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Bartender here in *ahem* "The District". Also active with family, writing, and film.

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Sporting KC players as... Rap albums

Sporting KC players. Characterized as old-school rap albums. What more needs to be said?


Don't put BillC on any milk cartons quite yet....

If you happen to notice that there isn't a second RMN post today, or that BillC seems absent from the comment threads for a couple days.... you might want to mosey on over to #SECCrashCourse and...


TigerBartender is gonna sit in SleepyFloyd's chair...

Welp, it looks like ol' TB here will be on "The Closers" around 4pm, in Sleepy's absence, to talk a little kickey-ball; more precisely, the US Men's National Team and their World Cup qualifying...

Fun RMN game: Guess how old Atch is today? The O/U is set at ____.


Fun RMN game: Guess how old Atch is today? The O/U is set at ____.


OT: TB gets WAAAAY off-topic, and begs...

A KickStarter project from one of the RockMNation authors, a tabletop roleplaying card game.

Ratliffe Watch: Is It Bad Form to Title a Player Profile "Post Mortem"?


A look back at Ricardo Ratliffe's career at Missouri.


Plenty of room here, next to me...

I've looked over the past schedules, and tried to remember the particulars about these moments. Based on what I'm about to say, you'd think I would have a better recollection about it. But, I...

Ratliffe Watch: Shhhh... Let's Just Keep This Between Us...


A look at Ricardo Ratliffe's impact on the Missouri basketball team, currently ranked fifth in the country.

Ratliffe Watch: There's no "I" in "Team" and no "C" in "Ratliffe"...


A look at how Ricardo Ratliffe is playing early in the Missouri Tigers' basketball season.

Ratliffe Watch: Looking Ahead, Looking Back (The Stats)


A look at Ricardo Ratliffe's statistics and how they may change under new Missouri head coach Frank Haith.

Ratliffe Watch: The Sudden Spotlight


A look at Missouri power forward Ricardo Ratliffe and the expectations that will be placed upon him in 2011-12.


I feel that it is awfully strange... (Bill C baby gear drive)

{Edit - Bill C. left me the keys, so this goes on the Front Page whether he likes it or not}That a man I have only met once in real life should have the kind of sway over me that Bill C. does. His...


Futbol talk...

Lots of FOOTBALL talk ramping up here at RMN, but I wanted to quickly gauge a little futbol fandom. Who's everybody's "team"? Does anybody have a relegation "team" they follow?


Keion Bell

I might be... inebria... dru.. bartender'ed... But didn't Keion Bell just commit to #Mizzou?


A short play, presented without pretense by the RockM players.

Its possible that it all went down like this:   (or maybe not, but hey...)


Let the CMA hubbub begin (again [again])

Razorbacks Basketball coach fired. Nolan gives sound bite "blessing" CMA to go.

Infograph Humor


Statistics and images go hand in hand. Only a matter of time before smart and funny joined the party.



I think we all agree with father-to-be Bill C's assessment of Marcus, in that we wish he had ~1% more Clarence Gilbert in him. Just one LESS mental filter when it came to shooting. But 1000 points...


Recruiting/Schollies/Roster Spots... 2011-2012

So as someone who could probably benefit from actually PAYING Gabe (and, honestly, who wouldn't)... This question might be moot. But as someone who always seems to bring the inappropriate amount of...

I know it doesn't really matter, but does anyone else find THIS helmet-side's logo a little "off"?...


I know it doesn't really matter, but does anyone else find THIS helmet-side's logo a little "off"? Watching some Steelers stuff these past couple weeks, and I am struck by just how much I DO like the asymmetry of having the logo on just one side. Any chance we can get a movement started to just get the "forward facing KC" logo side on the helmets, and not this backwards facing one?


I'm a bartender, so I drink... I mean, ask questions about the industry!

I haven't been to the Legends area for a bit, but with the arrival of the new SKC soccer only home stadium; I have a few questions to throw out there.


Supplemental Draft blabbity...

Andy, via your Tweet... Where do YOU think Vermes and SKC should focus today? And will a "depth" style supplemental draft today at one position tip our hand towards a possible acquisition later on...

@DrSaturday Matt Hinton @slmandel re: Gabbert, he wasn't nearly the QB Chase Daniel was in the...


@DrSaturday Matt Hinton @slmandel re: Gabbert, he wasn't nearly the QB Chase Daniel was in the exact same offense. Daniel went undrafted. Now Gabbert's top ten? 5 minutes ago via web


MU Basketball as Ocean's 13 characters

"The Daily Wiz" for Sporting KC Soccer just did their roster as Major League characters... and what better way to honor the MU basketball roster than with an ensemble cast like Soderbergh brought...

Seth Davis' Annual Stock Report... + RAWRWUT?


MISSOURI (13-1, No. 9): BUY It's hard to measure buzz with precision, but for a team ranked ninth it seems that nobody is talking about the Tigers. That might be because there is no signature player -- at Missouri, the system is the star -- but this team has shown a lot of heart and resilience, especially down the stretch of games. Mizzou trailed Georgetown by 18 points in the first half before rallying to send the game into overtime, where it lost by nine. The Tigers also beat a good Vanderbilt team in overtime and beat Illinois with a 14-2 run to end the game. As good as the Tigers have been, they could get better in the next couple of weeks if 6-foot-8 freshman forward Tony Mitchell gets cleared academically to play. (emphasis mine) Ummm... I thought it was over. I thought once a certain date had passed, this was moot. Over. Done. I know none of us REALLY know what's going on with this... but is this still a possibility? Am I not going to be able to sleep again tonight? LOL


Epilogue 2010, or "Why TigerBartender Is Grumpy Sometimes".

Back in October, during the GameDay run-up, I wrote a positive little thing that seemed to garner some praise and sparked some decent discussion. A couple of other times later on in the football...

JYD finding playing time & exposure, an audition...


DeMarre Carroll was sent to Bismark's D-League franchise, but is relishing the opportunity to play again.

Wizards yongster invited to January USMNT Camp.


Teal got an invite to participate in the USMNT Camp in Carson, Ca. Nice honor for a SKC player.

Jesus Tyrannosaurus


5 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, in 29 minutes. Keep it up, JT, RMN is rooting for you!

I'm sure Atch already owns this...


...but for the rest of us. This hit Columbia's Craigslist yesterday.

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