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Short & Sweet Version: I became a Bronco fan while living in southern Colorado from 84-87. I took my Broncomania to northern California where I suffered through the laughter and ridicule of Raider and 49er fans. Naturally, the Broncos won the Super Bowl a year after I graduated high school and moved to San Diego(my place of birth). I went ape when the Broncos won the Super Bowl along with millions of other Broncomaniacs. I now live in Sacramento with my wife and daughters and still ever obsessive about everything orange & blue.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • NCAAB Sacramento St. Hornets
  • NASCAR Dale Earnhardt
  • Soccer Team U.S.A.
  • General Sacramento River Cats
  • Fantasy SacTown Beavers
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Horse Tracks: So Excited....

Unlike last week, when I was a nervous wreck at this time. This week, I am just so excited! Bring on Broncos football, baby!

Horse Tracks: Sunday Matchups Best Ever?

I think these two games on Sunday is the single greatest day of football we'll see for a long time. Both conference matchups have more intrigue and drama than any prime time reality television show. And I cannot wait!

Horse Tracks: Broncos Most Likeable Team

Take this at face value ... or be like me and take it as holy writ!

Horse Tracks: Manning vs. Brady

Before Peyton Manning became a Bronco, we sat envious of this rivalry. Now, we're living it and loving it. Peyton Manning and the Broncos must seize the moment.

Horse Tracks: Not Chris Harris Too!

Losing Chris Harris is a major blow given how bleak things are in the defensive backfield for the Broncos, but the next man up. Again.

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread

I am so glad we keep Quintin Jammer in the game for Philip Rivers to pick on all the way for a touchdown score. This game is getting a little annoying for me right now. Broncos need to score soon.

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread

So far so good for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. That last red zone turnover was disappointing and a huge missed opportunity. Let's hope that doesn't come back to bite this team int he behind in the second half.

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread

Peyton Manning is throwing just fine against the wind, so my own anxiety is slowly starting to lift. All that is needed now is a flood of points, baby!

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread

I have to believe the sting of last years loss has them completely dialed in for domination. Given that belief, I'm going to say the Peyton Manning and Broncos control the game from start to finish and pull away from the Chargers late.

49ers @ Panthers: Open Thread

If I had to choose a winner, I'd have to go with the team that has far more playoff experience. History has shown experience usually pays huge dividends in the playoffs.

Horse Tracks: Today's Winner To Face Patriots

Another year in the NFL, and another year that Tom Brady and the Patriots are a game away from the Super Bowl. If the Broncos win, they play in Denver. If the Chargers do, they go to New England.

AFC & NFC Divisional Round: Chargers/Broncos, playoff picks

Another great week of analysis from our favorite YouTube gal. FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING

Saints @ Seahawks: Open Thread

Personally, I am really looking forward to watching this game. For obvious reasons, the world is pounding the Seattle Seahawks like they are the second coming.

Colts at Patriots: Open Thread

The Indianapolis Colts are coming off the second biggest comeback playoff victory in NFL history. The emotional high is something that could and should carry through most of this last week of preparation.

Horse Tracks: We're Ready For This Weekend

Man, the NFL Network is sooooo annoying this week. Chargers are second coming of the 1980's 49ers or something. Let tomorrow get here already!

Horse Tracks: Yet Another HOF Snub For TD

Terrell Davis was NF MVP and Super Bowl MVP during a time in the NFL where the league was replete with Hall of Fame running backs, yet somehow TD isn't as great as Jerome Bettis or former linebacker, Kevin Greene.

Horse Tracks: Broncos In Over Their Heads

The Chargers are just too good of a football team. They have more talent than the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. This team is SCARY!

Horse Tracks: Chargers Are Greatest of All-Time

The media narrative is getting old with me. Everywhere I go, the Chargers are going to dominate the Broncos as if Denver were led by Kyle Orton or something.

Clete Blakeman Head Referee for Broncos-Chargers Game - SBNation.com

Blakeman has also yet to work a Super Bowl yet. He was involved in one of the more controversial games of 2013 between the Patriots and Panthers. On the final play of the game, Tom Brady threw an interception, but Luke Kuechley got flagged for a potential pass interference. After an official conference, the flag got picked up, sealing the win for the Panthers. Mike Pereira believes that the penalty should have stood.

Horse Tracks: Peter King Fading Broncos Hard

Peter freaking King calls 49ers road to Super Bowl filled with revenge games, while the Broncos probably won't get past the Chargers. Hello, 49ers are 0-1 against Panthers and the Broncos are 1-1 against Chargers. W.T.F. man!

Horse Tracks: Bring on the Dolts

The Sheriff has a warrant to serve the Dolts next weekend. It's going to be a looooong six days! Go Broncos!

49ers @ Packers: Open Thread

This is a game of offense versus defense. I was surprised to see that the Green Bay Packers, without Aaron Rodgers for six weeks, still finished in the top 10 in both passing and rushing offense.

Chargers @ Bengals: Open Thread

Opening day of the 2013 NFL Playoffs ended with bangs as both conferences had thrilling finishes, one of which will go down in history as one of the all-time greatest playoff comebacks. Here's to having another fantastic day of football!

Horse Tracks: A Great Day of Football

Slim pickings today, but at least we'll find out who the Denver Broncos are playing next week here in several hours. No matter what, the Broncos players will get a chance to exact revenge for a regular season loss. They just need to take it.

Broncos to Play Colts or Chargers Next Week

One thing is certain, it won't be easy either way. After watching one of the greatest comeback victories in NFL Playoff history, I was reminded that on "Any Given Sunday" any team can win in January. That's why we love the game!

Saints @ Eagles: Open Thread

I'm actually taking the Eagles today based on a single factor - the weather. It is going to be cold. It is going to be icy. It is going to be miserably windy. All of these things will crush Drew Brees and his pass-happy offense.

Chiefs @ Colts: Open Thread

For Denver Broncos fans, this should be an entertaining game as our fanbase has a 2013 beef with both teams in this game. I would be more than happy to see either team lose today and again next week against Peyton Manning and the Broncos!

Horse Tracks: America's Team Waits During Bye

According to a recent poll, the Broncos are the nation's favorite NFL team.

Chargers @ Bengals: Game Preview

The most dangerous team in the first round of the playoffs is the San Diego Chargers. No question and in spite of Pete Prisco's bold claim about the Cincinnati Bengals winning it all, I smell an upset in the winds.

Horse Tracks: Keeping Focused During the Bye

The perfect end to this is season would be the Broncos beating the Colts and Patriots en route to a Super Bowl win, but really I'd be happy with any path that leads to another Lombardi Trophy. Staying focused is their problem, obviously not mine!

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