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Football Pool

Hey folks, I do a football pool at my work and I thought it might be fun to get something started here. I'd be happy to take care of the grading. Might be fun to see who can score the highest...

T-Jack Released

That was fast

Bills on the Phone Again

We've got to get these guys some tech training!


Stadium Renovations This guy decided to give suggestions for the renovations by creating a small model of the Ralph. He poses some good ideas, like a windowed in atrium. ...

"PantSaggin Ain't Easy Player!" -Ryan Fitzpatrick


"PantSaggin Ain't Easy Player!" -Ryan Fitzpatrick


Bills Bar in YOUR City

I know a lot of us live outside Buffalo. (Way outside Buffalo). I am a Richmond, VA resident myself. We've all had that terrible experience of being forced to sit in the back corner watching a TV...

Barnett Says Bills D Could Be The Best

Personally, I love optimism, but we need to be careful making statements like that. I think we have the potential to be up there, but it has to gel first. We all saw it happen with the Sabres last year bringing in 3 good people (and all the hype that followed), but it just didn't mesh well.


Kuechly at 10? What about Shep?

I hear a lot of people talking about taking Kuechly for ILB. What about Shep? Isn't he our guy manning that spot? I think he played just fine. What do you think? Would we bump one of the two...

Mike Wallace to Bills?

One of my students came in today(3/29) and said he heard (on ESPN) that we were in the running for this guy. Has anybody heard anything on that note?

Tebow to Bills? Thinks So

I mean, people would have to know that he wouldn't be starting. Right?


DISCUSSION: Do the Sabres Play Better Without Key Players?

This is a question that has popped up in my head a few times. While losing Vanek for the last 3 games has hurt, we've got 5 of 6 points. When Miller went down last year, Enroth stepped in and...


Offense or Defense?

I keep reading about all these mock drafts. Some say our biggest need is a developing pass rush, or stability in the O line, or a big vertical game breaking receiver. I say they are all huge...

Bills 2012 Opponents Released

Looks like a somewhat easier year than the past few.

Source: Stevie Johnson's Asking Price to Bills: $7.5 M ... a collaborative story by @JoeB_WGR and...

Source: Stevie Johnson's Asking Price to Bills: $7.5 M ... a collaborative story by @JoeB_WGR and @SalSports

WGR550 Story

That _________ Penalty Cost Us the Game!

It seems like the past few weeks, after each game I hear people saying, almost blaming the loss on a particular penalty / call by the ref. McIntyre's phantom holding call, Stevie's touchdown...


"The Team Plays Better When I Don't Watch"

Ever get that feeling?  Every time you miss a game, they put out a solid showing.  I missed the Ottawa game, but made sure to sit and watch the Boston game.  I missed the Montreal game, but had...


Play Calling

You know, it really seemed like the Bills got away from their brand of football on Sunday.  Yeah, I know the Jets have that stellar secondary, but what happened?  We seemingly abandoned...


Confronting Our Demons

I was looking at the Bills schedule today figuring out potential wins and losses again, and it hit me.  What teams in the past have really dealt the major blows to Buffalo's ego? Superbowl 25 -...

Billy Buffalo is sad about the missed Field Goal


Billy Buffalo is sad about the missed Field Goal

Jets Plan to Sign Shawn Nelson

Going for someone to have the inside on our offense this time?


Spiller and Smith Out Wide?

With our WR numbers thinning out every week, we are looking like we'll need more and more people out wide.  People are talking about picking up TO (well, not any more), TJ, or promoting someone...


Buffalo Food

I still am thinking about that post from a few weeks ago about where to get wings.  The answer was a resounding Duff's, but I replied that Buffalo is more than just wings.  I listed out a bunch...

Jets Re-sign Maybin

Hopefully they keep him around for when we play them.


Watching the Bills Outside Buffalo

Most of us know what it's like to be there.  In Buffalo.  On game day.  Everyone is into it.  (Almost) everyone is on the same side.  Sure, there are those Bills fans who are just so...

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