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Joel Przybilla deciding on team Wednesday


"According to agent Bill Duffy ... Przybilla is expected to make a decision Wednesday between signing with Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee or Portland ... or remaining idle at his home in Milwaukee, where he is an All-Star father to his two sons." Update: Przybilla chooses Portland. Thanks, SRQman. At least it wasn't Miami.

The secret to Jeremy Lin's success (insider)


Essentially, Lin is playing well and replaced Bibby and Douglas who were playing horribly. Other teams who could improve by replacing bad players: Minnesota, New Jersey, the Lakers and Orlando. Deep teams who will find it difficult to improve by replacing players: Bulls, Denver, Houston, Philadelphia and San Antonio. Relevant quote for Bulls fans: "Take the Bulls, for instance, who amazingly don't have a single minute played this season from a player with a PER below 12. (At the moment, at least -- Ronnie Brewer and Brian Scalabrine are very close.) ... The glass-half-empty look at their depth, however, is that there isn't the opportunity for the kind of explosive improvement from a single move that we saw from the Knicks with Lin."


Around the league 2/15: several good storylines tonight.

Thirteen games tonight, two on national TV (Grizzlies/Nets NBA TV, Trail Blazers/Warriors ESPN). Unfortunately, the nationally televised games are not the best on the schedule, so I hope you have...

Bill Simmons, Celtics fan, rants about Rondo.


"Am I slowly coming to the realization that I've been in deep denial about the Rondo era? Yeah, a little bit. Any smart team (like the Lakers last night) plays six feet off Rondo in tight games, daring him to shoot, paralyzing Boston's offense and leading to the dreaded 'Clogged Toilet' play (Pierce ending up with the ball 25 feet from the hoop with seven seconds left trying to create something). It's almost like playing with a handicap. Screw that, it IS like playing with a handicap. It's also curious that the Celtics came alive defensively when Rondo missed eight games, mostly thanks to Avery Bradley, who flashed Tony Allen/Bruce Bowen-type potential as a perimeter defender (and that's not hyperbole). For the first time, I find myself hoping they deal Rondo .... He needs a change of scenery, and really, so might Celtics fans. I can't watch another 84-82 game with his guy playing five feet off him. I really can't. Enough already."

The Heat breaks out its best lineup to break away from Philly.


Bosh/Haslem/Miller/Wade/James. This is the lineup I feared when they first signed, and they are finally all healthy.


Around the NBA Thread 1/24: NBA TV/League Pass edition

No nationally televised games tonight unless you have NBA TV or League Pass. There are five games, three early, two late. NBA TV is televising Cleveland at Miami and Memphis at Portland. I...


Around the NBA thread 1/19: TNT plus Hornets at Rockets.

Only three games tonight, and I doubt anyone is excited about the Hornets at the Rockets. But the other two games are nationally televised on TNT, and the Lakers at the Heat could be a classic,...


Around the NBA thread 1/18: games worth watching.

ESPN has the Trailblazers at the Hawks followed by the Mavericks at the Clippers. But if you have access to other games, there's more! The Spurs try to bounce back from their loss to the Heat...

Could Al Horford injury send Hinrich to the Bulls?


Tom Ziller speculates on the impact of Horford's injury. Near the bottom of the article he says: "If a contender wants to take on Hinrich (an expiring contract) for the stretch run, Atlanta might not even need a first-round pick in exchange. Teague and Tracy McGrady seem to have the point guard spot under control." Second round pick for Hinrich's expiring contract? I think the Bulls might be interested. But he's earning $8 million this year. Could the Bulls afford it?

Game Reax: Riffing on the Hawks' Defense


Analysis of the Hawks/Bulls game, with quotes. Supposed to be about the Hawks' improved defense, but then "Rose happened." Hawks' coach Larry Drew's comments about Rose: "Both D-Wade and LeBron are very explosive, but Rose, with his ability to get into the paint, causes more of a havoc than with LeBron and Wade. LeBron and Wade are more in the open court getting to the basket. Rose will get to the basket in the open court, in the halfcourt--you just have to be concerned with him all times." Drew's dig at Jamal Crawford: "Jamal, everything was to score. Tracy [McGrady] is a little different. He has the ability to score, but I think the biggest strength of his game right now is his ability to make plays, get the ball to other people. He's a very unselfish player."

Film Study: Meeting Derrick Rose At The Rim


Film analysis of what Miami did to stop Rose from scoring or getting fouled near the rim.

Derrick Rose Is Great, But Here's A Complete Look At The Chicago Bulls Roster


Analysis of the Bulls' roster. Rose is great but the Bulls are too dependent on him; C.J. Watson is not a good backup. Taj needs to shoot less, Boozer and Noah need to shoot from closer. When Rose is trapped, pass to Noah or Hamilton. But who's going to score on the second unit?

