, it's Bure) and surprises (Linden over Luongo? ...

International Canucks (Surprise!)

We're running out of nations to cover, but not from lack of trying! There are seven more countries represented in team history, which made it really difficult to get it down to three choices. ...

Who Is The Greatest Slovak Canuck Of All Time?

(Before any bombs get thrown this way, I just want to state that no, they are not. I know this. Heck, I'm wildly happy right now because the Significant Other just brought home a collection of...

Who Is The Best Finnish Canuck of All Time?

Finland has it all! (Okay, that's enough Python references, thank you very much. Any more would be silly.) So, what has Finland provided us besides mountains so lofty and tree tops so tall? As...

Who Is The Best American Canuck Of All Time?

Land of the Brave, Home of a Surprising Number of Canuck Players, past and present. Not many of them stuck around for long, and at least one current player springs automatically to mind, but...

International Canucks (We Had Russians!)

Who was the best Russian Canuck of all time? I think we know the answer.


International Canucks (Who Are We, Sweden?!)

At least partially. Certainly as far as Vancouver's scoring is concerned, any way. Now we all think this is going to be a tough choice for Canucks fans, but really most of us have decided long...

Who Is The Best All Time Canadian Canuck?

Right then. Looks like someone over at Yahoo Sports had the bright idea to talk nationalities on teams, and I've decided to steal it. Because dang it, it's a good idea and there's no way I have...


Yer Hydro's Out! (Goin' in the Pool)

After Tampa Bay decided the problem was their Coach of Many Faces (rather than, say, going into the season with Lindback and Garon as their goaltenders), you have to wonder how long the coaches in...


Where Diving is Good (Goin' in the Pool)

Given how sensitive the NHL GMs are promising to be about "embellishment" at their upcoming meetings, you just know that they are going to be handing out reprimands to any members of their teams...


Lifeguard Off Duty (Goin' in the Pool)

Amazing how distracting houseguests can be, eh? You and I are going to pretend what happened two weeks ago *never happened*, all right? Good. Now that the unpleasantness is put aside, what the...


Wet and Ready (Goin' in the Pool)

Optimism. 'Sa funny thing, you know? Like starting off a week where you see your opponent's goaltender get hammered for seven goals on Day One and think "Off to a great start!" And on Day Two...


Waterbeds For All! (Goin' in the Pool)

Politics, it has been said, makes for strange bedfellows. Being in a hockey pool makes for some interesting between-the-sheets calisthenics as well, as most of us well know: the final day of last...


Smoking in the Pool Room (Goin' in the Pool)

Ouch. Ouchouchouchouch. Ouch. So, one of my goalies had himself a Snow Day, disqualifying all my goalie stats for the week. It ends up that there IS a down side to using three backups,...


The Shallow End (Goin' in the Pool)

Just checking here, but is James Neal even playing? The Penguins get 11 goals in two games, and my boy brings home ONE LOUSY ASSIST? I wouldn't feel so bad if my erstwhile opponent didn't have S...


Whining Like a Crushed Grape (Goin' in the Pool)

Well, the movements in the NM hockey pool have been numerous, but I haven't seen anyone make a place in here to piss, bitch, and whine about how their team is doing. So here. Need someone to kick...


Eastern Conference Predictions: The Sun Also Rises

West being done, it's off to the East with this season's previews. As ever, feel free to correct, encourage, or imply decadent ancestry of the author! Eastern Conference PreviewBOSTONBiggest...


Western Conference Predictions

Since the NHL saw fit to kick off the season in California, likewise I'll start my season previews in the West. And, much like the NHL season, this time out it's a rushed amalgam of impressions,...


Tricksy NHLses...

Hey, I've called Bettman worse things than a hobbit!


Where's Left Field?

What's potential Canuck signing would make you think "What? Who? Huh. Actually..."


Revisiting Predictioning and End-O'-Year Justificationing

It's said that intelligent life that ceases to change, ceases to be intelligent. The curse of the internet means prognostication is more of a mugs game than ever before (Bob McKenzie's fine, retro...


Okay, I Wrote That (Predictions Revisited)

Revisiting past decisions is for fools and dreamers. That being said, what the heck was I thinking in the pre-season?!?


Did I Write That? (Predictions Revisited)

Welcome to the mid-point of the season! [cheers, fireworks, etc.] This is as good a point as any to look back at my pre-season predictions to see just how foolish I was then and how brilliant I...


One Reason to Love International Hockey

Rick Nash. Well, for me at least.  I liked watching Ryan Smyth play for a team I could cheer for each year.  Seriously, the Oilers sit a close second to the Rangers in terms of teams I despise...

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