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Theo says football season is here so we’re gonna go ahead and tell you we are punting on 2013


Seriously I’ve never seen a sports exec submarine the following season while the current one is still going on. Is there a Andrew Luck in next years draft I don’t know about? PS DIDN'T SEE A THREAD ABOUT THIS MY APOLOGIES IF ONE EXISTS

Hey can we get the $3 beers back?!!!!!


I know a lot of you just like the cubs on the internet/tv but for those of us who actually have to ride out these Ls in person for the next few months it would be great if we could get a deal on booze in the stadium. Does anybody have Mr Ricketts phone #?

MLB.com top 100 prospects 2012 list


its that time for mlb.com to rank the top prospects in the league, aka its our time to shine right? Right? That's what Theo does right? We have all these new prospects that he acquired right? The readers here love these prospects right? So much hope for the future right? Well the cubs have 3 prospects in the MLB top 100 list. Jackson is the highest at 33, Rizzo is next at 37, and last is Starlin Castro excuse me its actually his replacement a 2011 1st round draft pick Javier Baez at 62 (thanks Jim for your forward thinking). Not making the list? Everyone else we acquired this offseason and apparently LaHair! he doesn't qualify, much to the dismay of many of you, because you know a 30 year old in the minor leagues isn't a prospect anymore buuuuuuuuuut he'll be our opening day starter at first base WOOP WOOP.



"Hoyer admitted that he probably rushed Rizzo last year and sees him starting in the minors next season, with Bryan LaHair — who hit .331/.405/.664 with 38 homers and 109 RBIs for Triple-A Iowa — being the Cubs' starting first baseman." Thinking about the 10k I spent on cubs season tickets going to a McDonalds’ property and Theo buying Patrick Sharp’s house out of escrow (guy who actually brought a championship to this city) makes me want to vomit. I hope Theo is bringing some of Manny/Noma/Papi/et all’s juice with him, because if not we will have more Ls than runs scored over the course of next year. I seriously can’t believe I renewed, I feel like we are being yucking (:)) fleeced (the Yankees have cheaper bleacher seats than us and they carry a HUGE payroll).


Theo knows its time to make some moves BIG MOVES..i hope

A lot of the apathetic “cubs won’t do anything this offseason” chicago media, seem to be framing Theo as a guy who takes waivers on exiled players who have failed to reach their potential and...

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