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Zach Lowe on the "Kings of Confusion"


Hey, we got the front page of Grantland. Zach Lowe offers a balanced and analytics-heavy take on our perplexing offseason, and offers a little dap to Kings' fans.


Dear Isaiah Thomas

Dear Isaiah Thomas, So it's unlikely that you'll read this, as you're a successful basketball player busy with your departure to the Phoenix Suns. However, considering your previous positive...


What would be an acceptable return for IT?

So first, Happy Independence Day! May your America be extra American today. Unfortunately, I am here to talk about the most unfortunate type of independence. We may soon be free of Isaiah Thomas-...

Chad Ford thinks we'll trade the 8th pick for Dennis Schroeder or Brandon Knight


ESPN's resident draft expert/purveyor of insane analysis believes that the Kings, while still interested in Love, have "lowered their sights for players like Atlanta's Dennis Schroeder, and I'm told they also like Milwaukee's Brandon Knight." (Insider Required)


Goran Dragic wins MIP- Thomas, Cousins finish far behind. Did they deserve more recognition?

Goran Dragic received triple the votes of his closest competitor, Lance Stephenson, on his way to being crowned this season's Most Improved Player. Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas finished 11th for the...

Walter White was courtside at the Bollywood Game


Anyone notice the One Who Knocks? I'm pretty sure Bryan Cranston is a [Redacted] fan, but if I was there, the fan boy in me would have had to try and get an autograph.

Dumb or Dumber? Hickson and the 2011 Pick


Check point 11 in this Warriors-Cavs recap. If Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal is correct, the Kings considered dealing the 7th pick straight up for J.J Hickson. I'll give you a moment to scream over the fact that we didn't choose Klay Thompson (the Cavs' intended target), Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Vucevic- ANY of the treasures sitting there for the taking. Lungs empty of air and heart empty of rage yet? Good- moving on. Compare that potentiality- Hickson for 7- to the reality- 7 and Beno for Jimmer and Salmons, Hickson for Casspi and the dreaded future pick. Which move would you have hated more then? All things considered, which would you hate more now? How do you think that trade would have affected the now?


The Sacramento Nuggets: a name game...

The Raptors are re-branding, but not changing names. After countrywide contest for name submissions (did you know Toronto is called Hogtown? Canadian Bacon makes more sense to me now!) and a...

ESPN's Kevin Pelton projects Kings' lineup, anticipates poor numbers. (Insider Required)


Here's Pelton's projected starting lineup: Vasquez, McLemore, Salmons, Patterson and Cousins.

The lineup is contrary to the consensus here and seems contrary to good sense to me. The Kings just absorbed Mbah a Moute's salary to add defense at the three- why have him start behind Johnny, whose unsuccessfully manned the 3 two years running? Pelton also seems to believe Thornton's defense is mostly an attitude problem and suggests benching him. As a consequence, he believes McLemore starts despite relatively poor projected numbers.

Pelton projects poor numbers overall for the Kings. Vasquez's numbers go down, Patterson's remain middling despite starting. Cousins is the only scorer projected above 15 points per game and his ppg only improves by a point; Pelton doesn't project percentages, but that tells me he things DMC's remain low.

In other odd tidbits, Pelton states that Jason Thompson's numbers will shrink in the great power forward battle of 2013-14 and doesn't acknowledge his abilities as a center. Perhaps as a consequences, he infers Landry and Hayes will play next to each other off the bench.

Pelton is a Basketball Prospectus veteran and ESPN's replacement for numbers guru John Hollinger. Much like Hollinger, I think his non-numerical analysis can be a little questionable. This article re-enforces that feeling for me.


Why we should enter (and can win) the AK47 arms race

In an article rating remaining free agents (ESPN Insider required), Kevin Pelton states that he believes the Cavaliers and Kings have the best shot at Andrei Kirilenko, giving the edge to...

Welcome Mike Malone, our new head coach


If ESPN is correct, Malone is signed, sealed and delivered. It's a four-year deal worth over $ 9 million for the man who will hopefully help turn our defense, and fortunes, around.


A Thank You Note

Sactown Royalty, (This is a little dated, as I wrote it following the Hornets game.. Due to a variety of circumstances, I couldn't share it with you until now. However, I still wanted to offer...

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