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@Al_Iannazzone: BREAKING NEWS: Nets are close to acquiring Deron WIlliams from Utah, sources told The Record.
-Feburary 23, 2011 10:54 am.

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Looking for tickets to the 12-23 Philly game, and/or assistance with seating.

Finally going to a game(first one since RJ and VC were still here!) and I am looking for something mid court. There are a few options I see on Stubhub in the 50$ range for the mid upper levels,...


So they say the Dwill trade could be one of the worst ever do they????

So, while watching the Utah telecast of the game tonight, the announcers(who are awful btw) talked about how if Dwill leaves then that trade that brought him to us will be looked at as one of the...


The Nets and their publicity(Not what you are thinking)

So in a question totally unrelated to the publicity the Nets are getting right now in the media, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the deal(if there is one) that the Nets have with......


Coaching - Avery/Carlisle - NJ/Dallas.

So if anyone saw the Dirk pres conference after the Mavs won it all, we saw him talk a lot about coaching, and its importance. Dirk cited Rick Carlisle's decision to play or bench players at...


NBA Finals Nets commercial?

So I keep hearing about a commercial being ran every game of the finals, but they sadly dont air it here in Boston. I looked on Youtube as well, and no luck. Is this a rumor or is it the real deal?...


Travis Outlaw is almost as bad as...

  Travis Outlaw is almost as bad as.... THE FANS THAT BOO HIM!!!   What is wrong with you booers out there? I get it, he is not that good(not that he doesn't try, he just doesn't have it), his...



So I was thinking about how popular this site is(or appears to be), and I was wondering if there were any statistics to show where it ranks among the other teams sites? On one hand, we are the...


The "Untouchables."

So after what seems to be confirmation that Brook Lopez is in fact going to remain "untouchable" in any new trade, I would like to offer my opinion on who in this league is untouchable for each...


The great Lopez VS Favors debate. Nets Organization take notice.

Who better then me to make a post like this? I guess its my job. I sat through 2 full years of criticism being totally ignored, and ridiculed. Now its year 3, and the very same problems I have had...


Best news of off season.

This was Devin's answer to one of the questions on that whole thing where fans submit questions via twitter and facebook:   "I’ve been in Chicago working out with Tim Grover, putting on more ...


Shaq Vs?

So I know Shaq to the Nets is a long shot, and many people are questioning his ability to come off the bench... but what if he started? Lopez played PF in college right? This would give Favors the...


What is going on with Granger?

I just got back from vacay and have been a little out of the loop. Has there been any news on the Danny Granger situation? I still feel like he is the best available guy to go for out there(if we...


Wait arent we first in line?

Alright I thought there was widespread reporting that we would have the first meeting at midnight with Lebron... but now today, I have now heard twice, once on the local Boston radio, and now they...


If I were Lebron(assuming its not the Cavs)...

If I were Lebron, I would have it between the Nets and Miami, with a serious consideration towards the Clippers.   The Bulls, well I dont see what anyone else sees in them. They have "building...


Wade + Bosh = Doomsday

  So there has been a lot in the news lately about Wade and Bosh eating together, obviously talking about what they are going to do etc, and I know that we are going to actively try to lure Lebron...


Why we NEED Lebron(from a Lebron "hater")

Let me make this perfectly clear, I am not a fan of Lebron. I don't like much anything about him. I think he is bad for a "team" concept and he struggles in the clutch. He does lots of great...

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