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What skills are needed to be a successful NBA GM?

In honor of transparency: I detest EG as a GM. I'm hoping to hear from you all about what you think are needed skills to succeed as an NBA GM in today's NBA. There are only so many of these jobs...


OKC vs. Hawks vs. Wizards model rebuild

This is triggered by following the lengthy, nuanced discussion that came with the post about the johnson trade. one factor to me stands out in this: role of gm (and thus ownership).


What does this mean for Blatche?

Obviously all this is in flux, as larger issues need to be resolved: New GM? What pick does Stern give to us? Summer trades? Who is to be our head coach? But one reason I like this trade...


Opposite view: Trading Wall and McGee

FIrst off, Happy New Years everyone! Second, I'm going to preface this post with a bit of background to show I'm not crazy. I've been following the Wiz/Bullets since as long as I could remember,...


Truer words...

This from Zach Randolph: "The game is fundamentals,” Randolph said. “A lot of guys don’t have a lot of fundamentals. A lot of guys have athleticism, but a lot of guys can’t dribble. A lot of guys...


anyone see this piece on Stern?;_ylt=AgXbGFD1s.v7lzQYJeuunjO8vLYF?slug=aw-sternnba031511   Hard core.  I guess I'm interested in perspectives about how such a commissioner (according to the...


Warriors Sign Jeremy Lin;_ylt=Aoa6YvhC6O.GpurfUE4akTAArpJ4?slug=ap-warriors-lin   Good for him.  Guess his game against the Wiz helped his stock.  Wondering if he might be this decade's S...


Rook and Prada as GM

In all seriousness, and we're probably blinded by loyalty, but after reading BF for two years and observing EG for longer, how many of you would rather see Ted pay Rook and Prada to be GM?  And if...


LeBron "Fallout": Next Move/s for Wiz?

Hey y'all.  First post here, but been reading for a few seasons.  Just wondering what some initial thoughts/feelings might be about next move/s for the Wiz given "the Decision."  Hopefully Ernie...

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