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What does this quote from Noah mean?


"I do feel like my running is good. I want to get better at sealing my man, things that have never been my strength. (Coach Tom Thibodeau) runs a power offense and I have to get better at things I'm not used to doing, like sealing and duck-ins." What exactly is the Bulls' "power offense"? Does it mean, as I suspect, using Noah as a kind of point center, a distributor from the post in a motion offense?

Patrick Beverley coming to the Bulls?


According to his Twitter account, he's not going back to Russia. And last week he was working out with the Bulls. Here are his stats.

Dwight Howard Ready To Commit To Extension With Lakers


So if the Bulls had gone for broke and tried to get Howard, maybe he would have changed his mind. Or maybe not. But this certainly highlights the difference between the way the Lakers are run and the way the Bulls are run.

From a year ago: Manu’s injury shows why sitting key players makes sense.


Popovich got second guessed, too, when Ginobli injured himself in the last game of the 2010-11 regular season: "The Spurs had hopes of clinching homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs with a victory over Phoenix and a successful coin flip. When Chicago pulled out a dramatic comeback over New Jersey shortly before tip-off, it might have been a signal to reconsider playing key players like Duncan, Tony Parker and Ginobili in the final game of the season." And yes, I know Pops did hold them out this year, so maybe he learned something. I'm not citing this in defense of Thibs, I'm just noting that every coach, no matter how good, gets second guessed.


To sit or not to sit? Poll for tonight against the Pacers.

Should we play everyone tonight, only play them limited minutes, or sit major rotation players? Should we go for best record in the league, use the game as a warm-up for the playoffs, or avoid all...


Around the NBA 4/24: Bulls could clinch in the East.

Unfortunately, it looks like both Miami and Boston will both be resting some starters tonight, as they have been doing in games leading up to tonight, so it's hard to predict whether the game will...


Looking back at Eastern Conference Preseason Predictions

Before the season BlogABull made their annual Eastern Conference predictions. Nobody really knows anything, but how did everyone do?


Around the NBA 4/23: five games that might affect the Bulls.

Here's the schedule, all times central: Detroit at Indiana 6:00 PM Charlotte at Washington 6:00 PM Philadelphia at New Jersey 6:30 PM Toronto at Milwaukee 7:00 PM ...

Dwight Howard out indefinitely with a herniated disk in his lower back


Could Orlando fall out of the playoffs entirely? Could the Bulls end up playing Orlando in the first round? Just don't let Miami get to play Orlando without Howard.

NESN: LeBron James' Latest Disappearing Act, Defeated Comments Making Him Harder to Defend


"The disappointment was evident on James' face after the loss, when he said this: "'We fought so hard to get back into this game, when C.J. hit that shot, it just kind of took it out of us.' "To this we say: What? ... To be defeated is one thing. To be a defeatist is quite another."

Flop of the Night: Blake Griffin


This is hilarious and yet, also sad. Fortunately it didn't decide the game. Unfortunately, there's no evidence the league is doing anything to stop this kind of behavior.


Around the NBA 4/11: Go Lakers! Go Clippers!

Here's the rundown on tonight's games from SB Nation's Enormous Consequences column. And here's the schedule: Indiana at Cleveland 6:00 PM Philadelphia at Toronto 6:00 PM Atlanta...


Around the NBA 4/7: Nothing that affects the Bulls, but some good games.

Last night was great for the Bulls, as both the Heat and Thunder lost. Tonight has less affect on the Bulls, but still has some good games. First up, Boston at Indiana. If the Pacers lose it...


Around the NBA 4/6: Go Pacers! Go Griz!

In case you hadn't noticed, SB Nation has started a daily column, Enormous Consequences, which runs down the games on the schedule each day and their playoff import. I find it enormously useful...

How to force Westbrook into uncomfortable shots.


"In the Spurs game, Westbrook took an unusually high number of jump shots from the same geometric sector. It is always to the left of the lane, always toward his off-hand (Westbrook is right-handed), and is never along the baseline. Do you think this happened by accident?" Something to look for when the Bulls play the Thunder on Sunday. Will they force Westbrook to the left of the lane?

Steve Nash ‘Would Definitely Listen’ to a Miami Heat Offer


This would be so unfair, yet it would also instantly deflect much of the hate the Heat have felt the last two years.

Dennis Rodman 'broke,' 'extremely sick,' his attorney says


I don't know how much of this is legal posturing, but if it is all true I'm sadly not surprised. As long as he is healthy, though, I think he'll always be able to make money as a celebrity, much like Mike Tyson.

Vinny Del Negro in trouble.


I know, not a surprise. The only question seems to be whether he will be replaced now or after the season.

Trailblazing Sun-Times sportswriter Lacy J. Banks dies


"He was a trailblazer as the first African-American sportswriter for the Sun-Times, a job that led him to cover seven world championships involving Chicago teams."


Should the Bulls flop more?

I know the instinctive answer is "no," but read this article about the leading floppers in the league. Notice that there are no Bulls players on the list. Omer Asik is probably our "best"...

Asik flops, Dwight Howard reacts.


I've got to admit, I side with Howard on this one. This is one of those flops that should result in a fine the next day -- although, until they start such fines, I understand why Asik does it.

Heat and Thunder frontrunners for Fisher, Bulls seek Turiaf


According to ESPN's Marc Stein: "The Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder have emerged as the early leaders in the race to sign veteran guard Derek Fisher after he clears waivers on Wednesday, according to sources close to the situation. ... Sources say that the thought of signing with the Bulls is something that strongly interests Fisher, but Chicago is well stocked at point guard and appears to be focused on trying to land Turiaf."

Fun With Synergy: Why Can't NBA Players Shoot Transition Three-Pointers?


Buried in this article: Luol Deng is 4-15 on transition threes. Cool it, Luol! Wait for the rest of the team to catch up, pass it around a little, get your feet set.

Ziller: NBA East Playoffs: Three Battlegrounds Emerge, With Heat And Bulls Up Front


The Bulls should battle with the Heat for the number one seed in the East, but five teams are in a battle for home court advantage and three teams are in a battle for the eighth seed. A Howard trade could shake things up. The Celtics have fallen from the first tier to the third.

'11 wholesale sales by athlete


Jordan $1 billion, Chuck Taylor $250 million, LeBron $90m, Kobe $40m, Rose $25m, Wall $10m, Durant $7m. Amazing that Jordan is still so far ahead of everyone.

Up Close and Personal with the Bulls' Coaching Staff


Sam Smith made them fill out questionnaires. Thibs was not enthused, and some answers are hilarious: "Favorite vacation: He paused a bit here. I asked if he’d had one. 'Yeah,' he said. 'I think they’re overrated. I don’t know, a week or two at the beach with family.' ... "Best non-sports job: 'Gas station, construction, I don’t know. I hated them all.' "Favorite meal: 'I’m a vegetarian. OK, steak.' (I was starting to lose him here.) ... "Something people don’t know about you: I collect rare stamps, listen to Mozart and oil paint. "C’mon, Thibs!"

Sam Smith named recipient of Basketball Hall of Fame’s 2012 Curt Gowdy Media Award


"Sam Smith, the long-time NBA writer for the Chicago Tribune, and Bill Schonely, the original play-by-play announcer for the Portland Trail Blazers, have been selected to receive the 2012 Curt Gowdy Media Awards from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame during Enshrinement festivities scheduled September 6-9, 2012 in Springfield, Massachusetts."


Around the NBA 2/23: Linsanity visits the Heat.

Also, the Lakers visit the Thunder. Both of those games are on TNT. I expect the second game to be more competitive, but we will see. Also, on League Pass, two other decent games: the Magic...

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