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Camping With FBT: 7/31/12 Practice Report

Training camp report for the 7/31 practice session for the Jacksonville Jaguars


Camping With FBT: 7/27/12 Practice Report

The annual tradition is back. Training camp for the Jacksonville Jaguars has begun!

Camping With FBT: Jaguars 8/5/11 PM Practice Report


Minus Garrard, the Jags took the field with Gabbert and McCown taking up the slack.

Camping With FBT: Jaguars 8/4/11 Training Camp Report


David Garrard suffers a minor injury during training camp. Never good to see the starter go down.

Camping With FBT: Jaguars 8/2/11 PM Camp Report


Sloppy training camp practice leading into a day off for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Camping With FBT: Jaguars 7/31 PM Camp Report


Oklahoma drills featured in the Sunday night practice.

Camping With FBT: Jaguars 7/29 PM Practice Report


Great crowd for a fun evening practice ending day 2 of training camp for the Jaguars.

Camping With FBT: Jaguars 7/28 PM Practice Session Report


The Jaguars have lots of shiny new toys to work with.

Camping With FBT: Jaguars AM Session - 7/28/11


After months of contending with a lockout and the potential of having no football in 2011, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally took to the practice facilities at Everbank for the first time only days...

What To Do During an NFL Lockout?


The brilliance of the National Football League is the fact that they have figured out a way to take a football season that would normally run from August through February, and they have created a...

It is Officially 'Suspend All Logic Season' in Jacksonville


It is February. Time to suspend logic and throw caution to the wind. Trudging through blogs, message boards, and talk radio, it is clear that we have landed at that point in the calendar when...

Jacksonville Jaguars and Bob Sanders: Just Say No


It seems like the typical cycle for Jaguar fans, and for fans of just about any other team in the National Football League this time of year. Player X is released by team A, and a litany of...

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