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I am the very model of a modern Major General.

A Fan Of...

  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Soccer Manchester United and The French National Team
  • Tennis HAWT Serena Williams
  • FIFA Vive la France
  • EPL Glory, Glory Man UNITED!
  • Golf Happy Gilmore
  • NASCAR Stroker Ace and the guy from Grand Theft Auto on the PS2
  • MMA Christopher Walken in the vignette "I Shall Break My Foot-Off In Your A__"
  • Boxing Christopher Lee in the movie "He Spits On Your Grave."
  • Cycling Lamps Armskrong
  • MLS MLS Sucks. GGMU!!!
  • Fantasy Reformed Former-Baseball Fan
  • Winter Olympics Lithuanian Moose Breeding Team (especially in the '86 Tundra Invitationals)
  • Figure Skating Katarina Witt (HOT and can skate-up a storm)
  • Wrestling Hoboken Chicken Chokers of the NTWF (National Thumb Wrasslin' Federation)
  • Bundesliga Ze Shizen Hause, ya!
  • Serie A Really?
  • La Liga Seriously?
  • General World Series of Dice
  • Summer Olympics Dollaz Dank Bru-gunz
  • The Championship The Dick Warmers
User Blog

RBR's Jumpin' the Gun: Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Is Out

Let us talk "dead MFers," shall we? Yes, Comic Con has released the Season 4 commercial/teaser, but maybe a word of warning is in order. I've watched...


Yahoo/Forbes Article on (gasp) Why Coach Saban's Salary is a Bargain I have to admit that it's nice to hear a reasonable position on this topic from an outside source. The article...


And 2012's "Mike Gundy Award" goes to...

Jimbo Fisher. How is it that every season produces a coach who (with nary a leg to stand on) complains how unfair the system is? In 2011, Gundy...


Appreciation Thread for Todd/Nico2.0/OTS: We Just Can't Quit You

(no homo) This is intended to be a thread in which we -- the Gawd-fear'n RBR'rers -- express our sincere (if somewhat mocking and insincere) appreciation for all the hard work that Todd, Nico 2.0...

Own a piece of history!!!1!


Yes, I already asked if he is "The Gino?" ...still haven't received an answer. Honestly, I want that USF&G Sugar Bowl patch in the worst way.

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