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Manager for Mavs Moneyball. Sophomore at the University of North Texas, studying journalism. Fan of all the Dallas sports, even though they love to crush my spirits on a constant basis. Mediocre rec center baller, but at least "good job, good effort" kid thinks I play well.

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  • MLB Texas Rangers
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QUOTEBOARD: The Spurs beat the Mavs, like usual


Nothing to see here. At least Dallas is consistent.

Q&A with AllThatAmar of SLC Dunk

SLC Dunk's Amar, aka @AllThatAmar, was kind enough to answer a few questions about tonight's Mavs-Jazz meeting. The questions get a little weird -- in a good way.

Four Pointer: Previewing the Jazz

Four games left. This one is the easiest. Also, with the Spurs coming up next, a must win.

Final: Steph buries the Mavericks again


Steph Curry beats the Mavs. Gosh, doesn't that feel familiar?

Sam Dalembert's Tyson impression


The first half of Dalembert's season was forgettable, but since the All-Star Break, he's really starting to come into his own -- and not a moment too soon.

Dirk: "We lose leads, that's what we do."


The Mavericks played down to the level of the Kings, but took the win with a late-game surge.

Dirk: "All three games have been heartbreakers"


Dirk said the Mavericks think they should have beaten LA three times now, but another poor fourth quarter leads to the third loss of the season against the Clippers (with one to play).

Final quarter dooms Dallas, Clips win 109-103


An entertaining game turned ugly and the Mavericks fall to a fellow Western Conference foe.

QUOTEBOARD: "I screamed 'finally'"


Two games against OKC and two wins in the past week and a half? Basketball is a strange sport, dudes.

QUOTEBOARD: "We're frustrated"


That wasn't ideal. Besides Monta Ellis and a shockingly motivated and effective Samuel Dalembert, the Mavericks rolled over and accepted the punches Brooklyn threw as inevitable.

Talking Nets with Tom Lorenzo of Nets Daily

Tom Lorenzo of Nets Daily joins us for a discussion about tonight's duel between the Mavericks and the Nets.

Four Pointer: Previewing the Nets

The Nets arrive at the American Airlines Center red hot in their past 15 games or so.

QUOTEBOARD: "Headed [towards] 50 wins."


At the friendly (and surprisingly empty) confines of the American Airlines Center, the Mavericks beat the Nuggets for the first time in four meetings.

MMB Contest: We have a winner!


Thanks to everyone who participated, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming contests.

Paul, the world's tallest basketball player


Thousands of basketball players dream of making it to the NBA, but the Texas Legends' Paul Sturgess stands above the rest in an obvious way.

The Aftermath: Totally saw that coming


Didn't you? The Mavericks roll the Thunder up and discard them in a 109-86 win on the road.

Four-Pointer: Previewing the Thunder


Tonight, the Mavericks travel the long, arduous trip up to Oklahoma -- okay, it's not even an hour by charter flight. But in a potential first round playoff match-up, this game has major implications.

D-League Report: Shane Larkin's best game


The Mavericks' first-round pick made another spontaneous (at least to us) trip to the D-League, his fourth of the season. It was also his best game.

Recap: Dirk rains hellfire, Mavs beat Jazz


The Mavericks win their third game in fourth night thanks to some fantastic bench play, defense that was just good enough and, most importantly, a superstar who is just too good.

POLL: "Kidnap" a Jazz player


My creative poll questions have been exhausted, so today's is just for fun. Utah has several great young players so it's worth asking, I think.

QUOTEBOARD: "The team picked me up"


The Mavericks become the second team this season to sweep the Pacers, joining the Phoenix Suns in going 2-0 against a team that has, at various points, had the best record in the NBA.

The Aftermath: OH MY DEVIN ♥


Despite building then blowing a 30-point lead, the Mavericks came through in the final act, and that turned out to be the only one that mattered. Devin Harris' awkward banked runner, and one,...

MMB Roundtable: The bench


Our circular table of Mavericks discussion included talks about the Dallas bench unit. Also: cheesecake. Why would you sit at a table if you weren't going to eat cheesecake?

QUOTEBOARD: "We missed shots."


The locker room atmosphere wasn't angry or confrontational -- after all, the Mavericks did finish the month with a 9-3 record -- but the players were quiet and quick tonight. Here's what they said.



Dirk hits a buzzer beating game winner complete with a shooter's roll, and it's celebration time. Bring the GIFS.

You always remember the first All-Star Weekend


Last weekend, I went to New Orleans and had an adventure. Here's the first-hand account.

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