ESPN.com '11-12 Predictions


Out of thirty ESPN reporters, two pick the Thunder to win it all, three pick the Bulls, and 25 pick the Heat. Larry Coon, Zach Harper, and Jon Barry pick the Bulls.


How many games will the Bulls win this year?

In this article Nick Friedell tries to predict all the wins and losses, and forecasts a 49-17 record, which is equivalent to 61 wins in an 82 game schedule. I know the Bulls have to lose some...

Spoelstra brings Ducks' spread to NBA


"When the Heat's training camp finally opened after the five-month lockout, Spoelstra explained his new philosophy to his players by appealing to its offensive freedom. Inspired by Kelly's gridiron principles, Spoelstra laid out a simple offensive blueprint: spread the floor, maintain spacing and create controlled chaos. "By doing this, Spoelstra was essentially burning his playbook and relying on his players' basketball IQ to make decisions."

HoopsHype.com Season Predictions


All five columnists pick Miami to beat Oklahoma City in the Finals. However, two of the five columnists pick New York to reach the Eastern Conference Finals instead of Chicago. Also, three of the five columnists pick the Lakers to reach the Western Conference Finals instead of Dallas.

Top European Performers of the 2011 NBA Draft Class


Drafted in the latter part of the first round due in large part to the 5-year contract extension he signed with Real Madrid after winning the Euroleague Rising Star award last season, Nikola Mirotic has been nothing short of terrific in recent months. ... Mirotic is not an elite athlete and may lack a degree of NBA upside because of it, but he's playing great basketball for one of Europe's best teams and couldn't be showing too much more in the way of role-player potential for the NBA.

NBA Player Skill Rankings -- Pick and Roll Ball Handlers


"When creating his own offense, Derrick Rose is probably at the top or second (behind Dwyane Wade) among all pick and roll players, however you saw in the playoffs, once he starts getting trapped, he can’t create for his teammates. That lack of ability (which I think he will develop in the next two years) has him off of this list right now."

Bowman adds size, toughness to Blackhawks roster


From Brian Hedger of NHL.com: "... this is likely the team Chicago will start training camp with ... a lot of new faces that will add ... grit and in some cases downright nastiness." Quotes from Quenneville, Bowman, and Toews, who says Brunette and Carcillo will also add "personality" to the locker room.

NFL players' secret lockout insurance could have sparked talks


Hmm, I wonder if the NBA players purchased lockout insurance, and if so, whether they've told the league about it. Of course, maybe it wasn't available at any price. The NBA is not the NFL.

The 10 Best Free Agent Signings So Far


Stanley Cup of Chowder likes the Blackhawks' free agent signings.

Luol Deng rings in South Sudan’s independence with a hoops clinic


Deng helps with a basketball clinic in newly-independent South Sudan.


Which veteran player would you sign for the minimum?

Especially if the season is shortened, maybe a veteran player would sign for the minimum for the chance to win a championship.  The Bulls would be competing with Miami for such players, but the...

New York Knicks Want to Reacquire Kurt Thomas


"According to a team source, the Knicks intend to make a run at reacquiring Thomas this summer, or whenever the expected NBA lockout ends."


Would you trade Derrick Rose for Chris Paul if Paul was willing to sign an extension with the Bulls?

Let's say that New Orleans wants to get something for Chris Paul, and that Paul would be willing to sign an extension with the Bulls.  Would you trade Rose for Paul?  I frankly don't know if this...

Reinsdorf receives 2011 Jefferson Award


I'm glad the Bulls and Sox give back to the community. Reinsdorf apparently deserves a pat on the back for that.

Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 06.10.11 | Bulls


Sam throws more cold water on trades and acquisitions. "The Bulls like Boozer. ... If the Bulls make any sort of significant move, I suspect it will be after the new agreement is ratified. ... I believe the Bulls offseason priority is to improve at shooting guard. At the same time, they don't have much they want to give up without ruining what they have. So I consider Butler an alternative. ... The Bulls played three quarters of the season without their starting lineup. Perhaps they should take a look at it once for maybe at least a half season."


NBA Finals Thread Game 5 (6/9/11)

Will James bounce back from his eight-point effort in game 4?  The American public may hate him, but they are also tuning in to see what happens next.  But this is an important game for Dallas as...


NBA Finals Thread, Game 4 (6/7/11)

What adjustments will the Mavs make?  Will they stop playing Peja Stojakovic?  Will they stop doubling Dwyane Wade and LeBron James in the post?  Will Brendan Haywood play?  Will it do any good? ...


NBA Finals thread, Game 3 (6/5/11)

For those of you still following along, the series is starting to get exciting.  Or, to put it another way, in game 2 shit got real. For those who want a more nuanced explanation of what happened...

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