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No wonder we suck...

A lot of writers on the boards are very overly dramatic. Mike Williams gets accidentally stabbed and "release" talk is thrown about. Ridiculous. We're a small market 4-12 team. Period. We (well...


Would a Division Shake Up help the game?

It's been about 12 years since the Bucs were realigned into the NFC south competition and I've always pondered what a spontaneous division shake up would do to the game? Imagine Houston, New...


I might be crazy, but could Gruden be the answer??

Yes I'm going there. I might be a native of Tampa and am naturally biased towards the man who brought us greatness that nobody can ever take away from us. This guy is still living in the Tampa and...


For what its worth, we're the best 0-2 team out there.

I'm going to try and bring a silver-lined platter of loses and spin it the best I can. A huge amount of Buc fan are distraught right now. We've dropped the win to a bad team and fairly sharp team....


Gotta say it, Peyton Hillis?

Ain't even gotta write a proper article.. Defunct Madman RB (#40!!!!) + The Emerkulator aka Blountnasty? mmmm.. It takes a mean LB to punch Blountman down, am i right?...Hunch is, there isn't a...


Homegrown Coach?

I know its on a whim and a half-baked idea, but lets all imagine for a moment, what Tampa would look like if its HOF'ers coached here. Sapp and Rice on dline duties. Lynch and Barber on safety and...


Wow, Take A Look At Our Pathetic Defense

Refenence : Pro-football-reference.com - http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/tam/2011.htm / crossed checked at NFL.com for accuracy (since people keep whining about 31st ranked def. which...


Footage Room

For NFL players the footage room can ruin a good day or bolster confidence in a man on the rise. This thread is for posting highlights reels and reminising on better days. In light of Talib's...


Barber's words to Aqib's reality...

Clickie - Clickie


Run Game scenarios:

Last season, key leaders on the offensive line went out, bar Penn, leaving unknown and unprovens to lead the Buc's to 10th ranked offensive line rated by NFL.com. And while Faine and Joseph...

Ruud, Joseph and Barber to resign


Dominik says he wants Ruud back, only if its a reasonable amount. Same goes for Joseph and Barber.


Run day on Sunday

When I saw todays injury report for the Bucs vs Saints, I let out a sigh of relief. A big one. Pierre Thomas AND Reggie Bush are out. I think our defense is a little relieved to be more focused on...


Tampa beats Mangini's Browns

While the silent, totalitarian paced the side line with scorn eyes and tight lips, Raheem wasn't so wasteful of his presence, as he empowered his team. With a poor offensive first half, and a...


Truth to Vick's Words? I hope not..

  Okay, so I'm checkin my yahoo! mail and i check the sports section, ya know; i click on NFL and i notice a little link entitled "Vick Show rebuilt life on docu-series". And, like everyone else...

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