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Scoring chances: Game 82, New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers


The Flyers started the first period scoring two goals on two chances. A Flyers powerplay then killed any momentum they had, and the Islanders scored on a Michael Grabner breakaway and a 5v3 goal...

Scoring Chances: Game 81, Philadelphia Flyers at Buffalo Sabres


The two teams traded chances throughout the first period, with the Flyers moving ahead 6-4 with two late chances. There was a stretch of eight minutes where neither team got a chance, until Scott...

Scoring Chances: Game 80, Philadelphia Flyers at Ottawa Senators


Mike Richards goal on the powerplay is about the only decent thing to write about from the first period. The three other power plays in the first resulted in zero chances and one against, while the...

Scoring Chances: Game 79, New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers


The scoring chances for this game were as close as the final score and shot totals suggested, with the New York Rangers slightly outchancing the Flyers 18-17. The first half of the first period was...


Head to Head scoring chances for games 76 to 78

Here are the three head to head chance charts for the past three games. The numbers represent the sum total of the chances that occurred while the two players were on the ice, all from the Flyers...

Scoring Chances: Game 78, Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils


Another game, another game winning goal that doesn't qualify as a scoring chance. While it may not make intuitive sense that a goal can be scored without having a scoring chance, lucky bounces like...

Scoring Chances: Game 77, Atlanta Thrashers at Philadelphia Flyers


If you missed it the other day, we have a new post-game feature here at BSH. Thanks to Todd, New Zealand's biggest Flyers fans, we're now tracking scoring chances in our team's games.  You've...

Scoring Chances: Game 76, Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins


New feature time! Thanks to the awesomeness of Todd, New Zealand's biggest Flyers fan, we're now going to have scoring chances data for our team. You've likely seen this stuff at other SB Nation...

Scouting the Columbus Blue Jackets - A recap of the Flyers-Jackets scoring chances

The Copper and Blue do fantastic work, not only regarding the Oilers, but also on many other hockey topics. Here they broke down the scoring chances for the CBJ-PHI game, if you're not too depressed from that game I encourage reading it. Quality stuff.

For Championships, Chemistry Is Often the Best Teammate


An article written by Bret Hedican, former Hurricane, about team chemistry. A fantastic look at how Lavvy changed the atmosphere at the Flyers after he came in. Avoid the video at all costs though.


What I'm looking forward to in the 2010-2011 season.

In my galvantings around various SBN hockey sites, I've noticed some blogs doing a fan "what are you looking forward to in the next season" posts. Here is mine.

The Strange Case of the Philadelphia Flyers


This article is a little old (March 2010), but it details the roller coaster ride of the Flyers season regarding the offense, coaching and goaltending.


Missed shots, Shot percentage and PDO.

After my initial idea on posting something about the Flyers shooting for 2009-2010, it took me so long to write this. Deciding what exactly to show and how to present it was extremely difficult,...


Flyers giveaways and takeaways, 2009-2010

I was inspired by a piece at Pensburgh by GoPens!, looking at Giveaways and Takeaways for the Penguins the past season. So I've had a go at replicating that work for the Flyers. Hartnell in his...


The UFA goalie market

Holmgren is clearly making an effort to get a goalie before July 1 when free agency starts. This seems like a good idea so that no one else has a chance on signing the goalie that he wants for the F...


Who is your Flyer (man) crush?

So while we're waiting for round two to begin, I thought lets have a silly poll!

New Jersey Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers Preview


I didn't see this posted anywhere else, but as always Btn is a good read. Predictions based on more than personal perception. And again the Devils are picked at 7.

Getting To Know: Mike Richards


"You're awesome, Mike" Nothing really interesting here but "I don't read too many books". Or Last Vacation? - "Vegas" are worth a laugh

Booth in for 1st time since concussion


I think everyone here will be happy about this. Personally I didn't make a judgement on the Richards hit, but at least he isn't out for the season or even longer

In light of recent allegations against Mike Richards, I'd like to remind everyone that he is...


In light of recent allegations against Mike Richards, I'd like to remind everyone that he is awesome. I posted this in the recent Toronto game thread and realised not everyone had seen it. So enjoy :)

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